Why Linux is a Piece of Shit

So I just went down town today and got two 80pin U320 SCSI drives, one 18GB and the other 73GB for 20CAD total. Not a bad deal.

And so I came back pretty happy today. I was about to extract the images from the IRIX CDs I downloaded, set them up on dnsmasq’s TFTP server, and get mplayer for IRIX, and watch Strawberry Panic/Mai Otome on the Indy R5K… wait a damn minute, how come I can’t read the files from the CDs at all?

After wasting 3 hours getting IsoBuster and MagicISO (none of which work) I finally learned that SGI had the bright idea to put their pre-XFS filesystem that nobody knows about on the system, EFS. Great. Fortunately, Linux’s kernel will have a solution for that. Right?

Well, yes. In fact there was a module since Linux 2.2 for the EFS filesystem – and better yet, it’s under Miscellaneous Filesystems in the kernel menuconfig. So I fired up my alternate Linux on the encrypted partition, and the other one in VMWare for good measure.

10 hours later, both Linux systems were totally and completely erased from my hard drive. Yes, even the one on the encrypted partition. What happened?

EDIT: Managed to extract something! The IRIX 6.5 install disc was borked though… no wonder it wouldn’t mount. Nero NRG blows balls. Anyway now that I’ve got it down, I’m going to sleep… it’s 0550. Only 16 more hours until the other copy of IRIX 6.5 Installation arrives!

Silicon Graphics Software Release
This CD contains the following products:

nfs3: Network File System Version 3, 6.2 with IMPACT 10000
nfs3: Network File System Version 3, 6.3
nfs: Network File System, 6.2 v1.2
nfs: Network File System, 6.3
nfs: Network File System, 6.4 for Origin, Onyx2, and OCTANE
nfs: Network File System, 6.5
onc3_eoe: ONC3 Execution Environment, 6.2 v1.2
onc3_eoe: ONC3 Execution Environment, 6.3
pcnfsd: PC-NFS 2.0.2 Server Components

You see, compiling the Linux kernel was harder than I thought. Well, not harder than I thought… it just suddenly didn’t want to cooperate after my hundred times compiling the kernel. For Linux in VMWare, I had to rummage around for ages until I finally figured out that I had to include Fusion MPT, whatever the hell that was. Funny how when I searched for Symbios 53c1030 it didn’t show up, although when I went to Fusion MPT there it was, staring at me happily in the face, along with its brothers the 53c1020, 53c1010, and who knows what not (Hint: It’s not funny at all). And get this… when I tried to mount the iso images using the loopback, and with EFS compiled as a module and loaded, the fucking VFAT driver comes up and tries to make sense of the filesystem on the iso images. That’s right, the EFS module didn’t even do its fucking job, which was the whole fucking point of recompiling the kernel in the first fucking place. Worse of all, why the hell was the VFAT driver coming up? What the fuck? Don’t try to be a hero, you just got yourself nuked, shitface.

So I tried going into my secret hideout – the LUKS encrypted supersecret Linux partition on my hard drive (not so secret if you just fdisk it). One thing led to another, and soon I was struggling furiously with this shitty program called mkinitrd (no doubt written by a monkey who was too busy jacking off to pay any attention to coding), which insists on making a gzipped ext2 filesystem image with your modules in it, instead of making a gzipped cpio archive, which the kernel uses. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF PACKING MY KERNEL MODULES IN A FORMAT THAT THE KERNEL DOES NOT, REPEAT, DOES NOT, RECOGNIZE? The whole debacle wasted another 3 hours of my life, and I was still nowhere closer to getting IRIX 6.5 on my Indy.

And suddenly, up comes my shitty ext3 filesystem telling it can no longer find a superblock on so and so partition.

Fuck you, Linux.

28 thoughts on “Why Linux is a Piece of Shit”

  1. Microsoft does not hate us, they love us. That is why they give the best to us all, like Product Activation, high cost of Vista and Office. In return, we also love them in the form of cracking groups and software pirates. ehehehehehe…

    All in all, Microsoft makes good, quality products. errrrrr… how ’bout Apple? hehe…

  2. I didn’t pay for Linux at all… that’s the whole point of Linux. There are some paid people working on it though.

    Eww, Vixta! heh, whatever. I’m putting Gentoo on my machine next. Yes, I am a masochist. Even worse than Suzaku.

