Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody

Like a true Haruhi fan (albeit one who only discovered the first season while it was on its last week) I downloaded the raw of Bamboo Leaf even though my Japanese wasn’t quite up to the task.

Well, actually, it was. It’s just when Yuki popped up on the screen and started spouting lots of weird jargon that I said “fuck this” and quit Media Player Classic. I think even a 4 year old could have understood the stuff that went on between Kyon and Mikuru. Truly, the easiest way to learn basic Japanese is to watch lots of harem comedies involving love situations. Those don’t need much Japanese to get their point across, thus giving you a hint as to what the words mean.

Anyway, a proper sub is being downloaded as I speak. Could this be the anime to look forward to since Code Geass ended?

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

I marathoned this series in 4 days, and my eyes hurt like hell. I must say, though, they don’t make anime like this anymore. How did Gundam/Macross garner more fame over this series I have no idea.
Anyway. Set in ~7000 A.D. (see if you can figure that out for yourself) mankind has figured out how to warp, thus making space travel a practical proposition. Two nations, the Galactic Empire and Free Planets Alliance, have been battling each other ever since they first met 300 years prior. The characters (there are no protagonists) in this anime are diverse, interesting and well-developed except perhaps for Oberstein – even Ulrich, who doesn’t garner much screen time later on, gets a whole episode to himself. As the story was written by a novelist (Dr. Yoshiki Tanaka), it is compellingly interesting and spans a couple thousand years, each millenia being thoroughly developed… well, as far as one needs to know in this anime. The animation – well, it is okay, it’s from the 80s after all, gets the job done, depicts Iserlohn well, although it would be interesting to see some Thor Hammer action with the more flashy effects from contemporary anime. The music is basically classical pieces, mostly symphonies/concertos. Schubert, Beethoven, Rachmaninov (whose Piano Concerto No. 3 was inserted rather awkwardly in a lovey-dovey scene between Julian and Karin), Debussy (Syrinx solo, Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp), some piano solo that could only have been written by Chopin, and lots of Tchaikovsky. Most of the time there is no music, it seems like it’s only reserved for important events like battles and Reinhardt reading about the past Kaisers of the Goldenbaum Dynasty.
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Crunchyroll Selling Out

So after a two week hiatus, I go to Crunchyroll to resume my Legend of Galactic Heroes (no other anime holds my interest even after two weeks of not watching it, not even Code Geass) and find that it’s totally changed.

Some people say it’s selling out. Most people are just going with the flow, if the forums are any indication. But what I thought, as soon as I clicked on the Galaxy Express 999 and it said ‘not available in your region’ was that this is a big step backwards as a whole and defeats the whole point of making Crunchyroll a website that streams anime.

The artificial measures to get people to pay CR weren’t even this bad. After all, I never watched Naruto/Gintama, and with that many episodes, I wouldn’t mind being merely one week behind. The anime index, with its annoying habit of not telling you which titles have no videos available, was very forgettable once I found a series to watch. And if push came to shove, I could always download it from elsewhere.

Which is what I’m getting at here: it’s much easier to navigate away from CR to, say, lolipower or Tokyotosho and download the latest episode than walk home from the local DVD store and then go to lolipower or Tokyotosho. Thanks to its new affiliation with more established entities, CR now has many of the drawbacks of physical media distribution, such as shitty artificial mechanisms to prevent Ethiopians from watching your videos (what the hell is the point of regions anyway, especially online), waiting a few days to watch an episode of a popular series (which can only be bad news for CR’s popularity), the fact that you have to (ahem) pay, and now, with their brave move of removing all user-uploaded videos, very few choices. Okay so the last one can be somewhat mitigated – with time in the order of a few years, if common sense is to be relied upon. But I find it unlikely that studios (some of which don’t even exist anymore, or have gone out of the animation field) would want to, perhaps, dig up some of their older classics for CR. I mean, why the fuck? Give me one good reason to not ignore this email from some website I’ve never heard about.

LoGH might stand a chance of coming back within 2 weeks – unlike most anime from the 80s, there actually is an official website – but even if it does, I’m gonna download from lolipower instead. Oh, and Kimagure Orange Road? Hmm… don’t get your hopes up. Miyuki? hmmm… you can win a free account on my blog if Miyuki comes back within the year. Lupin III TV? hah… don’t even think of it.

So there you have it. Bye Crunchyroll! It was fun while it lasted.

