November’s Challenge: Being Social Every Day

November’s challenge was to have something social going on every day. The girlfriend counts, seeing friends and colleagues counts, but I shouldn’t have one day where I’m not seeing anybody at all.

To fill in all those gaps, I went to coding Meetups, events at the Factory, or otherwise just did cold approach again.

I also went out to some shops and asked the workers there what the hardest part of their job is (thanks Neville Medhora). Apparently if you’re a saleswoman in a store, the hardest part is standing for 8 hours a day. Other than that, they seemed to be pretty happy with their jobs because it was like going to school with their friends. If you’re a cashier the main problem is boredom.

The biggest benefit came from the Django Users Meetup, where I learned many new things and libraries, heard of Django Under the Hood, and learned how other people get their gigs (mostly referrals, which means being plugged in socially).

Mostly because of that, I figure I should also maintain a higher level of social interaction in December as well. December should be spent trying out app development but I’m not very pumped up about it. I’ll just stick it out for this month, hopefully it bears fruit.

I finally found out why peanuts give me acne

Simply put: omega 6 fats. The omega 6:omega 3 ratio in peanuts is 2600:1 (wikipedia), which is crazy high compared to others!

Peanuts make me grow pustules. I didn’t know why before so I just avoided them, but while reading Chris Kresser’s podcast transcript on essential fatty acids and why you should take fish oil, I thought:

  • hmm, Chris Kresser says modern diseases are inflammatory in nature
  • and I heard Dr. Brett Osborn say that too in his book Get Serious.
  • Acne is obviously inflammatory
  • and peanuts should have fat too, because I do know peanut butter has lots of fat!

So I should probably check the omega ratio…

Domain move from to

Although I haven’t been blogging that much recently (been focused on real life), I found that I had so much content on my old blog that it was kinda silly to just leave it there.

Bit by bit, the few useless blog posts from long ago built up into something rather useful – if only to see my mental state back then

It also helps search engine traffic for this blog. Apparently many people found my blog by searching for Ellen Fein’s The Rules – I wrote two articles on why they sucked, although these days I’m sure I can explain why much better.

My Immense VN Backlog Depresses Me

I’ve just been to Accany’s blog, where he seems to blog about new visual novels that he completes… every week or so!??? DAMN he can’t have much to do these days.

And I just learned that recently Kara no Shoujo, another visual novel from Innocent Grey who made Cartagra, was released. Instead of making me delighted, this depressed me to no end. Depressed, because it’s been 4 years since I started Ever17, and I haven’t even finished it yet! I downloaded Cartagra, got the Chinese patch for Cartagra as well as the patch for Nagomibako. And I haven’t even gotten past the first scene, which shows some woman burying some corpse in the snow (I remember being amazed at how many paragraphs of text I had to burn through to actually comprehend what was going on!). And to think, I bought original copies (fancy ritchan doing that!) of Remember11 Limited Edition and 12Riven, and I haven’t even INSTALLED them! And there’s also Never7. And there’s G Senjou no Maou, which was fully translated into Chinese (albeit with a very sparse QC).

If there’s one thing I learned from playing G Senjou in Chinese, it’s that good translations are hard to come by, especially in English, where I think No Name Losers is doing a terrific job. Also, getting it in Chinese practically guarantees that I won’t take the time to read it, because after 8 years of not actively using Chinese, reading traditional Chinese characters gives me a headache. Especially with a deep story like G Senjou – I didn’t even attempt Cartagra precisely because my Chinese sucked. In fact, I’m seriously considering learning Japanese instead just for the VNs – fancy that, a Chinese forsaking his own language for Japanese! There’s only so many languages you can really be fluent at anyway. Polyglots can’t possibly exist.

At the moment, it seems Cartagra, G Senjou and Kara no Shoujo are being translated into English. I’m sure the Chinese have already finished translating Kara no Shoujo, but I really can’t be bothered to check. And that’s the real reason why I’m so depressed – because my Chinese has fallen so far behind.

Making Money Online

It’s been a long time since I posted on this blog. The fact is, I’ve been busy. Once I started doing homework again, I realized that I was actually a very busy person. You see, I started another blog. Its purpose is to become really popular. If it doesn’t achieve that within a year or two… well, I don’t know, I suppose I’ll figure it out then. Thing is, there’s a lot of shit that goes into attracting traffic to your site. Not only that, I plan to make other static websites that will also rake in the readers. I also would like to finish Sengoku Rance again. I’ve been using SpoilerAL a lot so I can recruit all the commanders before the Demon Army enters the equation.

