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God knows how many times I ranted about Kenny Sia and how he sucks now on my previous blog. The last time I went to Kenny Sia’s blog, I totally flipped out.

‘Just in case some people might still angry at me over the snake stuff…’

Picture of Vietnamese Boy

‘His expression is like this: -_-

I’m a bit tired. Actually, I’m a bit tired of reading Kenny’s blog. Sure, he goes interesting places, meets up with influential folks, and… uh…. spreads ads all over his page (thank lord for Adblock). But really, it just doesn’t feel the same when he first started out blogging.

Okay so everybody changes while blogging. Nothing wrong with that. But Kenny’s changing to suit the opinion of his readers. Nothing good comes out of that. Everything’s harmonious. Oh, what a cute little Vietnamese boy. -_-. Oh wow, so people didn’t like his snake post or some shit (as well as the other incident which was so long ago I can’t be bothered to look it up). Let’s leave it to Wikipedia:

The point is, I feel he’s really changed, and very much for the worse. He gets tons of comments now, many of which really don’t have anything significant to say and are just wasting CPU cycles and hard drive space better suited for Gundam 00. And whenever one of these insignificant tards starts trying to be intelligent and saying ‘omfg you just insulted me and bullshit’ he bends over and lets them get away with it. If you’ve read Kenny Sia’s blog for any amount of time, you wouldn’t need any explanation. And now, he’s taken to posting really crappy posts like these just to gain the favour of his readers.

Or maybe I’m just a jealous blogger.

That could very well be true. I feel that based on his current content, he doesn’t deserve to be attracting all these readers. It basically amounts to ‘what I did today, and what I thought about it’. There’s no discussion of ideas here, because the commenters suppress it immediately (oh well, he just succumbs to them anyway). There is no conflict whatsoever between his readers and his content. Everything is happy, happy happy. Disclaimers reminding people of his opinion and how it’s important…. just can it already! Those who don’t get it shouldn’t be listened to in the first place!

Let’s assume that his posts nowadays really do suck after all. Do I have any right whatsoever to criticize?  Now that’s a hard question. Why hard? Because I really think he can do better than this. I’ve read his posts when he didn’t suck!
Obviously when you see somebody starting to suck you try to get them on the right path, right? Or is there something else to this? No, obviously in real life I have no right whatsoever to criticize and send him an email about this. But I did, anyway. It’s his blog, why should I interfere with it? Or is that kinda like saying: it’s not my drowning sister, why should I even look at it?

In fact, he replied today with:

  What’s your point in sending me these?


Yes, maybe I shouldn’t care at all. It’s better for us both. I wouldn’t have to waste minutes typing this up when I could sleep, or even thinking if Kenny’s blog is good or not, because really, it doesn’t matter. I send him emails telling him that he’s pandering too much to the public, and obviously he’s not going to change because he knows, there’s no point in telling him this. He’s decided he’s going to keep on blogging about this kind of stuff and heck, it’s his blog after all. It’s probably time to leave him with his readers and their one line comments.

Was I doing the right thing in criticizing him through email? Is there no such thing as a blog that sucks? I’m way to sleepy to figure this out at the moment: but I know that I really do not want any blog of mine to end up like that.

n.p. 15. New Japan Philharmonic – [Evangelion Symphony Disc 1 #01] Ode an die Freude

7 thoughts on “Kenny Sia Criticism”

  1. Controversy always stirs up dirt. If anything, Kenny knows how to hold the audience no matter what the situation, he’s already built a reputation for that and really, if we don’t like it there are other good blogs out there to turn our eye to.

    Which is what it should be. Instead of looking to what you disagree, fascinate yourself to what suits you more. At the end of it, you’ll learn from it and it’ll affect the way you write, often for the better.

  2. This is the first time I stumbled on your blog and to be brutally honest with you; and I’m sorry to have to say this to you – but I’d much rather read Kenny Sia’s blog than yours! Cheers!

  3. I’ve heard many earlier readers of kenny’s blog say this but you have to understand, money first mah.
    You see, user FH2o. that person is what we call a fanboy/girl. whatever. ignore them, generally they are trolls who go on google and type kenny sia sucks and when they find it, they go ape crazy.
    obviously by now, you realize that 123kid is not my real nick name. maybe i am kenny in disguise. i am not one of the illumni of early readers nor am i a reader eitehr. i read his blog, it’s nothing special besides cheap sex jokes and frills and non-stop advertorials.
    i rather read about quantum physics than read that shit again.
    But honestly, i can’t say whether he had devolved from his earlier work fore i was doing better things than read a blog…i use to read books.
    WhiteDragoon98 is just jealous that you’re jealous.

    1. Yes, money first over here too. It’s not like he posted anything overtly philosophical before, but I by degenerate I meant most of his posts nowadays are either an image or a line that should go on twitter. Whatever. Haven’t gone there in the past 2 years, so I can’t say nowadays.

      Hey, I read books too.

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