On Nagasarete Airantou

This anime is a total waste of time. Do not watch it ever again, if you value your life. No, not even when you’re bored and on the intercontinental flight with nothing else to do. At least play Megaman X or something like that instead.

9 thoughts on “On Nagasarete Airantou”

  1. Cute girls with big boobs that all want the same guy to marry? Suzu is hot and thus worth watching.

    On all other things. It´s a waste of time. But Suzu is cute and thus worth my time.

  2. m3rryweather: Megaman X was available on a intercontinental flight (was it a Boeing 777?) as one of the games you could play on the in flight entertainment. I knew it was hard, but it was way harder when you have to use just your thumbs to control the guy! Not only was I really tired after I gave up the game, my thumbs were really sore too and my hands in general, having squeezed that controller really hard.

    Zeroblade: yeah, it wasn’t going anywhere was it.

    manga: You know the problem with Nagasarete? If there were males on that island, the boy wouldn’t be worth half a damn. It’s nice being escapist and all that, but must one really watch an anime that has no male characters in it in order to feel male? Are there such truly pathetic people in the world? well, yes, there are. Thankfully this plot device hasn’t caught on, so I can safely say that people who are turned on by this turn of events are clearly in the minority.

  3. Would like to see the sister story as well. One female and lots of guys :p

    But for some reason that isn´t as popular.

    And if there were males on that island it would make for so much more interesting story as there would be rivalry and more. Add more males to the mix and Suzu and main hero still ends up together and it´s good for go 🙂

  4. You obviously haven’t watched Ouran. It’s right up there with LoGH on my anime rankings, meaning it’s pretty damn awesome. I’m pretty sure female anime watchers would love that kind of predicament, so I’m sure the plotline’s out there. Have you read many anime blogs by females lately?

  5. Haven´t watched Ouran.

    I haven´t read that many blogs by females no. I knew so few of them. Except for one and she´s more interested in Kendo than anime at this point so :p

    LoGH? What is that? I don´t think I recall any show having that for short.

  6. Legend of the Galactic Heroes. If you only had 24×110 minutes of your life to live, one should always, from the second of birth, be watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

  7. Ah. I haven´t found that even though I have looked for it some times. Oh well, you can´t watch em all.

    If I find a suitable torrent I´ll give it a shoot.

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