Liszt – Totentanz (Krystian Zimerman)

To demonstrate that I have good music taste, and to educate y’all in good music taste, I’ve uploaded Totentanz! Yay Liszt! Yay Krystian!

I like Krystian’s version because he plays at this freaking breakneck pace. And I gotta tell you, Totentanz is a hard song already. Just look at the first page, where he tears through it without a single mistake. The version where you don’t play with the orchestra is even harder, because you don’t get a chance to rest. And sounds worse, because some things just sound better with the orchestra, but naturally, no orchestra would want to play Totentanz with you unless you can play the solo version.

Don’t listen to the sample on Wikipedia. Samples are for sissies, and whoever performed it must be a sissy too.


One thought on “Liszt – Totentanz (Krystian Zimerman)”

  1. Hey , I love this music too, especially the Zimerman’s version with Seji Ozawa and Boston Symphony Orchestra. It’s indeed the best version of Totentanz’s performers as ever. I can’t say my feeling when hearing the Zimerman’s play for the first time. He played really fantastic and incredibly with an absolute accuracy. That music is terribly difficult from the very beginning to the last sound. I’ve heard a various pianists performing this music but I can’t any better than Zimerman.

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