Christmas Upgrade Time!!! not…

Holy shit, has it really been a year since I bought my EVGA GeForce GTX470 for a little over 200EURs? It was a great deal at the time, the GTX470 going from ~350 to a little over 200 was a massive discount – even now, the GTX570 is no lower than 289EURs. The GTX560 Ti is basically as fast as the GTX470, and has less VRAM too.

I must have really played the fuck out of it, haven’t I? Well… actually, in March I played a lot of G Senjou no Maou. Not something you need a GTX470 for. Indeed, even my laptop’s GMA950 could handle this.
eikichi's awesome
eikichi's so awesome
g senjou no maou
g senjou no maou
g senjou no maou

And then I played a lot of Homeworld. A LOT of Homeworld. But I only have this screen to show for it:
I think this must have been on the last level. I’ve spent 3 hours on that level already and I still haven’t cleared it, mostly because the maps are huge, traveling takes a long time, and I was focusing on capturing a few ships to increase my force.

There was also EVE Burst Error. I only spent a few hours on it, but a particular scene interested me. Why does everybody in this scene look like they came from Evangelion? EVE Burst Error predates Eva!
EVE Burst Error

And in between, I spent days and days on Minecraft! Minecraft was sluggish on the integrated 880G (RadeonHD 4250) graphics, but it might have been because I set aside too little VRAM for the integrated GPU. I’ll try it again I tried it with 128MB Sideport + 256MB of system RAM reserved, giving it 384MB of VRAM total, and it was very playable, 45-60fps with fast graphics and normal/far draw distance, Max FPS and Advanced OpenGL off. On the GTX470 it flew like nobody’s business, and the GPU itself didn’t even need to go up to 3D clocks. I found inter-island traveling slow, and I hated getting lost and dying from creepers, so I always built an overhead walkway network, lighted, naturally, so that on the ground every part of it would serve as a giant landmark.

I also played some PCSX2, although not as much as I thought I would. It’s funny, I don’t know why. I thought I would catch up on FFX and FFXII, but instead I ended up playing a lot of Suikoden 5. Suikoden 5 is a really awesome game, it’s too bad they canned the series after this one. I even bought an expensive Xbox 360 Gamepad for PC just to have a nice comfortable PCSX2 experience.

Of course, in the meantime, I leveled up my Borderlands character a lot, played a bit of CoD, played the hell out of Crysis 2, found that Crysis Warhead was much more satisfying than Crysis, had a lot of fun with Deus Ex Human Revolution, tried Leisure Suit Larry 7, played some Metro 2033 (too depressing!), had so much fun with Portal, tried Halo 2 but couldn’t get into it as much as I did with Halo 1 (that was a GODLY game I raped my Geforce 4 Ti4200 and Radeon 9500 Pro with it), and quadrupled my Folding@Home points with the help of my GPU.

Yes, I could have been happy with the integrated 880G graphics, but still the GTX470 was a great investment. But the extra 8GBs of RAM?

Yup, that came in handy too I suppose. This year I have little to no money left, but thanks to a friend and my girlfriend (so cute!), I got into photography.
what I want this year
Yes, if he had money, ritchan would actually buy a 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor prime lens for his F5 rather than spend more money on his computer! Isn’t that an amazing turn of events?

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