Reading women targeted sites, aka allyouneedtoknowforrelationshipsdotcom

Yes, I’ve recently been reading sites made by women for women! Nope, doesn’t make me gay. In fact, it makes me happy to be a guy, because I know I’m definitely not into the kind of stuff they write incessantly about over there!

Guys, reading sites targeted at women is really eye opening. Of course you’ll see pink with all the inane drivel about what floss the celebs are using at the moment, but there’s some good stuff hidden in between. You now know what a “cute” guy looks like, and what a “hot” guy looks like. What a good date idea is. You have a rough feeling for what they look for in guys. You learn what turns them on and what doesn’t.

For example, an article about up-and-coming actors has the word “sexy” written all over it, and an article about actors who used to be successful but now aren’t is entitled “Crushes Presently Unworthy Of Our Love”. I hope they were being a bit over the top there because this is uncomfortably materialistic, don’t you think? If they were being straight, I really respect Ava Gardner for sticking next to Sinatra when his career had “that little hiccup”.

And now and then they drop really useful hints that come after the phrase: “Guys, if you’re reading this…”. I’m reading privileged information here, stuff normally unavailable to the unwashed masses, because they’re too proud of their masculinity to stoop to reading sites targeted at women! 😀

But now and then I come across disturbing articles that reflect how immature the authors/commenters are. You struggle to convince yourself this doesn’t represent the majority of the human population. These are articles which, when you read them, give you the feeling that females are bitches. Then you get jaded, because after reading so many articles about “flings” and “one night stands” you get the idea that not even girls believe in “love”. Oh I’m sorry I meant love without quotes.

For example, in an article about dating younger men, it soon became obvious that the author wasn’t really attracted to younger men per se, it’s just that she got her ego stroked by being able to see a male fall head over heels in love with her so easily (because of his naivety). A more honest, unabashed example of such trampiness would be impossible to find anywhere else. Of course, she turns herself into the “good girl” at the end by, uh, ceasing to toy with him.

Then there was the article about men desiring younger women, which had the audacity to demand that older men should focus their desires purely on older women, and leave younger women to younger guys, because younger women don’t find older men attractive anyway and find it mostly creepy that they would like younger women. And it was written by a guy. Seriously? Then come the wave of female commenters, who speculate that older men go for younger women because they get an ego boost out of younger girls looking up to them just because they’re older. No, I’m sorry old hag, but the fact is younger girls are just more sexy. You can cling to your rationalization if it makes you feel better, though.

Anyway, more guys should read sites targeted at women. They do spend a lot of time trying to figure us out, the poor things. Let’s reciprocate!

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