  3. I hate linux, I freaking hate it. of course, for those who are using something like SuSE or Ubuntu for desktop its all great, linux rocks, windows sucks. But for me, I have to compile it from scratch, I have to recompile linux kernel, I have to do tons of crap… IT NEVER WORKS RIGHT, it always has errors and I have to start over and over and over… Thank god there is FreeBSD!!! For servers FreeBSD IS THE ONLY CHOICE. LINUX SUCK

  4. Linux is the most horrible OS ever programed i prefer DOS to this horrible piece of shit. firstly why is EVERYTHING encrypted? its my computer damn it why do i need to use a password for everything and there is no easy accessible option for turning it off, everything is hidden nothing is obvious, it is the least user friendly piece of software out there, worse then windows excel! its a GUI based OS yet you need to type in terminal just to do anything…oh and dont forget the FUCKING password every FUCKING time you want to do the smallest thing like install stuff, you have to be in root user ti do anything and you cant just login as the root user. im using yellow dog linux on a ps3 and after 2 days trying to do anything i just want a proper computer with windows on it and an H&K mk 23 or usp tactical to shoot whoever made this godawful piece of useless shit i hope they go to the deepest plane of HELL for what i have been put though. this is my Linux experience and all i can say is… I HATE IT!!!!!!!! HATE IT!!HATE IT!!HATE IT!!HATE IT!!HATE IT!!HATE IT!!HATE IT!!HATE IT!!HATE IT!!HATE IT!!HATE IT!!HATE IT!!HATE IT!!

  5. @Jahavad
    Jahavad, I agree with EVERYTHING you said! My experience of Linux is almost identical. I tried it because of its alleged stability & useability: PAH!

    Furthermore, what use is a system which will not accept drag-&-drop of True Type Fonts (I have aboot 2000 of them!), which will not accept CUPS (so no printer), which will not accept its OWN installers, which does not recognise exe plug-in-&-play installation, which is internet dependent, & which crashes regularly because of the inherent instability of bloated monolithic kernel OSs?

    This is my general experience of Linux (Ubuntu/Mint/Pardus/Ylmf) & PC-BSD (‘Pissy Beastie’, which is a waste of a dvd). Only Ubuntu/Mint/Ylmf recognise my mobile broadband dongle! However, I must praise Ylmf for hacking Ubuntu & putting an XP GUI on top, AND having apps like Wine as standard! It’s still Ubuntu, but it IS funny, if ghastly!

    If Linux (et.al.) is SO good, why are new ‘stable’ versions released every 6 months (with support for the previous version dropped) why do SO many of the forum nerds recommend either using Wine or dual-booting alongside a flavour of Windows? Is it so they can do window-licking?

    My main OS? VERY fast, very hacked, very clean XP (SP2), with Windoze apps removed & loads of software libre easily installed/uninstalled! (Many thanks here to Sun for Open Office & Java, etc.). ‘regedit’ is a wonderful run command! CCleaner is a wonderful utility.


    So I need anti-virus? AND? Linux is a virus all of its own!

    The Linux NERDS seem to be a clique of sado-masochistic, onanist fascists who have nothing better to do than spend their lives in terminal. They must all be single rich-kids, as they obviously have no time for anything but computers, & don’t have to go out & earn a living.

    They couldn’t be MORE out of touch! MAY ALLAH BE GREATLY DISPLEASED WITH THEM!

    Why would ANYONE in a developing nation choose an unpredictable Linux distro over an unofficial version of XP?

    The benevolent, if competetive, & ‘smarter-than-your-average-geek’ Mr.Gates has nothing to fear! In fact, he must be laughing: regularly!

    Try Haiku, Menuet, Minix, Bluebottle, Reactos, Plan9: these (mainly alpha) OSs don’t make false claims, AND generally work better than Linux!

    If you want to play & learn, check out MikeOS & ‘Bona Fide OS Development’ for loads of resources.

    (I couldn’t be bothered cutting & pasting links: no apologies).

    I don’t hate Linux, I DESPISE IT!


  6. I’m sick of Linux. Even “user friendly” flavours like Ubuntu aren’t easy to use. The biggest downfall of Linux distros are that you have to be a very experienced computer user to make it work. Sure, I know plenty of people who use it at work, all day every day. But they’re experts.

    I just installed the new Ubuntu. I counted 15 UI errors in the install alone. Long periods of a dark screen with a logo, but nothing else, and a really annoying fault with the partition screen which appears to freeze the cursor but the system still works.

    Ubuntu etc has a LONG way to go until it becomes truly user friendly, and you don’t need a Comp Sci PHD to use it. No one cares about command line stuff, they just want to plug it in and have it work, with Windows programs without having to install a converter program (Wine etc).

    Until Linux gurus get their head out of the sand and make a distro which stands up to commercial standards, it’s going nowhere fast. M$ suck but at least it works and you know where you stand.

  7. Wow, bitterness seems to go hand in hand with stupidity. Its probably a good idea for you idiots to just stick with Billy Gates.

  8. Do you know the difference between stupidity and ignorance?
    …..ignorance is not knowing, stupidity is lacking the mental capacity to learn to know.

    case in point, the know-it-all LINUX FANBOYS keep spewing “you’re stupid” and “only stupid people use Windows”.
    It’s redundant, but seriously cites a lack of knowledge on their part. There are plenty of “intellectually gifted” people that struggle with adaptation to Linux distros.

