Making Money Online

It’s been a long time since I posted on this blog. The fact is, I’ve been busy. Once I started doing homework again, I realized that I was actually a very busy person. You see, I started another blog. Its purpose is to become really popular. If it doesn’t achieve that within a year or two… well, I don’t know, I suppose I’ll figure it out then. Thing is, there’s a lot of shit that goes into attracting traffic to your site. Not only that, I plan to make other static websites that will also rake in the readers. I also would like to finish Sengoku Rance again. I’ve been using SpoilerAL a lot so I can recruit all the commanders before the Demon Army enters the equation.

The aim, ladies and gentlemen, is to become like Danny Choo. But, of course, without living in Japan and without the benefit of fluent Japanese. So what’s a poor student like me to do? I hope I’ll be able to show you in a few months. I don’t expect to rake it all in through one website like Danny, but then again, I did accomplish the goal of getting a PS3 and a Syncmaster F2380 way before Christmas, so I have some faith in myself.

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