Catching up with the Anime Classics

Since it’s now Christmas break and I can’t download in my dorm, I’ve been raping the school’s internet connection at speeds of 1.8MB/s as you saw earlier for pretty much everything I should watch in my life, according to the number of times something gets mentioned while I browse the internet.

1. Infinite Ryvius
Well actually, the first time I had heard of this was when I looked at animeacademy’s top 90-100% scored anime.  In any case, I had never read Lord of the Flies, so this looked like a great chance to brush up before I actually read the book. And boy it was a ride, mostly because each episode was a cliffhanger. That and the relationships between everyone on Ryvius – I couldn’t predict anything at all, it was really… everything was spanking new. I’ll have to rewatch this later. 1999 Sunrise… so they made this right after Cowboy Bebop, eh? Good way to continue, I guess.

2. Kare Kano
For some reason this seems to be the anime everybody is thinking about when they talk about ‘romance comedy’, so I gave this 5.8GB mammoth a chance. Holy shit this anime is like the biggest shot of coke I’ve had since Ouran High School Host Club. It’s impossible not to relate to these onion-layered people (the onion metaphor is a bit too widely used, perhaps I should say expensive wedding cake or petticoat, or a really large Photoshop .psd file), even if you haven’t experienced some of this yourself. In any case, you come out of each episode feeling better about life, and suddenly you don’t feel that much jealousy towards the boyfriend of that couple over there anymore. I’ve never seen anything like this out of Gainax. I had no idea they were capable of this. This anime rocks. It’s right up there with Ouran. And that is very high. And here’s the best part – I’m only 11 episodes in.

More C73 NEET!!!!! And C74 too

I know, this has been a long time in the making. 7 months, actually. I just wanted time to really get familiar with the albums. As you can see, some I’m familiar with while others not so.
[NEET] [Album] (2006-12-31) ALiCE’S EMOTiON – ATOMIC RAY (C71) (AECD-005) [Ogg Vorbis] Damn, that’s a hot cover.

026. REDALiCE – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #01] prelude (UK Hardcore Remix)
027. M-Project – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #02] Mystic Crystals
028. 源屋 – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #03] Unmeasured vast expanse of ocean (hardcore mix)
029. REDALiCE – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #04] Red Wing Monday
030. テクネチウム – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #05] Terras Makina
031. REDALiCE – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #06] Darkmatter
032. Thanatos – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #07] The Decisive Battle (Coming Out Remix)
033. fang – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #08] Bloods
034. Alabaster – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #09] Bab-il
035. REDALiCE – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #10] Schranz Fantasy
036. M-Project – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #11] Forever
037. t+pazolite – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #12] against Gilgamesh
038. REDALiCE – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #13] Nova La
039. 羽鳥風画 – [ATOMIC RAY CD1/1 #14] Eternal Fantasy

This album is actually from C71. Whatever, it says ‘Hyper Clubmix Style “Final Fantasy Old Series” Arrange Album’ so it must be good. Plus, look at all those fairies. And DAMN, IT’S MINAMOTOYA AGAIN!!! WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!
Red Wing Monday is groovy, something you wouldn’t expect from the original tune. It isn’t exactly hardcore-fast, though. It’s a laid back, rather groovy take on Red Wings. Pretty cool, I like to think of Cecil dancing to this whenever he defeats some monster in the clouds. And his entire crew bobbing heads to the music. Mmm… maybe I’d like to optimize those vertex movements with some 3DNow – oh look there I go again.

This one is a remix of lots of Seiken Densetsu themes. Seeing as I only played SD3 in English, I didn’t get much out of this, but they sounded pretty good even when I hadn’t played the game.

040. REDALiCE – [Power Raise CD1/1 #01] Opening Story
041. M-Project – [Power Raise CD1/1 #02] Bust The Speaker
042. Alabaster – [Power Raise CD1/1 #03] Underground Darkness
043. ARM – [Power Raise CD1/1 #04] Soul Steels
044. REDALiCE – [Power Raise CD1/1 #05] Crystal City
045. betwixt & between – [Power Raise CD1/1 #06] Kamsheen
046. REDALiCE – [Power Raise CD1/1 #07] DayTrade
047. Thanatos – [Power Raise CD1/1 #08] 4orce Shadow
048. REDALiCE – [Power Raise CD1/1 #09] Seven Heroes
049. RUMBLETRON – [Power Raise CD1/1 #10] Quick Time Chickin
050. REDALiCE – [Power Raise CD1/1 #11] Rhythmic of Passion
051. 源屋 – [Power Raise CD1/1 #12] Gen’s Castle Battle(Minamotrance remix)
052. REDALiCE – [Power Raise CD1/1 #13] Ice Sword
053. t+pazolite – [Power Raise CD1/1 #14] at Last…
054. ALiCE’S EMOTiON – [Power Raise CD1/1 #15] Bonus track

