Another Century’s Episode: R and Code Geass????!!!!

Did my eyes just deceive me, or you can pilot Suzaku’s Lancelot and Karen’s Guren Nishiki in Another Century’s Episode: R for the PS3!?? With the flight upgrades! And you can pit it against the VF-25s from Macross F!!!!

Oh, sadly, you can’t pilot the awesome Gawain that totally pwned everything in the end of the first Code Geass season… you can pilot the Shinkirou, although I must admit by then Geass R2 had degenerated into a teenage drama.

They cut Turn A Gundam out of ACE: R, but I don’t think the Turn A would’ve won against these babies though.

EDIT: OMG OMG OMG Macross Zero, my first Macross!! And Sousei no Aquarion! I’ll have to rewatch all of that. And Full Metal Panic too, were there any mechs in that? I only remember this cute white haired chick…

Sakura Taisen 4!!!! for PC!!!!

Heh heh heh… it seems just a few years ago simplified Chinese versions of Sakura Taisen were non-existent, and now guess what, I’m downloading Sakura Taisen 1-4 all in simplified Chinese! Of course, I already played 1-3 in traditional Chinese, but it never hurts to play ST again.

Of these, Sakura Taisen 4 seems to have the most draconian copy protection scheme – although of course, it was easily cracked. Even when cracked, though, Starforce still pops up and “checks” the DVD, forcing you to wait several years before the game actually starts. And I had to restart to install this computerized version of herpes on my laptop, too. The game won’t even let me take screenshots of the main menu, although it lets me take up to 128 screenshots when the game is actually playing. I think I’ll install FRAPS just to take a screenshot of the menu, just to stick it to them (even though there’s nothing interesting there, just an option to load your finished routes from ST1-3).

But of course, it’s gonna be worth it in the end. It’s Sakura Taisen after all. Observe:


And it seems Orihime’s Japanese accent hasn’t gotten any better.
The play in this one sounds like a great setup for Subete wa Umi e – will I hear it? Please?
Ah, the play is actually called Les Miserables

Idolm@ster SP

I’ve been playing Idolm@ster SP Missing Moon over the weekend (Heavy Rain is just so depressing that I have to play lots of Idolmaster to make up for it). I’d post screenshots and a video of me saying “it’s better than being stark naked” to Chihaya, but my main computer’s borked.

I pause a lot during the game because my Japanese reading isn’t that fast, and the game always auto advances quickly. It also helps with the puzzles, although I must say the one where you have to use the PSP’s nub to control the pointer is the most horrible minigame ever.

It’s a very fun game, though. Once you get over whatever snobbishness you have against manufactured pop. And, as a classically trained music snob, I think that speaks volumes when I say that My Best Friend is a very catchy song.

And… I have finished Final Fantasy XIII!!!!

I didn’t take my time with this one. Finishing the game in 64 hours over a span of 8 days – damn that was hardcore. In contrast, the first Final Fantasy I finished, 5, I played over a span of a month or two – took a break just before the final boss to play FF6 and marvel at its graphics (I’d only been playing really ugly 8bit games before, even though the PS2 was already out), and just before I finished FF6 I went back to FF5 and finished it.

It must be because my parents aren’t around this time. That and I’d actually paid good, hard money for my PS3 60GB and the game instead of downloading it. Although I played so hard, though, I’m still no where near to toppling a Adamantoise yet, let alone a Long Gui. Still, the Titan’s Trials are so easy, I’m afraid I might unlock the Long Guis before I even kill one Adamantoise.

I’ll post something useful next time.

EDIT: TROPHY GLITCH!!! I REPEAT: TROPHY GLITCH! They still haven’t fixed that. And I don’t think they ever will.

Final Fantasy 13 rocks!

Anybody with a PS3 should buy this game. That goes for rollchan too. Oh, and Heavy Rain is on the way! I’d give you guys some videos but I have no idea how to capture video from a PS3.

It’s been exactly a week since I got this game, and I’ve clocked 53 hours already. Hardcore yes? But I still die immediately when I touch adamantoises, which is too bad – once you get a taste of the three platinum ingots Bhakti gives you (450k gil) there’s no going back. Plus they even drop Trapezohedrons, worth 2 million gil each.

I’ve played a lot of Final Fantasies, but this is the first one in which gil really matters near the end of the game. In other FFs you get money from monsters, so by the end you buy 99 Phoenix Downs just to look good even though you use Life 2 instead. And also this is the first FF game in which I’ve seen more than 5 Game Overs. The enemies on Gran Pulse are hard.

I wasted about 6 of the last 53 hours trying to figure out how to get the Growth Egg. Turns out I was looking at the wrong Cieth stone in Oerba…

On Valkyria Chronicles

I'd put a screenshot here, but I can't get one because the PS3 isn't hacked
I'd put a screenshot here, but I can't get one because the PS3 isn't hacked

I hate this game. As manga can confirm, I spend most nights playing Valkyria Chronicles till late in the morning, as he does with Agarest Senki (what’s so great about that game anyway). I hate how it gets under my skin and makes me go “OK, I’ll just ace the Barious Desert again so I can level up my Shocktroopers, flamethrowers here I come!” and how it always pulls me away from my homework.

