I forgot how to make new friends

Somewhere along the line, making new friends has become somewhat hard for me. I’m not talking about people you meet and say hi to; I mean the sort of guys you’d hang out with and do everything together, and tell stories about your adventures after the fact.

I wonder if it’s because making friends is harder the older you get; or if I have changed for the worse. And I’m quickly getting tired of thinking about it all.

There’s this guy, for instance. Unsure of himself, he talks softly, making it a pain in the ass to listen to him (yet I must for he has the answers to schoolwork), pauses, so you think he’s done, and so you turn your ears back towards whatever they were doing before so they don’t have to overheat trying to decipher his whispers. But then he starts talking again. Sometimes he finishes off with the clause “anyway it’s not important” which really pisses me off because of all my effort spent.

I wish he wasn’t as nice as he is so I I could ignore him and blame it on his assholery, but I can’t.

I’m pretty sure this reflects badly on my current ability to make new friends.

Then there’s the female that really pisses me off: the type that ignore you after you express your interest in them. It’s as if you’ve insulted them by asking them out or something. Or as if they’re saying “you can’t control yourself if I even so much as deign to toss a word in your direction, so here’s a brick wall!”

More examples of annoying people to come…

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