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Eric Kim Photography

Looks like a normal Chinese dude, but has great insights on life, entrepreneurship, and is actually living the life. Works out, has a good brand going, writes about Stoic philosophers and is totally free and understands the meaning of wealth. Probably also knows Brian Johnson.

Safety for Women and Customers

It’s funny that in this world, despite all the laws and social dynamics that point in their favour, women apparently don’t feel safe and always feel the need to protect themselves.

Great general insight on emotional safety
The Modern Man on why women still feel the need to be protected

Dan Bacon of The Modern Man is simply a very mature guy. You can see it in a lot of his writing, although his blog posts do seem cut & pasted sometimes.

Being a good salesman is also about making the customers feel safe and that they’re making the right decision.


Watching videos of the really good people on Youtube have totally sped up my learning. I can’t wait to go and try out those new moves.

Not only that, it seems the really good dancers also know that you can vary your speed as well. It looks great, and when you’re unsure what to do next, you just do it slow motion.

My tango notes:

Which foot the weight is on means a lot, including which leg to move next.
You guide the woman with your torso, that pretty much turns around the y axis.
Box step four corners, or triangle, try to trip the woman’s right foot after she has shifted her weight to the left (gotta be a gentleman you know)
Bruce Lee/tennis sideways jog, but in a circle: that’s the box step.
Circle sweep the legs. Like a clock.

Son was especially eye opening. It was great to see which parts of what my salsa teacher was teaching were from son, from rumba, from casino.

cigall (Youtube)
She’s good. I also detect a hint of pride when she dances with great dancers.

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