My Immense VN Backlog Depresses Me

I’ve just been to Accany’s blog, where he seems to blog about new visual novels that he completes… every week or so!??? DAMN he can’t have much to do these days.

And I just learned that recently Kara no Shoujo, another visual novel from Innocent Grey who made Cartagra, was released. Instead of making me delighted, this depressed me to no end. Depressed, because it’s been 4 years since I started Ever17, and I haven’t even finished it yet! I downloaded Cartagra, got the Chinese patch for Cartagra as well as the patch for Nagomibako. And I haven’t even gotten past the first scene, which shows some woman burying some corpse in the snow (I remember being amazed at how many paragraphs of text I had to burn through to actually comprehend what was going on!). And to think, I bought original copies (fancy ritchan doing that!) of Remember11 Limited Edition and 12Riven, and I haven’t even INSTALLED them! And there’s also Never7. And there’s G Senjou no Maou, which was fully translated into Chinese (albeit with a very sparse QC).

If there’s one thing I learned from playing G Senjou in Chinese, it’s that good translations are hard to come by, especially in English, where I think No Name Losers is doing a terrific job. Also, getting it in Chinese practically guarantees that I won’t take the time to read it, because after 8 years of not actively using Chinese, reading traditional Chinese characters gives me a headache. Especially with a deep story like G Senjou – I didn’t even attempt Cartagra precisely because my Chinese sucked. In fact, I’m seriously considering learning Japanese instead just for the VNs – fancy that, a Chinese forsaking his own language for Japanese! There’s only so many languages you can really be fluent at anyway. Polyglots can’t possibly exist.

At the moment, it seems Cartagra, G Senjou and Kara no Shoujo are being translated into English. I’m sure the Chinese have already finished translating Kara no Shoujo, but I really can’t be bothered to check. And that’s the real reason why I’m so depressed – because my Chinese has fallen so far behind.

6 thoughts on “My Immense VN Backlog Depresses Me”

  1. Actually I’m pretty busy, if not I’ll take 3 days to finish one eroge. I don’t play any consoles or handhelds at all so it’s kinda a different thing altogether for me.

  2. …wow…I still remember that time when you linked to me saying that you want to finish Ever17 and play Cartagra…Can’t believe how long it’s been.
    You don’t have to be that worried though, Kara no shoujo isn’t fully translated yet. But Eden* and soshite ashita no sekai yori are (They’re killing me too).
    ahh…I’d love to just go on a drug induced playing rampage…that’d be nice (just imagine if the stuff from The World God Only Knows is real).
    BTW, I think I forgot to mention it, but in that old post of yours you said I was a guy, I’d be happy if you changed that (my ovaries hate me, but they’re still there).

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