You’d think I’d have something better to post about by now

Recent acquisitions:

The Carpenters – Singles 1961-1981 Super-Audio CD (5.1 DTS, oh yeah)

Awesome audio quality. The first time I ever had to use the ‘Convert 5.1 to stereo’ function in foobar2000’s DSP. I had to rename the files to dts to get foobar2000 to play them. The first time I ever thought: 700MB for one album is worth it.

My parents first introduced me to the Carpenters. Pretty good 70s pop, with some really memorable tunes (The Wedding Song and Close to You especially). This album doesn’t have the Wedding Song (the best one they ever made, with Close to You coming a distant second) but it’s got lots of songs I haven’t heard before. I’d kill (well, scrape the skin of the neck) to hear the SACD version of The Wedding Song.

Hmm. I don’t think I have any other acquisitions I want to talk about.

EDIT: The Carpenters’ best song ever is here! (The Wedding Song) I love this song because it’s got an incredible soaring vocal near the end of the piece. It sounds awesome… true 70s pop love and cheese… download it on the right. I was thinking of putting a 5.1 DTS rip up here, but I don’t have the DTS rip of the Wedding Song plus it might just bring Randall’s servers to a screeching halt.


Just finished Chem midterm. I felt like it went over okay, didn’t bleed too much. But after talking with peers after the exam, I found out that leeches on my feet had already sucked out all the points from my midterm.

Estimated mark: 60%.

Today, I finished the weekly Tuesday Math quiz. I’ve been failing these in a spectacular fashion consecutively, but this time it’s different. Why is it different? because I fucking studied, people. I studied.

I still couldn’t get the last question though. I’m not that great at linearization yet.

Estimated mark: 50-70% (hey it used to be 15% before!)

And I just finished my Applied Science 150 case exam. We were tested on mathematical modeling and types of failures. At first I was thinking I did fairly well on it, but after somebody pointed out that you can’t take the distance over velocity and call that the cosine of an angle, it all fell apart. Fuck. Then there was the second question. Everybody interpreted that as writing two features for each type of failure mode prevention, but I interpreted it as writing two features and linking them to the four failure mode prevention types. This was a catastrophic failure, although I did read the question several times, each time coming up with the same impression.

Estimated mark: 60%.

Goodbye scholarship.

Oh, and if I’m not in time for it, goodbye residence too since payment’s been nagging for a while now. Still, it’s not easy to come up with 5000 RM just because some Canadian twerp asks for it, you know?

I posted here a while ago about my friend who had about 7 guys going for her. I asked her a few questions.
me: so uh yeah, i heard you got like 7 guys running after you (break) is this for real?
her: more than that (break) but yea, now I am in a relationship
me: what happened? Plastic surgery?
her: inner beauty.
me: well fuck me sideways (break) is that what they said?
her: so yea…I get to pick this time
me: you seem pretty proud of it
her: I believe in inner beauty. (break) I am what I am (break) simple as that (break)
me: what does that mean?
her: you should know (break) anyway, I have a test and a quiz tomorrow, going to sleep now
me: yeah you sound proud (break) don’t let it get to your head! (nite)
her: you are just jealous (break) nite

I don’t know about you guys, but this conversation is epik.

EDIT: Watched Blue Drop 01. This thing seems to be almost as pointless as Soukou no Strain, except that instead of syncing with that Emily doll, there’s two girls who apparently don’t like each other but grow their relationship throughout the anime. And apparently this is yuri. It’s my first time watching this yuri thing, but AFAI can see it must have a lot to do with angsty spoilt brats for girls. Oh, and the music is above average. Not as in ‘good’, but above average.

Revisiting Chemistry (and oldies)

First off, a little preview of what I’m probabdly going to look at after the Chem midterm, if I do well enough to make myself reward myself.

