On Rideback

Rideback the anime is pretty awesome. Well, it was awesome for the first few episodes, until all that political bullshit jumped in. The fourth episode had me going “wow” and “I can’t help but think it’s all gonna go down from here”.

I have to study for math soon, so let’s keep this short. WTF is with everybody pushing their angst onto these machines. Ogata blames Ridebacks for killing that annoying fan of hers (plus I could see it coming a mile away), and ex-merc faceless guy with big nose keeps fucking around with Ridebacks even though he says Fuego is his “regret”. Then there’s the RB-Z rider, who manages to do absolutely nothing throughout the later half. Then there’s the political thing, which is totally irrelevant, and having Ogata destroy a whole flock of those automatons by herself is nice to see, but what in the world does it accomplish? Is she still using a machine she hates to kill things and overlay a “revenge” theme on top? What’s the point? More importantly, when does she get back on the race and overtake the RB-Z in the Rideback Sweepstakes? Will the two mechanics ever get their screentime and poignant lines in the latter half?

The OP is great. Wonderful. Makes me wanna run out and buy a Hayabusa and stay on the highway till the break of dawn. The song is by MELL, as usual, you don’t want to know the lyrics for fear of leering at her pronunciation each time you listen to it, thereby ruining the fun. The ED is boring, skipped it. The first few episodes had real promise. It’s such a waste, really.

On another note, School Days rocks (even though it’s just painful to watch those characters go about sometimes) and Good Morning Althea is going straight for the worst anime I’ve ever watched award. They don’t make stuff like LoGH anymore. No, not even Yoshiki Tanaka’s next anime adaptation, Arslan Senki, can compare.

2 thoughts on “On Rideback”

  1. Well, what can I say?

    Rideback started out kinda nice. Could have been really good. Instead we get a girl with should I say problems that blame everything around her on others and do not take responsibility for her own actions. Which kinda sucks.

    Mix in some obsessive “fan” of Ogata and everything will turn really ugly. And it turned ugly really fast.

    Good point of the show is that it show both sides. Rideback can be used for competition and for just easy travel or it can be a weapon of destruction. It is rarely shown in a show that something nice can have a darker side.

    Other than this though the rideback parts where Ogata dances are great to watch. But the rest is meh. Give me something better to watch.

  2. I’m watching Urusei Yatsura these days. I think Ranma/Maison Ikkoku was funnier, but I can’t complain.

    Speaking of responsibility, I couldn’t help but think that the chopper they were supposed to get onto in the last episode had wasted all its time waiting there on the roof just because Ogata and Co. were too busy being emo to decide to participate in the battle or not. And when they finally do, the chopper has waited until those new Grimoire robots tear it to pieces.

    Meh indeed.

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