Some sites are blocking Firefox

Apparently the problem is not Firefox itself, but the fact that some people who use Firefox may have installed the AdBlock plugin, which… uh… blocks web advertisements… and apparently that’s ‘stealing’ money from them. And that’s why they have blocked ALL Firefox users from accessing their websites.

Let’s have a bit of primer why this is not stealing money. Firstly, we don’t click on your ads even if you show them to us. Secondly, aren’t you the one who’s wasting our bandwith? Thirdly, your ads are intrusive. That’s why we block them.

So this is some kind of campaign which has some Javascript blocking all Mozilla 5.0/Firefox browsers and redirecting them to the aforementioned link. I suppose you could jump in on the (North American capitalist bullshit) bandwagon but understand we Firefox users wouldn’t miss your pathetic little site. Heck, even if or HardOCP or Anandtech or Tomshardware blocked Firefox browsers all at the same time (very unlikely) I can, and will, go to other sites straight away.

Oh, another thing: I wasn’t sure if such a plugin existed, but I just googled and something came out: the User Agent Switcher plugin for Firefox. Well, once you install that and choose a different User Agent ID, it looks like you’re using a different browser to the server, and so they’ll just cough up the page anyway. I’ve never really needed that sort of functionality, but I’ll install it anyway, thanks!

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