All right! I’m pumped and I’m going to study chemistry seriously. Thank you Boxtorrents. I’m sure it hasn’t been licensed yet. The scans seem to have come from a Taiwanese edition. I have CDisplay installed. Now all I need are grades.
Before I start talking about VSEPR things and electrons an Lewis Diagrams I would like to note that I deleted Boys Be off my hard drive. Some of the episodes managed to get their video re-encoded to the correct length, but some others weren’t too lucky. I decided to just burn the original episodes whose re-encodes turned out to be unlucky. Unfortunately, the unlucky reencodes with the faulty audio outnumberd the okay encodes such that when all was said and done, I was still 3MB over DVD-R. I really wish my laptop DVD burner could overburn. So even though it had quite a bit of nostalgic and motivational value, I wiped it clean off the face of my hard drive in order to free up space for… uh.. quite a few things. Ah, how times change.

BTW, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD, the guys who make the Athlon CPUs) posted a 396 million net loss for this quarter. Uh oh. They need to whip out something way above Barcelona. And Intel is offering this new CPU designed from the ground up to compete with AMD’s Geode LX in the OLPC that apparently seems to be quite a success in America.

n.p. 325. Dream – [Hikaru no Go #01] Get Over

Okay let’s do some Chemistry. Let’s draw the Lewis diagram for H2CO3. I failed miserably. Okay, CH4O. All right, I got it! But what horrible music.

n.p. 368. Jo PD ft. Lee Jung Hyun – [Jo PD in Stardom Version 2.0] fever

Oh yeah.

You’d better start reading my blog next week if you want anything significant to read about, cuz I sure as hell am not going to do anything until then.

It’s time for Dinner

But as usual I’m not hungry. I haven’t attended many Chemistry lectures, since they all start at 8am, and I just can’t be bothered nowadays to wake up at that time. Doesn’t that suck major balls, especially since I have a midterm coming up next Monday? Yes, it does. I’ll also have to make sure that my Math doesn’t slip behind too. Why is being a student always so hard?

In other news, I tried to recompress LIME’s Boys Be subs so they would fit onto a DVD along with Akira. Akira kicks ass. Kaneda does too. But I can’t have them pushing Boys Be out of the way…. the problem is Boys Be Episode 04 had this audio sync problem. Once I adjusted the sync to correct the problem, the sync would be dreadfully off in another part of the episode. Without any audio offsets, the audio would be in sync for the first half of the episode, but not in the later half, where the characters’ mouths start moving about 2 seconds before the audio does.

I tried a lot of things, but right now I’m reencoding the video. Perhaps Episode 04 was when I was experimenting with AviSynth’s trim() function, and somehow a few frames got lopped off somewhere, even though I’ve gone through the entire ep and basically found nothing anomalous except for the audio not in sync. Anyway I’ll reencode the entire video stream, possibly fixing its length and thus fixing the problem.

Ah, that really shouldn’t be my concern at the moment. I really have to catch up on Chemistry.

n.p.  26. Leningrad Philharmonic (Mariss Jansons), Mikhail Rudy – [Rachmaninov Orchestral Works CD5 #01] Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No.1 Op.23: Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso


I tend to think quite a bit in bed. I wonder if I’ll make it to tomorrow’s Chem lecture at 0800, but I have a few thoughts about friendship here.
.. it’s really not working out as a blog post. And it’s 2am. And I really miss this one girl. Damn I’m weak.

ritchan is dead

A: Why’d he suddenly stop blogging all of a sudden?

B: Maybe he’s just really affected by harsh comments. You know, the ones on his posts about Kenny Sia and the like.

C: Yeah dude, he was just sucking up to Kenny’s ass. Except that it was way above his reach, so he was just blowing cold air.

A: I see. It’s quite a pity… I was hoping he’d criticize my blog next. I’d get some extra hits that way.

C: Fuck that guy, man, nobody ever reads his site.

B: You can say that again.

I’m not dead. I’m just busy with midterms. And watching a bit of Touch (how I discovered it) in between. It’s a pretty good anime, I’ll post some caps and what it’s about as far as I’ve watched (reading that site I linked spoiled it all for me… it was trying to show me how deep the plot was, but instead it spoiled it). I’m waiting for ef – a tale of memories Episode 2 fansub to come out (I watched the first half of the raw, which coincidentally features the only interesting characters of the show) and Gundam 00 Episode 2.

