November’s Challenge: Being Social Every Day

November’s challenge was to have something social going on every day. The girlfriend counts, seeing friends and colleagues counts, but I shouldn’t have one day where I’m not seeing anybody at all.

To fill in all those gaps, I went to coding Meetups, events at the Factory, or otherwise just did cold approach again.

I also went out to some shops and asked the workers there what the hardest part of their job is (thanks Neville Medhora). Apparently if you’re a saleswoman in a store, the hardest part is standing for 8 hours a day. Other than that, they seemed to be pretty happy with their jobs because it was like going to school with their friends. If you’re a cashier the main problem is boredom.

The biggest benefit came from the Django Users Meetup, where I learned many new things and libraries, heard of Django Under the Hood, and learned how other people get their gigs (mostly referrals, which means being plugged in socially).

Mostly because of that, I figure I should also maintain a higher level of social interaction in December as well. December should be spent trying out app development but I’m not very pumped up about it. I’ll just stick it out for this month, hopefully it bears fruit.

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