Bust the Speaker, Crystal City, Kamsheen, DayTrade, Rhythmic of Passion are tracks which stand out. Ice Sword sounds good if you don’t know any Japanese, I suppose, but the exoticism wears off when he repeats the same shit all over again. The bonus track was just… bonus… which means it’s good. For a bonus.


055. REDALiCE feat. 三澤秋 – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #1/12] Somnia
056. ELEMENTAS – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #2/12] Vanishing Point
057. REDALiCE feat. 野宮あゆみ – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #3/12] Face to Faith
058. REDALiCE – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #4/12] Volar
059. t+pazolite feat. 鈴木ななこ – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #5/12] ねむれないよ。
060. REDALiCE – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #6/12] Drill Smasher
061. REDALiCE – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #7/12] Thalia
062. REDALiCE feat. 佳織みちる – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #8/12] Last Dance
063. REDALiCE – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #9/12] Locked Girl (Trancecore Remix)
064. Betwixt & Between – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #10/12] the moon from below
065. REDALiCE – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #11/12] Border of Soul
066. REDALiCE – [SCARLET EYES CD1/1 #12/12] taboo tears you up 2008

This is a Touhou remix album. I only keep this because of ONE SONG, which is Locked Girl (Trancecore remix). ELEMENTAS’s Vanishing Point starts out good, reminds me a lot of Sensorica, whom I adore, but it becomes some shitty pop song later. The Last Dance I recognize because it’s from Mountain of Faith, but with shitty vocals.
EDIT: the moon from below is really awesome, it’s better than Locked Girl, see my Angel Rings review.

ALiCE’S EMOTION – SUGURASHI (M3-2006 autumn)

067. ALiCE’S EMOTiON – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #01] Intro
068. REDALiCE – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #02] Green Airplane
069. 源屋 – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #03] Get Last
070. REDALiCE – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #04] Intense Blaze
071. REDALiCE – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #05] s o r a
072. REDALiCE – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #06] Promise
073. REDALiCE – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #07] All Get Down
074. 源屋 – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #08] AirFort-JP Hardcore mix-
075. REDALiCE – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #09] Head Examine
076. REDALiCE – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #10] Funky Light
077. REDALiCE – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #11] you(hardcore remix)
078. REDALiCE – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #12] Green Airplane
079. 源屋 – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #13] AirFort-JP Hardcore mix-
080. REDALiCE – [SUGURASHI CD1/1 #14] s o r a

Finally, some great shit. This album kicks rocks, as the DJ from Cowboy Bebop Music for Freelance would say. It describes itself as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hyper Hardcore Arrange album. Listening to the tracks, I’d say the originals were probably good in their own right as well, since I never played Higurashi (wasn’t translated by mirrormoon yet).
Green Airplane isn’t a hard song to get into, but I have a problem with the melody… it’s too generic techno-ish. Still, that doesn’t hinder me from enjoying it 80% of the time.
Get Last is the one with a real original motif, and awesome vocals without the Engrish that plagues most.
Intense Blaze has a fucking cool melody, it’s simple but the techno totally gets it across. This song is where I start to get high o the album and start shaking my head until my neck breaks.
s o r a is badly placed, it minuses from my high a little bit, but it’s a good song in its own right. I’d like to hear the original.
Promise starts out very good, promises to get my high back. And it does. I feel like I’m on a Hayabusa barreling down the highway with this tune. Very awesome.
All Get Down is so Engrish but it steps up my Hayabusa to 8th gear. And then we have Airfort JP Hardcore mix. FUCK YEAH baby, FUCK YEAH. Head Examine? WTF is that? but my head is bobbing so much at this point that it doesn’t really matter. Funky Light carries on the tradition of kicking ass.
you – hardcore remix would make for a shitty song if it weren’t for the fact that there’s a part in the track where everything calms down and you can hear the crickets chirping (or crying) and that I know this song from the anime. Then we have a few full version tracks at the end.