339. Ian Dury & The Blockheads – [Best Number One Singles In The World Ever] Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

Minimalism: a work in progress

After seeing psycoB and his ports of XP msstyles, I decided to get on the bandwagon and hack some msstyles. Fortunately I had foreseen this day and had downloaded UKIntel’s guides and reference images on which images go where. I also learned a couple things about Vista: namely that everything is stored as a 32bit PNG.. or was that a 24bit PNG? I’m not sure, but I don’t care. Anyway I decided that what Vista needs most is a totally black theme (like Lakrits for XP or DAV5 or CORE, all downloadable from Deviantart) so I set about making one (well aware that someone might just finish a similar looking design before I come out with mine).

I don’t know about you guys, but I make/choose themes that suit my wallpaper. And I have quite a few wallpapers.

This is a Keiji Gotoh wallpaper, with this work in progress msstyle for Vista. I installed Windowblinds and found that it decreased my battery life by a whole hour. Well, actually, half an hour compared to ordinary Aero. And a lot of the Windowblinds styles were created for XP (the official WB themes, as usual, suck) so they look really bad if you open up a window or something, especially with Vista’s totally different Explorer windows.

So basically I think the taskbar is the best looking part of the whole thing, which is why I’m putting it up. I haven’t found out how to modify that arrow down there by the taskbar, though, so if you mouse over it (which I will not do) you’ll find it’s the stock Vista icon. When I have more time I’ll skin the minimize, maximize and close buttons. But not today. Why? Because I have a midterm coming up Monday. Duh. And I haven’t eaten dinner yet, thanks to this POS I spent 3 hours figuring out.

When nothing really happened

I realized that sometimes there are just days where you can’t really think of anything to post. So I created a new category for this. I’ve been socializing around today (pretty much all there is to talk about) and although I haven’t made any progress, I’ve established connections. A guy on my floor just installed the UT3 demo and we played it on his 2nd gen Macbook Pro, the Santa Rosa one with the Geforce 8600. With everything cranked up, UT3 ran really smoothly. I’m impressed with the 8600, but we couldn’t game online at all. According to him, Bioshock was boring, and Vista sucked. I kinda agreed.

I got XP SP2 installed in a virtual machine just to compare it with Vista. I still haven’t decided whether I should switch to XP from Vista. I came up with a few reasons why XP is better:

1. I can apply lots of good looking visual styles even without Windowblinds. And no matter which I choose, none of those styles will affect my battery life.

2. I don’t have 60+ processes all screaming for CPU time. Though really I don’t know if this is a significant argument, since I don’t know whether I see the effects of this in real life. Vista runs pretty well on my Core Duo.

3. Applications work. This includes Nero 6.6 (my favourite Nero of all time), modo (all versions), and I like Diskeeper 9. Diskeeper 10 is a load of hogwash.

4. This is a very small point, since I have vLite, but XP itself uses very little disk space compared to Vista. Also, I can control how much space XP uses for its System Restore feature. However, this is easily mitigated by the fact that all those patches for XP really add up.

Really, I can’t think of any more reasons to switch to XP. However, I really miss the first point.

Now as for why I should stick to Vista

1. So I don’t waste my time getting the computer to the way it was.

2. More themes should be coming out soon…. hopefully they’ll look better.

3. So I don’t regret wiping Vista when I install XP (really, this feeling of mine goes around all the time).

Really, I should just stick with Vista all the way so that my grades really don’t get affected. Then again, Vista sure is ugly…. and all the Windowblinds themes out there don’t work properly with Vista’s UI changes. I’ll install Windowblinds 6 on XP and see what I’ll get. Perhaps I can get XP to look like Vista! It’s obviously impossible to make Vista look like XP… then again Vista is running smoothly right now, it would be a shame to just ditch it.

