Featured Song: Yes, Together (Vandread ED2)

Well, let’s see: the last time I did the random featured song thing was a month ago, I think. The Carpenters’ Because We Are in Love. I thought this was was the shit, so I uploaded it. Then I read a bit more, and found that Karen Carpenter divorced about a year after that, so that really cheapened the song.

Needless to say, I don’t listen to it much today.
Download removed. Too bad latecomers.

Better known as the second ending theme to that weird anime that involved females versus males, Vandread. I remember watching it when I was young. Really young. 7th grade, 8th grade, like that – I used to watch Vandread religiously. Kinda like the same way I watched Edens Bowy and took photographs of the last episode (the real screencaps, taken with pride and love, take that you anime bloggers!), except that I didn’t take photographs.

I liked the premise, liked the characters, liked the graphics, yeah, and there wasn’t much not to like about Vandread as a whole, except that it seemed to drag out a bit during the second season (13 episodes) and the opening themes just seem to get cheesier and cheesier. Of all the songs I heard from Vandread, this song is the best, and the second best is SiLC’s Himegoto, the first ending theme. Or was it because the ending scenes all showed Dita floating around in space? hmm.

The slightly muffled background, unstable chords and really groovy bass make this a great song. Sure, the Engrish sucks, but everyone knows the chords are more important cuz who can understand her anyway?

I know, I usually have really high quality songs, but it’s kinda hard to get songs from anime of that era of good quality, you know? I’ll try find a better one next time – I really love this song.


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