But the worst part is that you don’t even get the full game when you purchase it. No, you gotta pay extra to download shit like Hard Mode and Edy’s report from the PSN Store. Which is absolutely stupid. Which makes me even dumber because I know I’m gonna buy them all anyway. Gotta have me my complete Valkyria Chronicles experience!

Good thing Valkyria Chronicles 2 is for the PSP, so I can PIRATE it and regain some of the money, if not time, lost playing this game.

EDIT: I just noticed that the last 5 posts or so were all about my PS3. Damn, I should get a life!

PS3 bliss

I just had an experience of PS3 bliss, where I took my friend’s monitor, bought a HDMI-DVI cable and RCA-3.5mm minijack Y-cable, and spent over 40 hours this weekend on my PS3.

Of course, all this had to come at a price. I didn’t get any homework done, and when breakfast came around I realized I had bought buttermilk instead of milk, thereby totally wasting my cereal. I ate it anyway, wouldn’t do that again.

Valkyria Chronicles: OH YES BABY, this was fun. I’m at chapter 8 now, but I really need to cool off on this game. It’s quite fun.

Persona 4: well it got conquered by Valkyria Chronicles. Sorry. But it does run way better on my PS3 than on PCSX2.

Dead or Alive 2: I have no idea how to do combos with Ayane. Will have to learn.

Uncharted: what? I had that game?

No screen, no fun

Sup guys. So you probably thought ritchan was on a two week honeymoon with his PS3, playing Uncharted and Valkyria Chronicles, perhaps even trying out Ratchet and Clank, waiting fervently for his genuine copy of Persona 4 to arrive from the UK, and trying to budget for FFXII at the same time.

Nope, no such luck.

You see, on the day I got it, my friend’s TV gave up the ghost after about 6 hours. So I was left with a PS3 and a non-working television. And, after I went to my other friends’ places and plugged my PS3 in, about 20GBs of PS2 ISOs that didn’t work except for Rez and FFX. Come to think of it, a PS2 Slim was 3 times cheaper than a PS3, and if we include the games, infinitely cheaper. Oh well, I’ll definitely get that in December then.

So what am I left with? Next month, trying hard as hell to sell off my RISC workstation stuff in order to afford a lovely little Samsung Syncmaster F2380. Oh, I did my research. Dell 2209WA, eIPS panel, yadda yadda. But the fact remains that PS3 Linux doesn’t do 1680×1050, and the 2209WA just doesn’t display black that well.

I’ve been playing Pokemon Gold and Advance Wars 2 on my PSP instead. Good old faithful, even lets me play downloaded games!!!!! Speaking of which, Beaterator is fun. If you have even the slightest interest in electronic music, play it. God of War for PSP is also a nice introduction to the God of War series. I’m gonna wait for the God of War Collection for PS3 to get jiggy with 1 and 2, of course. Yggdra Union’s the same as it was on GBA, except that the graphics don’t look as pixelated and I gain morale when I level up.

USBLD 0.2b method for PS2 ISOs on PS3

Final Fantasy X International NTSC: doesn’t work
Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore NTSC: doesn’t work
Rez: works, B&W
Oneechanbara (Zombie Hunters) PAL: doesn’t work
OKAMI NTSC: doesn’t work
Odin Sphere PAL: doesn’t work
Persona 3 FES/4 NTSC: doesn’t work
Final Fantasy 12 NTSC: works for the first second, screen doesn’t update after that

God I’m so discouraged. I need to get OpenUSBLD 0.4 working on the PAL PS3 ASAP.

EDIT: Final Fantasy 10 PAL works, AWESOME! but FMV stutters really badly. It’s just too bad, it looks like I’ll have to buy the originals after all.

PS3 買った!!やった!!!

I was so impressed with the pictures on this eBay article that I bought it on the spot. Of course, they omitted the rear, which might mean that the rear has some horrible scratches on it, but it doesn’t matter. I missed the earlier auction of a USA 60GB PS3, which was snapped up before somebody bought my Intellistation.
Having 5 PS2 games to test it with and Ratchet and Clank isn’t a bad deal either, the game got quite good reviews. I look forward to loading Swap Magic 3.6+/3.8 on it and playing Oneechanbara/Oneechanpon!

Well, all things told, that was way easier than I thought. I just sell a IBM Intellistation for about 340EURs, and I buy this for 328EURs. I mean, an Intellistation POWER 275 doesn’t usually fetch more than 250 on eBay. Granted, I still have to fix the Intellistation up for shipping and actually call the shippers over to ship it away, but I was expecting it to be a little more… dramatic, climactic than this. Oh well, I get one, and with that I can finally play Xenosaga without watching a slideshow on PCSX2.

Now, I just need to get a screen. Yes, I know, shoulda bought the screen first, yadda yadda, I’ll just plug it into my friend’s TV.