I love discussion!

So what exactly are people saying about my posts on Kenny Sia?

Ah Pek says:
“The best way to give a new blog a good kickstart is to criticize some celebrity blogger”

For someone who has lived a mere 6,570 days, you have really grasps this point well.

But please don’t go “guiding” others when you are still groping to find the way yourself.

I just added another hit to your stats counter. Say Thank You to Kennysia for it, because I doubt i will be back for anymore of your “guidance”.
Suanie says:
what is a blog? A blog is short for ‘web log’. Essentially it means that the blogger who owns the blog can make use of it anyhow you want.

I guess Kenny is an easy target, because of his popularity and perceived worth with thousands of readers etc. It is however unfair, and not anyone’s place to want to ‘guide’ Kenny to the right ideal/direction/utopia of blogging. Because there is no such definition, and honestly there is a lot more to blogging publicly, and not remaining anonymous, and being very known for, than a lot of people think.

You are welcome to your views, of course 🙂 after all, that is how you chose to utilise your own blog
I don’t like smilies.

kate says:
well, as a reader, i haven’t ‘gained’ much from ur criticism of Kenny Sia. Get a life before u hit on others.

etsee says:
so what’s your intention of criticizing some well known blogger?

you happen to crave for the attention he’s having, but just dont know where to start rite? you are just another kennysia wannabe.. but u r far from it dude.

he’s doing in style, and you are moaning hell lot about it. hahah.. what a joke

That’s quite a stomachful there. Here’s what they mean:
1. Your post was totally meaningless and gave me nothing insightful. I only read this because it’s about Kenny Sia.
2. You’re just trying to piggyback on his fame, aren’t you?
a. You’re a joke.
b. You’re attention deprived, and on top of that, you’re helpless.

And somebody called Suanie agreed point by point, though she’s probably implying the same thing (with all those smilies and winkies, I really can’t tell).

At the moment I’m feeling a slight tightness around my chest and throat. It’s probably something called indignation, but let’s try to look at this objectively and see if what they’re saying is true.

1. Your post was totally meaningless and gave me nothing insightful. I only read this because it’s about Kenny Sia.

For me it was a rather useful post. I say this because it generated controversy and forced me to think about the situation at hand. AFAIK, I’m not the only person to write to Kenny Sia about his degenerate blog. But judging from your responses, I seem to be the first to have posted my inner thoughts up for you all to rip and criticize. I can only assume that since you criticize, you had this all figured out in your head in the first place. If so, I am honoured by your comments, and I hope to hear from you again as my world views mature through blogging. (Here’s to you, Ah Pek and Suanie.)

2. You’re just trying to piggyback on his fame, are you?

Kenny did say something on his email about my mindset. If I think that he’s trying to please his readers, then no matter what he posts I’ll always think he’s trying to please his readers again. Even if it’s about that vibrating condom review. So I’ll waste no breath in trying to assure you that really, I’ve had a problem with his blog changing from the start, I’ve blogged multiple times about it, and only this time I’ve taken it public.

a and b: You’re a joke. On top of that, you’re helplessly deprived of attention.

Yes, I want attention. I want to be the first to say this out loud, that Kenny Sia’s blog is not what it used to be, and I posted this on petalingstreet.org with the intention of finding people who thought the same way as I did. Nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, my being a joke is quite a personal comment. Let me roll up my sleeves here.

I’ve noticed for quite some time that humans like to rag on other people and put them down when they don’t act as expected. Oh damn, that striker just didn’t position himself in time to kick the ball into the goal! How stupid! Kerry backed out of the election in… what… 2004? How stupid, irresponsible of him! What the fuck was that driver thinking when he drove right in front of me like that? he must be retarded. What the hell is Bush doing in Iraq? What’s with Osama anyway? and the American currency? He’s gotta be replaced, that hopeless white-haired baboon.

Finally, who the fuck is this anonymous guy who claims that Kenny Sia sucks and then later finds himself wrong and then apologizes? He must be stupid! He’s even stupid enough to post this on the internet so we can all laugh at him!

If there’s one thing I learned from sending all these emails to Kenny and wasting his time, it’s that no matter how absurd the situation, there probably was a reason behind it. Think about it: a daring, interesting, innovative new blog comes on the scene, gets linked by the Star. Suddenly his hit counter rises, and the quality of his content… decreases!? Actually it’s not daring anymore. It’s not even innovative anymore! It just tries to pander to the public, oh sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. Perfect conspiracy theory behind this, yes? Well perhaps: but I was reminded of the fact that Kenny’s blog started influencing his family and work life too. The sentence that struck me most in his reply was:
People can say shit about me all they want. But if people say shit about YOU in front of YOUR MOM, have you ever thought about how she would feel? Because that has happened to me so many times in the past and it does not feel good I can guarantee you that.

Notice, though, that even though I empathize with him, I still say his blog sucks. Why? Because to me, it really does suck. I always thought that he had a choice to make his blog what it was. But after reading this sentence, I felt it would be impossible. I’m sure that somewhere Kenny still wants to blog as raucously and without rein as he did before. Perhaps he’s still doing so, in some blog that he hasn’t told us about. Humans will be humans. You’re right, Suanie. I was unfair in criticizing him, because he really didn’t have a choice.

And as for you, etsee, it may please you to know that I am a joke, and that you are a bad joke. For while I have gone above mocking other people through learning this lesson, you are mocking me while I am learning. The beauty of this, of course, is that you are mocking me, while I learn and mature in front of your very eyes, on the very medium by which you mock me.

Thank you to all of you who responded. As you can see, I don’t usually get many comments – I’m gratified that you see enough in my posts to comment without attacking me personally. Yes, my posts may have had no meaning for you whatsoever… but they certainly do to me. Let’s argue again sometime.

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