In which nothing significant happened Today

Today was a Friday.

What was that supposed to mean? That was supposed to mean partying, making out with girls, having some fun at the club, blowing your ears out with good old techno and trance mixes – now what I actually did was buy a Physics textbook and 25 DVD-Rs. I couldn’t even imagine that 200CAD could be spent so quickly and easily. My almighty 100 dollar notes became a 5 dollar note and some coins. It makes me think how much more scarier this is going to be if I’m an adult and I’m going to have to pay rent and income tax and shit.

Why the hell are you still reading this if the title already informed you that ‘nothing significant happened Today’?

I slept only 4 hours today. I’m really sleepy right now, but I really want to see how this blog is going to be like. The biggest reason I switched hosts was because I didn’t want to rely on outside image hosting services such as, and perhaps I could do a mp3 of the day thing too.

EDIT: Check the topmost box on the right instead. Much better than letting this post (and song) slide as I find more things to talk about.

And so there you have it. This is a pretty rare album, but I think the songs in it are very original, even if the concept behind the game itself isn’t. By the way, CLANNAD is not the Irish band. This is the infamous 2004 dating-sim game released by Leaf (I think) that everybody in Japan thought wouldn’t sell well because it had no H content whatsoever. Once I heard that, I set about downloading it. Unfortunately, after installing it, I found out I just didn’t have the… sore lack of life needed to play as someone else’s life. Oh… no, wait. It was because it was Japanese, and I didn’t have any translation patches. So after having mom figure out what was going on, I left it on my hard drive and it probably perished during one of my ‘free disk space’ sprees (I didn’t have a DVD burner back then).

After applying the superglue to the rear mudguard of my bike (it keeps on falling out whenever I ride off a curb onto the road, for instance), the bike has been a joy to ride. No more worrying about that stupid, fragile, cheap ass clip that’s supposed to hold that black POS in place. Then I sat down, installed xampplite, WordPress, and started designing this very theme you see in front of you, based on some 2-column design I found on You can find the details and link in the footer – just scroll down. It’s a real bitch messing around with designs, I’m telling you. Especially designs created by other people, because half of the time you don’t know what does what. I have no choice, though, since I don’t know anything about writing a theme in WordPress, because it seems like I have to make my own comment PHP scripts and shit… screw that! I hate leaving a theme unfinished… and if I learnt PHP I would surely have to go through a week or so before I would have anything remotely satisfactory to put up. In contrast, I think this theme based on Akagi Ritsuko (whom, after all, this blog is named after) captures her essence pretty well. I have to add in her ‘I’m not like mom’ attitude somehow, though. Not sure how you’d express that in a web design.

And when that was done, it was 8pm. I biked off to Vanier’s convenience store to see if they had anything remotely worthy of being my dinner, but nope – they only had snacks. I got a box of Triscuits for 3.89CAD, and biked off to the University Village to get my real fix. There I ate a mound of food courtesy of the woman selling the Taiwanese food (it’s actually good… and only 3.99 for a plate with three ingredients – and she gave me four!). I added some meat for 1CAD. I think this is way cheaper than Triscuits, and even compared to our Totem Park tent (which is pretty cheap all you can eat for 5CAD dinner).

Windowblinds 6.0 is out, BTW. And it’s already cracked. I wonder if it works when it’s cracked…

When I came back, I remembered that Ilan’s door was locked. There was only one thing I could think of him doing at night like this: and that’s in the Cube playing X360. I cycled there… and lo and behold he was there practicing Woman on Guitar Hero 2. I went in, watched him while reading a book on economics (I always thought I was missing out on something by not taking economics classes, but after reading that book, I determined that it was best I didn’t even think about that kind of stuff at all), and played Anthrax’s Madhouse (the only song I’ve heard before, the rest are crappy rock songs except for that inside a glass bottle something-whatever song). I sucked compared to Ilan, who was practicing all the time. We played Halo 3 later. It’s amazing how everybody can get their mitts on the new games so fast here in Canada. Come to think of it, gathering the funds for this Halo 3 original should have been no mean feat either. In any case, Halo 3 was very pretty. Everything looked like it was made out of plastic, and it was shiny. The water was very shiny, and very pretty. I love shiny pretty things. Master Chief and the Arbiter walked pretty darn quickly for people who were traversing jungle terrain. All the human soldiers were talking about omfg the Spartan’s here and shit and nobody seemed to care for the Arbiter (whom I was playing on co-op campaign). The guns were pretty nice, the Covenant get their own rocket launcher now, as well as projectile rifles, one of which seems to be especially strong. The Flood make a surprise entrance… they really seemed to be just a reminder that they existed in Halo 1 – the flying orb from Halo 1 makes a reappearance here too – judging from Ilan’s face he probably didn’t show up in Halo 2 at all.

In any case, Halo 3 was pretty. That’s all. It’s pretty obvious which control scheme is more superior, after all. No, not the Wii, dumbasses. It’s the mouse+keyboard. That gives you real precision which you can leverage to snipe the grunts from half a mile away and thus go 1 on 1 with the Elites (although in Halo 3 they were on my team, I don’t know what happened in Halo 2 but it must have been something catastrophic).

Eyes…. burning….. must… quit….

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