The aim, ladies and gentlemen, is to become like Danny Choo. But, of course, without living in Japan and without the benefit of fluent Japanese. So what’s a poor student like me to do? I hope I’ll be able to show you in a few months. I don’t expect to rake it all in through one website like Danny, but then again, I did accomplish the goal of getting a PS3 and a Syncmaster F2380 way before Christmas, so I have some faith in myself.

Behind the Blog

It’s fucking hot in my room again, and you know why. No, it’s not girls, it’s my IBM Intellistation doing a good job cooling itself with its 6 fans. 5 months after I bought it and I’m STILL having trouble finding something to stress those POWER4+ CPUs. Scratch that, I haven’t even run a 3D app on it yet, even with my top of the line GXT6500Ps. It’s amazing it pushes out this much heat even when it’s idle.

Speaking of my room, that’s what I came online to talk about. I’ll have to get out of the dorm residence before the end of the month. Yes, I have lots of shit going on, the least of which is my electronics exam which occurs in ~36 hours.

And I’m still waltzing around with Josef Strauss’s Dynamiden Walzer, typing this shit out on my blog. Good thing my parents don’t know about this blog.

And may I add, Disgaea is the first game to make me spend more than 80 hours (EDIT: WRONG, Final Fantasy 8 was the first, I totally forgot about it. It’s a real weird feeling when you don’t remember anything about the game you were playing but suddenly you find a save state right before you fight the Ultima Weapon and you find all your characters at Level 100). Each time I go to the Item World to level up an item, I get at least 6 more items. That must be why. But it’s a real pity Disgaea 2 PSP requires FW 5.55. Let’s hope the 6.00 MAC FW is real and comes out before Persona 3 PSP does, because if it doesn’t I’m seriously gonna kill somebody. I need more Persona!

Always Bring a Camera when you go Places

I missed so many good shots. Hamburg’s Elbe river was really beautiful at night, there was this really hot bronze French chick with her not so hot friends at the Jugendherberge (I’m so proud that I mustered up the courage to talk to them, even though it didn’t go anywhere), and I just saw a bunch of Arabs with a veritable MOUNTAIN of french fries at McD.

EDIT: Oh, and is blocked by the WLAN in Dubai Airport. In fact, they block a lot of shit, especially all the proxy websites. As a reaction, I downloaded Tor, too lazy to try it out though.


pixiv girls collection arrived! also, Ga-Rei Zero

It is one paper chunk of awesome. pireze says this book has a lot of illustrations for the money, but after going through it I still wish it had more. I would love to show you guys pictures, but the CCD in my digital camera seems to be broken. Content yourselves with a picture of what appears to be my desk instead:

Again, pixiv is awesome.

Ga-Rei Zero didn’t seem like much at first, but Yomi’s transformation grabbed me by the balls… and seemed to slacken its grip later on. Nevertheless, my balls still hurt. This anime got itself lodged in my brain and doesn’t seem to be coming out anytime soon.

Exams are Over

22:59 < Avisch> digi CONTROL YOUR ANGER
22:59 <~digiwombat> You suck
22:59 < Avisch> and don’t boot for that
22:59 < manga> not that I know of
22:59 -!- Avisch was kicked from #dasaku by digiwombat [Avisch] 22:59 -!- Avisch [~] has joined #dasaku
22:59 < Avisch> I love this channel

22:59 < manga> I might suck at spelling but
22:59 < manga> not anything else
23:00 <~digiwombat> Except dicks
23:00 <~digiwombat> OSNAP

Exams are over, and to celebrate, I ordered the pixiv girls’ collection artbook over HimeyaShop. It’s the first time I’ve bought from them, and I won’t have more than 10 days to receive the item in Germany. With shipping that costs an arm and a leg, I sure hope it arrives within a week.

I asked a girl for her permission to photograph her, and she said no… but something tells me I should persist. Is persistence a virtue with girls? I have no clue.

Apparently there are a lot of things one must do to leave this country. One must lock down his bank account, any other accounts like insurance, gym membership, anything that takes money automatically from your account, and then, if one lives in a rural city like me, one must find out how to get to the airport which is half a day away by train.

Also, I need to get my Koss Portapro fixed, but I can’t for the life of me navigate’s website. I navigated it well enough when buying, so why can’t I do the same for warranty?