(release) Lupin III – The Castle of Cagliostro

You see, I wasn’t really studying that much.
There used to be a lot of noise here.
Fujiko needs more screentime, but hey
Impossible in RL
The most famous scene from CoC
You can stay if you wantโ€ฆ

Video: x264 (I remember around 1800kbps but with 10% Bitrate Variance), 720×480 anamorphic 16:9
Audio: Original AC3 2.0 (the DVD had ‘Original’ and ‘Stereo’, but once demuxed, I found they were both stereo, so I picked the higher bitrate one)
Subtitles: from TOMA, edited for consistency, grammar.
Chapters: direct from DVD.

Here is the Avisynth script:

# Set DAR in encoder to 9113 : 5000. The following line is for automatic signalling
global MeGUI_darx = 9113
global MeGUI_dary = 5000
crop( 32, 20, -34, -24)
ApplyRange(4061,4325,"frfun7",0.8,6.0,2.0) #purple scene noise reduce
#gap here, the rain mustn't be filtered
ApplyRange(4485,4929,"fft3dfilter",2,1.0,4) #sky and girl, noise in sky
ApplyRange(4930,5075,"Tweak",0.0,1.0,-15.0,1.0) #car with train too bright
ApplyRange(5210,5849,"fft3dfilter",1,1.0,4) #stars, mosquito noise

There was a lot of noise in the DVD9 source, probably to hide the banding. Damn, the banding was horrible, especially in dark scenes. I tried turning up the denoising filters, but it totally ruined things. In the end, I decided that part of being an old movie was to have some grain in it, so I let it be. There are also halos around the characters, but… sigh…
This is the only Lupin III movie I’ll do this for. Probably the only Hayao Miyazaki movie I’ll do this for, too (niizk has Nausicaa covered). Long live the gentleman thief spirit!

10 thoughts on “(release) Lupin III – The Castle of Cagliostro”

  1. Good job on both the video and the audio…although the video still has some grains and artifacts left….not a biggie…

    but well since its almost 2 gb in size english audio could have been added as an extra….since the dub for this one was done really well…

    well it really doesnt matter to me as i have other releases with english audio present…

    gonna keep urs as its got the best video quality among any other release…


  2. Well, you see, the rationale for not including English audio was pretty simple: I didn’t think anybody would want to listen to it. Plus, the English subtitles from the DVD had nothing to do with what they were saying, so I totally ignored the English track.

    I’ll say this, though: the original Mobile Suit Gundam’s dub is pretty good as dubs go.

  3. Is there any chance someone could reseed this one? This seems to be the best version there is of Cagliostro.

  4. It’s great to see an old Lupin movie get some love, but it’s not really doing any good with no seeds and every peer stuck at 45% ๐Ÿ™

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