Ever since I first saw artwork from Episode of the Clovers, I just had to play a Littlewitch game in English. And apparently early last year, that wish was granted even though I knew nothing of it!

You’ve never seen a visual novel like this before. I don’t know what happened with Period, a later VN from Littlewitch, because they somehow saw fit to go back to the traditional “text box at the bottom of the screen” thing. What the hell were they thinking? Did they have to abandon something that looked this good? It’s like a freaking comic book! It’s beautiful! It could’ve been Littlewitch’s signature, in addition to Oyari Ashito!

This VN is short and sweet, you’ll be done with it in an afternoon, perfect length to pass a gloomy afternoon. Even the choices are simple and not too numerous: the moelicious Charlotte, the very cute and energetic Juni (who reminds me of my ex in some ways), and Shuhua, whose charms I have yet to find and thus will mention no further.

The stories are grounded in reality, a very prettified version of reality though. If I wasn’t already in Europe myself I’d be chomping at the bit fantasizing about getting my ass over there to study music in such a picturesque setting. Fortunately I’m already over here and I must say, once upon a time I thought all of Europe looked like Quartett. I’m wrong, sadly enough. I would say that Dresden might be a good place to start though. That city is really beautiful.

A word about the sex scenes: Quartett doesn’t have any prose. It’s all dialogue due to its presentation, so the prosy parts in sex scenes really stand out in a bad way. Charlotte’s just came out of nowhere and doesn’t seem to… mesh very well with what was happening before. Juni, though, was wonderful. The visual style is definitely this VN’s strong point, but the thing that propels it to greatness is that it doesn’t neglect the other parts too, like the music (which this is all about), or the story, or the characters. They could probably use a better composer for Charlotte’s song, though. Didn’t quite like the transition between the A and B parts.

I would recommend this to everybody. Gloomy, rainy afternoon? Sit down with this, and come night you’ll be cheerful, all’s right in the world, and Europe is a beautiful place steeped in culture and tradition, not at all a boring urban hell with everybody trying hard to dress like Americans. Signina’s trench coat is beautiful. The streets at night in Quartett are beautiful. Juni is beautiful, and so is Charlotte. A thing of beauty is always a joy to behold.

EDIT: I realized I should also put in a word here about the people who made it all happen: the translators. The translation patch is great, I noticed only one error but I forgot what it was. In all cases the text is transparent and flows easily (it’s dialogue after all). It’s only when the prose in the H-scenes kicks in that you start to feel that something’s wrong… but you can’t fault the translators for that. It’s basically what all good translation projects should be: transparent and out of the way, allowing one to enjoy the game as if it were made in that particular language. And I think they’ve achieved that.

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    1. rollchan, provide a proper email next time! I was just about to mark all your comments as spam, because they were highlighted yellow!
      Great to hear from you again btw

    1. Around two years ago I downloaded the Chinese translated version, tried it, reading Chinese gives me a headache these days, so I quit. My Chinese has really regressed. Now there’s Muv Luv, Osanadai (much more fun), and another Littlewitch game is getting translated too… no time man!

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