Cisco’s Valentine’s Day Gift

Cisco’s Valentine’s Day Gift
I hate all that Youtube embedding shit. Somehow it always manages to reset itself after I edit the post a few times, so I have to regen the code and paste it back in here, so here’s a link. So what if my ‘readers staying on this page vs. readers following outgoing links’ ratio is 1:1000?

EDIT: Obligatory image to spice up my blog… I sure could use some chicken right about now.

4 thoughts on “Cisco’s Valentine’s Day Gift”

  1. DUDE that’s not my monitor man, I’m not THAT sad!
    I installed a Trad.Chinese version of Memories Off before, never played it, deleted it later. That count?
    Yeah, efx2 is my old place. Keith lost most of my posts when he changed the entire backend. Not funny, had to go to

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