pixiv girls collection arrived! also, Ga-Rei Zero

It is one paper chunk of awesome. pireze says this book has a lot of illustrations for the money, but after going through it I still wish it had more. I would love to show you guys pictures, but the CCD in my digital camera seems to be broken. Content yourselves with a picture of what appears to be my desk instead:

Again, pixiv is awesome.

Ga-Rei Zero didn’t seem like much at first, but Yomi’s transformation grabbed me by the balls… and seemed to slacken its grip later on. Nevertheless, my balls still hurt. This anime got itself lodged in my brain and doesn’t seem to be coming out anytime soon.

4 thoughts on “pixiv girls collection arrived! also, Ga-Rei Zero”

  1. I do feel bad about Yomi becoming the evil girl, though. I don’t mind bad girls, but evil is one step too far. I keep on thinking about what would have happened if Izuna had killed her.

  2. Good job on getting the pixiv girls collection, it’s a good buy. There is more to be book than you think, seeing as it gives you the power to get every picture that every artist had every posted on pixiv.

  3. Yeah, I did look up several, specifically panamaman who drew Blue and benchwarmer (katakana) who drew the No Signal girl. I really liked that No Signal girl, but the image he put on his website of that drawing was half the size of the printed area on my book at 72dpi. I hate artists like that. At least give me a 1000×1000 image. The others weren’t so bad. I even recognized a few in the book.

    Right now I’m poring over every image, looking at the details. There’s a lot more to cover that way.

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