Evangelion VOX songs

I’m not the guy you ask when it comes to classifying songs, but I think this is some great R&B we’ve got. Groovy, laid-back, you could listen to this all night, ignoring the lyrics. The cheese factor in JPop songs is mostly unnoticed because weaboos don’t understand Japanese, however when the cheese is translated, cue the horrible reviews!

But VOX could certainly lose the rap. It’s the cheese factor turned up a notch, but without the groovy chords and background vocals to back it up. Yuck.

4 thoughts on “Evangelion VOX songs”

  1. I´ve listened to “Come Süsser Tot” for a long time so this isn´t new to me 🙂

    What I do hate about NGE was t he 24 versions of “Fly Me to the Moon” that we were treated to after each and every damn episode.

  2. I listened to most of the tracks (about 18 of them) and it sounds pretty good. Shiro Sagisu is a genius at music! I’ve could have done without the swearing, though…

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