Darker than BLACK exam edition

So there’s less than 12 hours to my first exam of the semester, of a course I only attended one lecture for, and I just marathoned Darker than Black. I’m obviously heading down the wrong, unremarkable path in life.

Which was accentuated even more when I found out at the end of the series that Darker than Black kinda sucked. I wasn’t given a proper explanation of anything, and the characters disappointed me. I’m not an anime gourmet with an extensive reviewing vocabulary, so read other reviews for the details. I’m just pissed that I read the damn reviews AFTER I finished the anime, so I pretty much wasted my (studying) time on this. I also heard nothing awesome from Yoko Kanno except the Next Episode song.

2 thoughts on “Darker than BLACK exam edition”

  1. Wow, totally opposite opinions going on. A bunch say it’s some of the most brilliant stuff that’s come out of BONES, and then this.
    I personally thought that it was good, but it could’ve been better if I understood it all. Plus I liked most of the jazzy stuff from Kanno, not so much the post-rock.

    1. OK so the OST has two more songs that deserve mention – No One’s Home and Tenderly and Yin’s Piano. That’s all.

      And I stand by my anime verdict.

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