Siemens Z 3.0 (VSZ31455) – I review a Vacuum Cleaner!

Have you ever noticed that when you want to buy something unsexy, like household appliances, there are never any good reviews for them? There are tons of reviews for sexy things like smartphones, monitors, even clothing, but nothing for the humble vacuum cleaner, or say, the kettle.

It’s ridiculous that it’s so hard to make an informed decision on something so essential – the only thing you have is the number of positive Amazon reviews, and even that can be bought.

So today I’m going to review a vacuum cleaner.

It’s just a normal vacuum cleaner, why am I reviewing it?

I decided for a Siemens because there were a lot of positive reviews on Amazon (surprise). Right off the bat you have to choose from at least 7 different variants like the VS06A11x, VS06B11x, VSZ3whatever… I chose mine because it was the cheapest variant with a HEPA filter.

In fact, I don’t think there’s any difference between those aforementioned variants except for the filter. They just swap out a thin piece of white fabric, say it has a better filter, and voila new variant. Of course less air flows through it so they have to give it a lower efficiency rating then.

I don’t think Siemens itself even manufactures the actual thing – my girlfriend has a Bosch vacuum cleaner that looks just like it. So much for brand power.

Anyway, I really like the vacuum cleaner – thanks to very small details which I noticed over the past year.

The Retractable Electric Cord Strength

Ever had to reach somewhere then have the electric cord restrict you – then you have to bend down and pull more cord out of the vacuum cleaner? In this one you can just pull on the vacuum hose, and the unit will follow obediently, the electric cord will come out on its own.

In another cheapo unit I had to use, you couldn’t do that – the electric plug would come out of the socket first. Or the vacuum hose would break – it was that strong.

This is by far the feature I appreciate the most.

Pole Storage Grooves

The groove for the vacuuming pole

There are little grooves in the vacuum cleaner for holding the telescoping pole vertically so when you store it, you don’t have to prop the tall pole up against the wall. Keeps it neat, self contained and tidy.

The attachments aren’t that useful except for the restrictive one.

I had a long, shaggy carpet from IKEA which it did have some trouble getting hair out of. But given enough passes it would get the job done. I think this is normal for all vacuum cleaners.

HEPA doesn’t seem that useful. After a few months the vacuum bag had a bad smell, and the HEPA filter certainly didn’t help. It didn’t filter much either – this is the HEPA filter after a year’s usage.

This is after a year of vacuuming. Not very dirty.
I like how simple it is. Everything you can mess with under one flap.

I bet you could fit the HEPA filter onto a cheapo VS0611x variant. The filter attachment system seems to be the same.

It’s not loud – but the expensive ones from Miele that cost 150EUR are quieter.

So I think this is a pretty good vacuum cleaner. If I were in a bad mood and had to vacuum my room, this would do the job, and not make me more annoyed. Sounds simple, but in fact it takes quite a bit of effort to make a tool that just gets out of the way.