The LG G5’s camera isn’t perfect

Now although the G5 can take great photos, and the wide angle is truly useful:

Franzi IKEA

I still found many things wrong with it:

  1. In darker situations, the noise reduction is way too strong, making the photo look like a watercolour (the wide angle needs more light than the main camera). This is what I’m talking about:
    20160517_212214 lowlight near home 1 20160517_212516 lowlight near home 2
    Videos are the worst. Here’s an uncompressed still from a video quality comparison I made:

    LG’s Camera app

    The noise reduction algorithm is the same (because they both use Qualcomm’s ISP), it’s just dialed down in OpenCamera. You can see the texture on the white wall now. The pillows look better. The texture on my dad’s underpants looks better. And despite what it looks like, my dad was not moving his arm in the first picture. Just look at the file sizes. The first is 820kB, the second is 1.8MB because it contains way more information.

  2. LG’s Camera app only lets you take photos at full-res 16MP. I can’t believe nobody noticed this. I don’t want 3-5MBs of watercolour! In fact I don’t want to spend 3-5MB on each photo, period! In the end I had to write a python script to do the resizing.
  3. It’s still slow to focus like a normal smartphone because it doesn’t have PDAF, or phase-detect autofocus. At this price range, it’s inexcusable. The Galaxy S7 is freaking fast. The iPhone 6 is second place. If my girlfriend makes a funny face, I don’t have 500ms to wait for the phone to focus.
  4. Burst mode does not work in Manual mode. Why? The Galaxy S7 can do this.
  5. The volume-down shortcut to quickly launch the camera is great – but LG uses the proximity sensor so it doesn’t launch if the G5 thinks it’s in your pocket, so you can’t ‘preload’ the camera in your pocket. There’s no need for this. The volume buttons are hard to accidentally press in your pocket anyway.
  6. I can’t change the volume button shortcuts!

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