    If people stop acting HIGH-AND-MIGHTY……guess what?
    …….MAYBE these “stupid” people who have problems with Linux usability can benefit from YOUR “immensely superior” intel(no pun intended).

    it’s not cool to insult people who have technical problems over the internet. It just makes the Linux community look more like the jerks for which they are ALREADY perceived.

    (Sorry for any grammatical errors, as I am in a hurry.)

  9. IRIX? Seriously, WAT? That OS from back in the mid 90’s?
    Your initial beef was entirely because you had a bad copy on IRIX on a disk?

    How the heck is this Linux’s fault?

    Then you go onto complaining about your difficulties Compiling linux… DO YOU BUY YOUR CARS IN PARTS AND ASSEMBLE THEM YOURSELF TOO?!
    It’s called an installation CD.
    Why would you bother trying to compile an entire operating system unless you’re developing it?

    So your problem started off being “hey I probably baked this old disk a while back” (not linux’s fault)… to being “I hate linux because I couldn’t easily re-build the entire OS from the ground up by myself”…

    …well, you can’t compile Windows or Mac, PERIOD. Why would you want to compile Linux?
    The ability to compile it is something left open to people who want to develop it… and the people who develop it, dun dun dun, provide installation CD’s… just like Windows and… well, maybe not Mac so much.

    Just like all other OS’s (maybe not mac), there are install CD’s. There’s no need to rebuild the whole OS yourself.

    So yeah, I’ll have to agree with the “know-it-all” linux fanboys LINUXisNULL tries to rip into… you’re angry because of you.

  10. It wasn’t a bad copy. I managed to get the files off it eventually. FYI not every stock compiled kernel from a distribution has EFS support. I shouldn’t have to justify to you why I compile my kernel instead of using a precompiled genkernel.

    FYI Linux is a kernel. I simply compiled the kernel, didn’t build any “whole OS”. Get your facts straight Jonny, don’t just parrot what other people above you are saying.

  11. Woah! Wait, you used IRIX? Sorry, but you should never ever ever ever ever ever ever pay for a Linux distro (eg: Mandriva, Red Hat etc.).

    1. Linux does fuck up all the time.Once I was on the desktop and it just crashed because it assumed that I would be using it right now, anyway.

  12. I am a Windows technician with almost 20 years of hardware and Windows experience and have looked for the time to mess with Linux. After a week and reloading Linux 5 times I have yet to get the GUI to start. The amount of time I have spent troubleshooting LINUX I could have loaded from scratch 10 Windows systems. I could have used Ghost and have well over 100 Windows machines. So I want to know “Alex Duncan” how it is a user error when I load LINUX onto a machine, and use the command “startx” all I get is “execve failed for /etc/x11/x (errno2)”. No two message boards have the same fix and all of the fixes are lengthy. There is no wonder why after two decades LINUX is still not an option for businesses. You would have to have 1 LINUX Administrator for every single LINUX computer in your business. I am thinking I would be more successful loading MSDOS on my machine.

  13. I can’t believe this thread is still going (wait a minute…this is the Windows vs Linux debate. It’ll go on until the earth explodes, or M$ goes bust, whichever is the sooner) , but anyway. I heard an interesting story recently, which I shall recount:

    There’s a multibillion dollar NYSE listed firm called IGT (International Game Technology) who make slot machines. A guy I know works there as a software dev. A couple of years back they set up two teams to develop a suite of new video slot machine games. One team was using Windows, the other, Linux (both made from experienced users). The bosses wanted to use Linux as buying thousands of licences for Windows isn’t cheap. Anyway, 9 months later, the Windows team had 6 new games developed and were ready to ship, the Linux team had 2.5 and didn’t have a stable operating platform, vital when you’re dealing in cold, hard cash like these machines do.

    Moral of the story? Linux is slow to develop on and for, unstable, and unsuitable for commercial applications. Even though it’s free, your ROI will be very long once overheads are accounted for.

    Every 2nd version of Windows is awful (98/Me/Vista) but we all know this by now. Microsoft, love them or hate them, produces some good products and there are enough people using it to give support even whem M$ lose interest.

  14. This crap gets old so fast… Argue argue argue over what’s best. Awful infantile… If you hate Windows, use something else, if you hate Linux use something else. No one is forcing you to use anything and you spent your money on your computer so use it how you want. Bitching and complaining makes you look like an ass yourselves. Everyone has their preference, get the hell over it… P.S. I have used Linux, Windows, and OSX and am indifferent to all of them. They all operate your computer, they all get the same job done but in different ways, and its only hard if you make it… Get over it for crying out loud. All you all have done is make yourselves look like whiny babies. No insults meant here but coming online and just harping on an operating system is nothing short of childish… Use what you want, shut up, and get over yourselves.

  15. I for one LOVE Linux. I especially love the fact that I can’t do ANYTHING on it without linux telling me…I can’t. I love how I can’t download anything too, because there is a 2% chance I MIGHT get a virus.

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