Tokyo Magnitude IRC Impressions

<+policedarling> sup peeps, watching tokyo magnitude. anal sanctuary ep. 2 was really stupid.
<+policedarling> i’m 9 minutes in, and i’m already getting distracted by my SGI.

<+policedarling> so far, the impression i get is that the protagonist of Tokyo Magnitude is a whining bitch.

01:33 <+policedarling> i hate captchas. there’s no excuse, especially since spam karma 2 is good at what it does
01:34 <+policedarling> man that tokyo magnitude bitch is whining again
01:35 <+policedarling> oh yeah i love odaiba.
01:35 <+policedarling> i was there!

01:40 <+policedarling> i think the anime wants me to sympathize with her…
01:40 <+policedarling> c’mon earthquake
01:40 <+policedarling> c’mon
01:40 <+policedarling> yes
01:40 <+policedarling> yes
01:41 <+policedarling> fuck yes.
01:41 <+policedarling> WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!
01:41 <+policedarling> FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

01:41 <+policedarling> this anime is finally shaping up!
01:43 <+policedarling> awesome….. now that bitch will finally stop whining in tm
01:45 <+policedarling> what should you do? fucking search for your fucking brother, bitch.
01:47 <+policedarling> awesome, secondary earthquakes!
01:53 <+policedarling> it’s fine that she stopped whining, but she’s getting emo… and here comes anoter one!
01:54 <+policedarling> oh man she’s really getting emo.
02:10 <+policedarling> yes please walk
02:10 <+policedarling> please fucking walk
02:10 <+policedarling> YES!!!
02:14 <+policedarling> that mirai is definitely a fucking bitch.

02:15 <+policedarling> you ARE A KID, BITCH!!!
02:16 <+policedarling> she’s a kid. a bitch. an incompetent one, at that.
02:21 <+policedarling> i’ve gotta admit, i’m getting a kick out of seeing tokyo fall to pieces.
02:24 <+policedarling> no she’s not okay, she’s bitching.

02:27 <+policedarling> let the bitch shit her panties, i’d love to see that for once instead of listening to her whine.
02:34 <+policedarling> and…  she’s bitching AGAIN!!!!
02:35 <+policedarling> STOP BITCHING!!!!
02:35 <+policedarling> slap her silly, man! slap that silly stupid bitching sister of yours
02:35 <+policedarling> SILLLYYYYY!!!!

02:36 <+policedarling> … suppose running away works too.
02:36 <+policedarling> coool, tokyo tower is collapsing

02:37 <+policedarling> foundations must have budged a bit after krauser fucked it
02:38 <+policedarling> and now her anxiety has spread to her little brother. how fucking pathetic.
02:38 <+policedarling> the least she could do is prevent that.
02:40 <+policedarling> AWESOME.
02:42 <+policedarling> simply awesome.
02:42 <+policedarling> and now… bedtime.

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