Repost: Disgusting Female Behaviour

I wanted to take a piss on Friday after drinking 1.5 cans of Kokanee Glacier Beer. Damn, beer tastes horrible. So I went to piss it all off. I walked into the toilet, and there were three party going females invading the toilet.. They entered the stalls in a row, and me on the 4th. Now I don’t know about you, but girls talking very loud about ‘OH MY GOD’ things while they’re sitting on a ceramic bowl spraying away has got to be the ultimate in disgusting behaviour. This is a thousand times worse than a fat woman giving a wet fart, because that’s kinda forgivable, if she’s not wearing your underwear. Anyway, it was… disgusting! They just have to talk about their weirdo ‘OH MY GOD’ topics while shitting on the throne. Say it one more time: “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!” no I don’t think they were touching themselves. They were just reacting to the words in the absolutely worthless stream of words that poured out from the woman next to my stall. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: that stall wasn’t locked. You couldn’t lock it, that’s why it’s labeled ‘THE PISSER’ for men to piss in, because men stand with their backs to the door to pee.
Then one of them started to say ‘I wonder if we should leave the seat up or down?’ And so I piped in: ‘Keep it up.’
‘Eww, somebody’s listening in on us in the bathroom!’
What do you expect, you filthy bitches. After ruminating over the situation for 5 minutes, I came up with the comeback ‘Pass notes next time.’ But then it was too late.

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