While I was busy studying for the midterms (APSC150 just finished on Tuesday) I was also busy polling my Gmail inbox all the time for signs of a reply from Randall saying that my blog was ready. The APSC test wasn’t very hard, but it wasn’t easy either. The multiple choice questions were easy, and they provided the four stages of Sustainability for me to write upon in the essays. By the time I finished writing the two essays (which were supposed to be only 1200 words total) my left hand was covered in this dirty black grunge. Maybe if I was Arabic being left handed wouldn’t matter that much.

So today we had our APSC lab as usual. It’s not really a lab, you just work together (apparently that’s what engineers do all the time, work together) and come up with lots of solutions and charts and stuff to made-up problems. You have to come up with the solution in an orderly way, though. Some way they actually like. For instance, today’s theme was Fault Tree Analysis. The only conclusion we could come up with was: and so Fault Tree Analysis… my brain simply throws up a divide by zero error when I try to parse bullshit (or create it). I was pretty bad at writing the introduction too. Fortunately my group had girls to back me up, and they saved the day. I simply contributed ideas and vocabulary to the article, because some just can’t spell.

And so two hours dragged on. I have to say, I was supposed to be studying for math exam which was later today (today is a Thursday, I wonder if the blog got that set up right?) but I found that I just couldn’t deal anymore with limits and stuff, having thoroughly worked out my brain yesterday on several problems, and so I just lay down on the bed and set my watch to ring 40 minutes from then. I woke up, and rode my trusty Miele TT250 to the APSC lecture hall.

I beheld my friend sitting there very close to the door, reading yaoi as usual. I wonder where she comes up with all that shit. I think it’s called Golden Carat or something like that, and has something to do with an opium smoking Florian. Now the Florian I know is a fat friendly Austrian guy, but this Florian was skinny, pretty, and apparently is a good boy and smokes opium to save his friend (at least that’s how the story goes). He’s obviously the one who’s getting it on the bed. The one giving it is the other guy, and he talks to him about how to be ‘obedient’ and shit. Apparently girls get fucking orgasms reading this. I sure as hell don’t, and I find it a slap to the face of masculinity.

Pretty soon my other friends come and we’re one big happy family. Professor Bruce Dunwoody starts talking. He was talking about failures and stuff, and how to avoid them. It’s pretty predictable, the kind of stuff he’s talking about. It’s so predictable that if you’re dedicated to the job, you’re bound to think of these measures automatically, and you don’t have to memorize them. Things like overdesigning the capacity of the system. Apparently overdesigning can be quantified. For instance, elevators are usually designed to a safety factor of 10, which means if an elevator says it can carry 10 people it actually breaks when you put in 100 people. Better not try it though.

Well, the atmosphere wasn’t quite up to snatch anyway, since everybody just had the APSC quiz on Tuesday, and boy did everybody start unwinding. I had never seen so many people pull out their laptops before. One guy was playing WoW the whole time on his laptop. The other two were racing each other in some kind of cel shaded game over the wireless network. My friend, sitting next to me, pulled out his Centrino Duo HP laptop and started playing Guild Wars the whole time. My other friend, usually studious, was reading manga… and hardcore yaoi at that. Another guy was sitting there looking straight ahead, attention focused on the lecturer, with headphones plugged into his ears and into a white iPod. Even the Chinese students didn’t pull out any pads to write notes on – they just sat there and nodded. And I was downloading Scrapped Princess at 200kb/s over the wireless while playing Samurai Shodown 4 on MAME. Oh, and someone else was doing his physics homework.

I won’t go over today’s math exam. Suffice to say I couldn’t work out what the hell was tan(pi/6), and I really did try my best, I’m sure I did a lot more than I usually would be able to, but this was still hard all the same. It was really hard. Well, it’s just hard enough that you can’t do it, but it keeps on itching and you just feel like you can do it.

Anyway it’s getting kinda late. I’ll just set this up later. I have to find out how to do the problems on the math exam, and do some physics homework. And skip the Chem lecture tomorrow again, I guess.

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