Debian 5 ‘lenny’ is out

The reason this is news is because that each time a new Debian release is marked ‘stable’, a couple blue moons pass. Also, I need to cook dinner, and I haven’t anything particularly significant to say, save that Onegai Teacher was really retarded at times, with some seriously artificial cliches placed there to tug at my heartstrings, but my heartstrings are pretty used to all this shit (Kanon, CLANNAD, the last scene of Top wo Nerae) so being the muscular heartstrings they are, it didn’t work.

Poor Onegai Teacher. It had its moments too, though undoubtedly scarce. Must be Misumi and Hyosuke, and Mizuho’s family. That’s about all. Kei’s illness felt like some kind of new dressed-up gimmick that reeked of some old cliche that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Anyway, I’ll still go to school and download Onegai Twins. After all, nekoneko has a poster of Onegai Twins… might as well check it out. And BTW, that’s some serious hardware in that screenshot. Really nice Fuel, really nice room. Lightwave? Modo? SGI Fuel? Two 1920×1200 displays? Tons of posters, all aesthetically matching? Damn…

2 thoughts on “Debian 5 ‘lenny’ is out”

  1. The one thing I wonder about when I see that image is why I couldn´t find anything like that when I wanted a new desk for my computer… Not that I complain about this desk that I´m using but it could have been a little better.

    I also want to have enough money to get multiple PCs and Macs to show of :p

    Onegai Twins is fun in the OVA, Onegai Sensei was kinda dumbstruck untill the later part of the show with it having the most classical stuff for romances. Twins is a bit different. And the OVA is a real killer for laughs 🙂

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