Oh, whoa dude! Guess it’s a good thing I haven’t switched over to XP yet… some awesome guy called psycoB at has made tons of themes for Vista Basic! I’m running Wasabi right now and I can tell you it looks way better than all of that Aero crap out there. Minimalism will remain on my desktop forever.

I forgot to mention this really weird girl who is taller than me, was completely drunk, rather loud, and smoked, and launched into long diatribes about… herself? Very interesting, I said. Sometimes she just blabbers too much I ignore her and start talking to someone else, but then she keeps on talking. Weird girl, all right.

EDIT: ef – a tale of memories 02 has come out. I’m downloading it, even though it’s only a raw. 300kb/s… awesome! I hope I don’t set my standards too high lest I go back to Malaysia one day.

Watched the first half of the RAW. My brain usage peaked at 100% while watching, my Japanese algorithms aren’t very efficient. However, I was able to understand 40% of what they were talking about! Awesome… we learned that this Hirono guy is a mangaka and he doesn’t go to school often. Yup. That’s what I learned. I like his arc (along with Miya Miya’s) more than the one eyed Chihiro and the weird prince wannabe guy. Fortunately for me, it seemed like the latter half of the episode was simply about the latter couple, so I stopped at the right place.

Boring General Update

Not much is going on here lifewise. Homework? Haven’t had much time to do some of that, but I can assure you I’ve been revising all the time, on chemistry and physics. I especially need to revise these two topics, since I’m getting better grades in Math already, but my physics and chem skillz haven’t gotten up to par yet. That’s what weekends are for.

On the subject of anime: I’m glad I downloaded the entire series of Scrapped Princess and watched it on my own, because the schedule for this Friday’s Anime Club showing doesn’t include anything from Scrapped Princess. This is really strange… if they show the episodes, they should at least let it show until the series ends! Oh well, I can use the Club to find out about new anime that I haven’t watched before but wouldn’t like to waste the bandwith finding out.

5:00 – 5:45 ~ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s 3 – 4
5:45 – 6:30 ~ Gintama 3 – 4
6:30 – 7:00 ~ Fooding Break
7:00 – 8:30 ~ Bleach movie: Memories Of Nobody
8:30 – 9:15 ~ Kyou Kara Maou! 1 – 2
9:15 – 10:00 ~ Romeo x Juliet 1 – 2 (We will only show this if we have spare time)

The only thing I’m interested in is Lyrical Nanoha As, because I heard it was the bomb, much more so than StrikerS (LOL ALL THE GIRLS GOT A NUDE TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE BUT THE BOY TRANSFORMED FULLY CLOTHED LOL), but let’s check out Gintama, Kyou Kara Maou and Romeo x Juliet anyway. I’ll bring the laptop there for, uh…. productivity.

I am a long way from getting a 85% grade average.

EDIT: I just watched Nuke’s H264 sub of ef – a tale of memories. Apparently the company behind ef was also behind Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which makes me real interested in this. It’s called Shaft. As you might know from watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Shaft has a very distinct style, and it carries over, even into a love story. I don’t know what the original visual novel was all about, but I know that Shaft sure did a great job making it seem interesting. Things like the spinning bicycle wheel, the cracking red wall, the mask outs, and the black and white portions really made this interesting, even if they seem to have no significance whatsoever. I haven’t said this for some time, but I’d rather watch the anime than check out the source material. Kyoto Animation has some serious competition, indeed.

Planetarian: a small planet’s Reverie

EDIT: By using the same Word document to write this post, I actually erased a previous post! Crap.
If you want to play Planetarian, you must set your Windows system’s non-Unicode locale to Japanese. Otherwise, it actually crashes. Yes, even with the English patch. I’ve had that happen before… on a fan-translated Chinese patch too!

There’ll probably be some spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Verdict: Although this may have its flaws (and not much replayability) I’m going to rank it up there with Ever17: the out of infinity. It’s definitely better than Narcissu, for reasons I will not pollute this post with. If you’re going to read only two visual novels in your life that don’t focus on dating or hentai, read Planetarian and Ever17: the out of infinity. These two are classics.
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