Only inspiring in real life.
Only inspiring in real life.

Can you guys help me out here? please? My new blog design notwithstanding, I’ve hardly had the time to think of new stuff to blog about in detail. Computers, anime, the best way to anally penetrate yourself, music, making money, Rachmaninov’s biography, you name it. It’s all yours to choose…

4 thoughts on “I’VE RUN OUT OF SHIT TO BLOG!”

  1. Zeroblade: are you kidding? What new games can I possibly play with this shitty GMA950 graphics card (damn, anything will do, even a Geforce 8200 will let me run modo without crashing/bugs). I tried Zwei 2 (yes, there is a Zwei 2, it’s nice and cel shaded) and it lagged horribly. Especially in the towns. But damn, is it pretty. And it has more cutscenes than Zwei 1, which is good.

    Coke: you got it. Coming right up…

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