Sucking away my time. My latest project is connecting my two cave homes (soon to be three) with a glass superhighway. I just hope those creepers don’t explode on it.
BTW, MCEdit is a very buggy and slow program. And its guesses as to which block I want to select, especially in brush mode, are retarded.

Another Century’s Episode: R and Code Geass????!!!!

Did my eyes just deceive me, or you can pilot Suzaku’s Lancelot and Karen’s Guren Nishiki in Another Century’s Episode: R for the PS3!?? With the flight upgrades! And you can pit it against the VF-25s from Macross F!!!!

Oh, sadly, you can’t pilot the awesome Gawain that totally pwned everything in the end of the first Code Geass season… you can pilot the Shinkirou, although I must admit by then Geass R2 had degenerated into a teenage drama.

They cut Turn A Gundam out of ACE: R, but I don’t think the Turn A would’ve won against these babies though.

EDIT: OMG OMG OMG Macross Zero, my first Macross!! And Sousei no Aquarion! I’ll have to rewatch all of that. And Full Metal Panic too, were there any mechs in that? I only remember this cute white haired chick…

Satoshi Kon’s dead?!

Of all places, I found this at gg’s blog. The twitter that it refers to says something about a “gan”, sounds like the liver to me. Kon directed Perfect Blue (fucking awesome), Millenium Actress (almost as awesome), Magnetic Rose (psych-awesome), Tokyo Godfathers (was ok), Paprika (totally fucked up), and some others which I haven’t watched.

I will miss him.

Amagami SS

I'd be freaked too if a guy asked permission to kiss me

The latest episode of Amagami SS, which I have been following since its introduction because I empathize with the male protagonist, has shown just how far the men, or should I say males of Japan have regressed.

Coincidentally, I no longer empathize with the protagonist.

You see, there was a back of the knee kissing scene. And I might have watched it and said “wow maybe I should try that” if he hadn’t begged and pleaded for it, and compared himself to a fucking dog. As a result, I facepalmed through the entire scene and I don’t remember a thing. I’m even ill-disposed to watch that scene again because it might just turn me into as big of a wuss as he was.

Then to top matters off, Morishima-senpai has never heard of playing hard to get. I mean, it’s the 3rd episode in. You might think that knee kissing might come later, and of course, every girl wants to make it publicly known that she is your underling whom you must feed by hand. In the 3rd episode.

No, I mustn’t get my hopes up. As Divine at Random Curiosity said, this must be why 3D girls are declining in popularity in Japan. I gotta get myself there and get some of that poon before the “males” of Japan wake up and realize that relying on anime fantasies is bad.

Sakura Taisen 4!!!! for PC!!!!

Heh heh heh… it seems just a few years ago simplified Chinese versions of Sakura Taisen were non-existent, and now guess what, I’m downloading Sakura Taisen 1-4 all in simplified Chinese! Of course, I already played 1-3 in traditional Chinese, but it never hurts to play ST again.

Of these, Sakura Taisen 4 seems to have the most draconian copy protection scheme – although of course, it was easily cracked. Even when cracked, though, Starforce still pops up and “checks” the DVD, forcing you to wait several years before the game actually starts. And I had to restart to install this computerized version of herpes on my laptop, too. The game won’t even let me take screenshots of the main menu, although it lets me take up to 128 screenshots when the game is actually playing. I think I’ll install FRAPS just to take a screenshot of the menu, just to stick it to them (even though there’s nothing interesting there, just an option to load your finished routes from ST1-3).

But of course, it’s gonna be worth it in the end. It’s Sakura Taisen after all. Observe:


And it seems Orihime’s Japanese accent hasn’t gotten any better.
The play in this one sounds like a great setup for Subete wa Umi e – will I hear it? Please?
Ah, the play is actually called Les Miserables


If you remember I was the one who uploaded the 192kbps version of the ST CSB 2002-2006 first. It held me (and a lot of other people too i imagine) over until the 320kbps version was uploaded by a commenter.

And thanks to a kind guy on Hongfire: just get the torrent here and help upload.

EDIT: It’s not lossless at all – in fact, it seems to be the 192kbps mp3 rip that I posted up here. Connection’s unreliable at the moment so check the screenshots on Hongfire instead.

Idolm@ster SP

I’ve been playing Idolm@ster SP Missing Moon over the weekend (Heavy Rain is just so depressing that I have to play lots of Idolmaster to make up for it). I’d post screenshots and a video of me saying “it’s better than being stark naked” to Chihaya, but my main computer’s borked.

I pause a lot during the game because my Japanese reading isn’t that fast, and the game always auto advances quickly. It also helps with the puzzles, although I must say the one where you have to use the PSP’s nub to control the pointer is the most horrible minigame ever.

It’s a very fun game, though. Once you get over whatever snobbishness you have against manufactured pop. And, as a classically trained music snob, I think that speaks volumes when I say that My Best Friend is a very catchy song.

And… I have finished Final Fantasy XIII!!!!

I didn’t take my time with this one. Finishing the game in 64 hours over a span of 8 days – damn that was hardcore. In contrast, the first Final Fantasy I finished, 5, I played over a span of a month or two – took a break just before the final boss to play FF6 and marvel at its graphics (I’d only been playing really ugly 8bit games before, even though the PS2 was already out), and just before I finished FF6 I went back to FF5 and finished it.

It must be because my parents aren’t around this time. That and I’d actually paid good, hard money for my PS3 60GB and the game instead of downloading it. Although I played so hard, though, I’m still no where near to toppling a Adamantoise yet, let alone a Long Gui. Still, the Titan’s Trials are so easy, I’m afraid I might unlock the Long Guis before I even kill one Adamantoise.

I’ll post something useful next time.

EDIT: TROPHY GLITCH!!! I REPEAT: TROPHY GLITCH! They still haven’t fixed that. And I don’t think they ever will.

Final Fantasy 13 rocks!

Anybody with a PS3 should buy this game. That goes for rollchan too. Oh, and Heavy Rain is on the way! I’d give you guys some videos but I have no idea how to capture video from a PS3.

It’s been exactly a week since I got this game, and I’ve clocked 53 hours already. Hardcore yes? But I still die immediately when I touch adamantoises, which is too bad – once you get a taste of the three platinum ingots Bhakti gives you (450k gil) there’s no going back. Plus they even drop Trapezohedrons, worth 2 million gil each.

I’ve played a lot of Final Fantasies, but this is the first one in which gil really matters near the end of the game. In other FFs you get money from monsters, so by the end you buy 99 Phoenix Downs just to look good even though you use Life 2 instead. And also this is the first FF game in which I’ve seen more than 5 Game Overs. The enemies on Gran Pulse are hard.

I wasted about 6 of the last 53 hours trying to figure out how to get the Growth Egg. Turns out I was looking at the wrong Cieth stone in Oerba…