Exams are Over

22:59 < Avisch> digi CONTROL YOUR ANGER
22:59 <~digiwombat> You suck
22:59 < Avisch> and don’t boot for that
22:59 < manga> not that I know of
22:59 -!- Avisch was kicked from #dasaku by digiwombat [Avisch] 22:59 -!- Avisch [~] has joined #dasaku
22:59 < Avisch> I love this channel

22:59 < manga> I might suck at spelling but
22:59 < manga> not anything else
23:00 <~digiwombat> Except dicks
23:00 <~digiwombat> OSNAP

Exams are over, and to celebrate, I ordered the pixiv girls’ collection artbook over HimeyaShop. It’s the first time I’ve bought from them, and I won’t have more than 10 days to receive the item in Germany. With shipping that costs an arm and a leg, I sure hope it arrives within a week.

I asked a girl for her permission to photograph her, and she said no… but something tells me I should persist. Is persistence a virtue with girls? I have no clue.

Apparently there are a lot of things one must do to leave this country. One must lock down his bank account, any other accounts like insurance, gym membership, anything that takes money automatically from your account, and then, if one lives in a rural city like me, one must find out how to get to the airport which is half a day away by train.

Also, I need to get my Koss Portapro fixed, but I can’t for the life of me navigate Alternate.de’s website. I navigated it well enough when buying, so why can’t I do the same for warranty?

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  1. Yeah, it even says “No *Questions* Asked” on the box 😀 I love that bugger, looks cool and sounds cool. How’s your Grado? It’s triple of what I paid for… so it’d better be good.

  2. Hm, it’s a pretty aggressive headphone. The mids and highs are bright and very forward, though the bass isn’t as pronounced. It is, however, very clean and clear and focused compared to my former main phones (Pioneer SE-M290’s, which had muffled bass), and they sound perfect at the right listening volumes (around 50~60% on iPod volume in a semi-quiet room). There’s a very small soundstage too, which may be good or bad, depending on your preferences. It feels like you’re right up there with the performers, so there’s a very lively feel to any bit of sound. These are great for rock and pop stuff, and still pretty damn good for classical and jazz, as well as techno. You’ll need to turn up the volume a little, or plug it into an amp as I have, to bring out the full potential though – especially for electronic music.
    Another thing – I also bought a pair of “bowl pads” the other day (they’re slightly thicker and are cut out in the center, rather than the softer, thinner flats these came with) and the midrange was even clearer, and the bass even cleaner, since there’s no foam in between the ears and the drivers. Downside is, the outer edges of my ear are grating against the mesh, which hurts after an hour or two.
    Based on the Koss site, the PortaPros are $50; these cost me $140 plus $20 for the pads, so I guess three times the price is just about right. And indeed, the PortaPro looks really awesome.

  3. Oh, forgot to mention – one problem about these is that sound leaks just about everywhere, so they’re not so perfect for outside use. On the contrary, the open-air-ness keeps the sound very natural compared to a couple other headphones I’ve had, whose bass sounded artificial in some occasions.

  4. What in the world… are you talking about? What’s forward? bright? Soundstage? How does a headphone affect how close you are to the stage? Where’d you buy those for that ripoff price? What amp do you use? I’d say outside sound leaks in, I’d definitely prefer my Audio-Technica to this one if I’m walking on the streets because it’s got bowl pads.

  5. Sorry, I was just posting in the local forums and some jargon ended up carrying over. Forward would be something like speakers being placed very close to you and the sound “forced” on you, rather than having a more laid-back sort of feel. Bright would be the emphasis of headphones of the midrange to treble, compared to the bass. Soundstage refers to the feeling of distance you have when listening to music (ie: if there’s a sense of distance, then there is a large soundstage, and vice-versa).
    Grados are basically exclusively distributed by a shop here, and because Grado’s made arrangements to prevent people from importing directly from other shops, I basically had no other alternative but to buy them locally; they were priced at the shop’s rate. My (hand-me-down) amp’s an integrated amp (preamp + amp) – the Onkyo Integra A-755. Sound does leak both ways – in and out – but you’re right in that outside sounds leak in quite a bit. It’s a real pain sometimes when I can hear the softer sounds because a jerkass bus driver decided to honk for no real reason.
    The soft pads the SR-80i’s and 60i’s come with are actually pretty comfy, to be honest, but if you mean that the bowl pads help keep more sound out, then pretty much the entire Grado line is the complete opposite of “sound-isolating”. You still can’t beat the value for money though.
    I’ve also been thinking of getting a Denon D1001 for long periods of work at home, but I’ll probably have to put those off ’til I scrounge up about 22k for my other debts.

  6. Wow, that’s an old amp. Do you carry that around with your headphones? What cans do you own? Also, any experience with AKG? I think their headphones look really cool!

    Never really noticed these things before. I’ll need to repair both my headphones before I can join in with you on this… oh and my Audio-Technica has one speaker that’s not working. It seems to be a cable problem, do you know what kind of shop I’ll have to take it to to repair it? Obviously, it’s out of warranty…

  7. Naw, the Onkyo stays at home. I’ve seen a couple portable amps, some going as low as about $20, but I’ll be holding back for now. Debts and preorders and all that.
    At the moment, I have two cans in use – the SR-80i’s and SE-M290’s – there’s one – a JVC HA-D515 I gave away to my brother so I could hook up the speakers to the PS2, and another, a Sony MDR-IF210 (wireless), retired because it’s just way too old (we’re talking decades) and not working right.
    Unfortunately, no experience with AKG, but I plan to get a K701 sometime next year or the year after; apparently, they pretty much suck without an amp to drive them properly, and I can use the pre-amp functions to boost the bass too. I’ve heard some good things about the K271/2, so those might work for you. And the phones are definitely sexy. Those guys know how to blend sound and aesthetics pretty well.
    Honestly, I never really paid much attention to sound quality either until recently, when I heard music from proper cans. The difference was just too huge that I ended up getting the very cans I heard the sound with the first time. In retrospect, I could’ve done a bit more research and exploration for other good cans, but well, the SR-80i’s are still awesome.
    Personally, I’m not quite sure what kind of shop it’d be called exactly, but there might be one or two small audio-centric shops in the malls, so you could try those. Alternatively, you could learn to recable a pair yourself, but I’m sure it’d be a pretty tedious process.

  8. Will consider buying one after I get a new computer, heh. A K272 is pretty expensive. I suppose I’ll take a look at your Grado SR-80is, but I’d rather my headphones look good and sound good.

  9. Depends on your taste in music, on comfort, and on aesthetics, I guess. The Grado line has a very retro look to them, and they’re great and have an up-close sort of feel, but the bass is really going to feel lacking if you’re used to cans with a more balanced feel. I think AKG or Sennheiser would suit your needs best since many are quite neutral (no particular emphasis on the bass/midrange/treble) and they have a pretty wide soundstage. Of course, I can’t really dictate what or what you shouldn’t get. The best way to know is to try them out yourself, if you’re ever given the chance.
    And good god, it’s past three in the morning. I’m getting up in two hours so I’mma get me some shut-eye.

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