Jax’s Masterpiece Wallpapers

Thanks to my friend Jax, who helped set me up with a maxed out SGI Indy R5000, I now also have some RAWs from a Canon Rebel XTi. Just playing around with Photoshop’s RAW import reminds me of how much I need a proper DSLR that doesn’t take shitty noisy pictures when I don’t use flash.

This one was pretty hard to get right, and even then I’m still not satisfied. I’ll play with this later when I have more time.
Widescreen 2560×1600 PNG:
4:3 2048×1536 PNG:

This one I’m satisfied with. It’s called Jax’s Masterpiece, and I played around with the temperature to make it look colder than it actually was.

4 thoughts on “Jax’s Masterpiece Wallpapers”

  1. Now if you want a DSLR that sucks, the D40 fits the bill. I am NEVER buying that, and I can post a photo to prove why it sucks. At least a second hand D80.

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