Lupin III – Castle of Cagliostro Seeding Now

It’s not like me to ignore… 3 commenters, but I’ve had my job, and just got my PSP after walking around Bukit Bintang for 3 days, so I hope you’ll understand. There’s also the fact that I have tons of DVDs I have to go through to find this one.

But in any case, I’m finally seeding Cagliostro, and I will be doing so indefinitely. If you haven’t watched it yet, go check out the screenshots and download the torrent here. I’m plugging my own post on my own blog! Man, have I grown, or what?

EDIT: on second thought – did I overfilter this movie or what?
EDIT2: Please forgive the abysmally slow connection. I give no excuses, except that I’m usually unwilling to pay for more bandwith than the basic ADSL package gives me. Exercise patience, like I always do when I download something in Malaysia (grr)

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