EVE Online Incursion Carbon Character Creation

I bought EVE Online for 5 Euros before Christmas because I was under the impression that I could see my character do stuff like this:

Or create my character like this:

Instead all I got was a major letdown. No matter what I made, the characters looked horrible. So I gave up on the idea of making a beautiful woman, and made a guy instead, and made him look like a smart ass Confucius with a smirk.

But on the 18th of January, Incursion 1.1 was finally released. Oh yeah baby. I looked around, and soon determined that the Amarr Ni-Kunni was the only race with a female mesh worth my time.

Just so you know, it took a lot of retries to get a good looking face. As the Japanese figurine sculptors say, “kao wa inochi!” It isn’t perfect, but the Cleopatra-esque hairstyle made a huge difference. All of my friends here in Germany don’t agree though – boobs and ass are all that count apparently. Supposedly you get away with it by smothering an ugly face with a pillow and saying “oh but you made me feel so good” 😀 But I digress. If you want to see the face sculpting, look at the video instead, because I spent way too much time on the sculpting part to care about recording for you guys.
Many times I just quit after tweaking too many things in the character creation system because, well, it’s hard to make a beautiful face, and soon that very judgmental feeling you get lapses into a “eh, whatever, she’ll do” and that just won’t do now will it. Make no mistake, the character creation system has absolutely NO impact on how EVE Online plays out. You still can’t get out of your ship and walk around even though the devs have been working on that idea since at least 2006. The only thing you get out of this is a portrait that you cannot change for the rest of your characters’ lives. But the fact that I can change clothes for my character and tweak the size of her calves and arms is a good sign that eventually we will be able to see our characters walking around.

But still, look at this:

Yup, that’s the sign of a beauty right there – she looks good no matter what clothes she dons. Most of the hard work is done, just choosing a dress now.

I really don’t think she needs pants. It makes her legs look thicker. I tried all the pants. They don’t work.

Come to think of it, aren’t her boobs jutting out a bit too much at this angle? As you can see, the jacket makes her boobs appear much bigger than they really are.

Well I think that looks good, but maybe I’m just being unrealistic here. Can any girls who happen to read this post please tell me if this is unrealistic or not… because I don’t know. But I like it 😀

That shouldn’t be too much to ask. I think.

Anyway put the clothes back on, and I think we have a winner here. Now she looks religious enough to be part of the Amarr. Just imagine her strutting up and down the church aisle…

Lovely hip tweaking options to please your grandma. I don’t pay that much attention to a girl’s ass though. Is that too big?

That looks about right…

OK that’s definitely too big. It looks like a lampshade down there. I’ll have to turn it down a bit.

But still, just look at that. Oh my.

Nope, we’re a religious race here. Gotta stay religious and proper. She still looks good in this office woman outfit anyway.

Before we head off to the photographer’s – a subtle hint of blush to add some vulnerability to our decidedly independent, ferocious looking Cleopatra (why does she remind me of Cleopatra?). I once knew this girl who simply slathered on blush with glitter like there was no tomorrow, I wonder if it would’ve been proper etiquette to point out that it detracted from her looks?

DARN! What do you care EVE, the photo doesn’t go below the chest anyway! Come on!

Well if we’re going to have to wear pants, might as well choose an unobtrusive design.

Yup, that looks nice. I could see her pouring out coffee at an office.

I took lots of portraits, but the one that showcased her the best was just a plain pose that worked very very well indeed. Especially since it followed the rule of thirds.

As you can see, I also took the time to convert my smart ass Confucius with a smirk into a Chinese triad member… I think I really love making characters in general. The only problem is that I want my characters to have a meaning, which means they have to do something other than being created. EVE Online does just that, but doesn’t give much chances to show off my handiwork – hopefully that in-station walking feature gets implemented real soon. With swappable clothing please.

EDIT: The Amarr also have very beautiful ships. They’re symmetric, unlike the Gallente designs. So far I haven’t encountered anything in the least bit religious. I think the race thing is just for show…

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