This album is very different from everybody, the style isn’t consistent. But what’s consistent is the quality.

103. Taishi – [VAGUE IN WINTER 2 CD1/1 #01] goldenslaughterer (Taishi’s VW2 Edit)
104. YR=tune – [VAGUE IN WINTER 2 CD1/1 #02] 光に寄せて
105. qurtel – [VAGUE IN WINTER 2 CD1/1 #03] Cold wintry wind
106. Showcase – [VAGUE IN WINTER 2 CD1/1 #04] cold fault
107. Taishi – [VAGUE IN WINTER 2 CD1/1 #05] The Mom (Taishi Remix)
108. MINA – [VAGUE IN WINTER 2 CD1/1 #06] Crazy Robot(s)
109. ripple – [VAGUE IN WINTER 2 CD1/1 #07] nemeton
110. 飛田翔 – [VAGUE IN WINTER 2 CD1/1 #08] 永遠
111. zts – [VAGUE IN WINTER 2 CD1/1 #09] like stars

goldenslaughterer, as you might imagine is actually from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. It even sounds the part in the beginning… and you get these weird bells. Then it starts building up, and yeah, it fucking jives. This song is eerie and danceable at the same time, it’s just that filled with pure genius. 5:28 KICKS SO MUCH ASS YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE. I’m a sucker for unresolved chords.
Cold Wintry Wind has got lovely bass, I’m also a sucker for lovely bass and unresolved chords combined, with ethereal chimes for toppings. Cold Fault is equally all genius.
Crazy Robot is the one I listen to the most often, because it tells a story, and it’s got good spoken English, and I’m also a sucker for awesome UI tech sounds set to a driving beat, 80s keyboard synths, and sounds of the robot breaking out of wherever it was stationed.
nemeton has something that sounds kinda like a bagpipe, but it’s danceable all the same. Damn, this album is pure genius. 永遠 (which I think means forever, from my Chinese) has a great melody.

I have no clue what to make of this one.

001. kors k – [BOSS ON PARADE REMIXES 〜DJ TECHNORCH meets XXX〜 CD1/1 #01] Schranz K
007. Cardopusher – [BOSS ON PARADE REMIXES 〜DJ TECHNORCH meets XXX〜 CD1/1 #07] Japanese Hardcore (Ichiban is The Real Master of Hardcore Cardopusher Remix)
008. FFF – [BOSS ON PARADE REMIXES 〜DJ TECHNORCH meets XXX〜 CD1/1 #08] BOSS ON PARADE (FFF Rains On Your Parade Mix)
009. Aural Vampire – [BOSS ON PARADE REMIXES 〜DJ TECHNORCH meets XXX〜 CD1/1 #09] BOSS ON PARADE (Aural Vampire’s Blast-O-Matic)
011. Rising Sun Nova – [BOSS ON PARADE REMIXES 〜DJ TECHNORCH meets XXX〜 CD1/1 #11] 私 〜Herre I am〜 (Rising Sun Nova Remix)

kors k is fast gaining a reputation with me for making groovy shit that I dig even though it’s not my favourite genre. Schranz K got me interested in Schranz, and sometimes when I feel like rocking out I put it on really loud, but the bass is distorted (I think flattened) so the bass is never really loud no matter how much I turn it up. It’s hard to explain. It’s good to think of this as a Picasso piece.
BOSS ON PARADE has a nice section, but otherwise I like to think of it as leading up to… 天帝少女 〜UBUME〜 fuck yeah.
BOSS GETS ANGRY – when the boss gets angry, you know it’s time to party, because the groove is on. pa-paaooooooowp. ACID!
私 〜Herre I am〜 (Rising Sun Nova Remix) is the other track I like. Sensorica bass, with unresolved chords, with people wailing in the background. Doesn’t get much better than this.

ALiCE’S EMOTION – Angel Rings (C73)

012. REDALiCE – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #01] Nagisa *intro
013. REDALiCE feat. 佳織みちる – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #02] 鳥の詩 (UK HARDCORE Remix)
014. Technetium – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #03] 青空 (MAKINA MIX 2007)
015. REDALiCE – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #04] Seawater
016. Thanatos – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #05] Nocturne (Contrail Remix)
017. Alabaster – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #06] Reality Haze
018. REDALiCE – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #07] Freeze Highlander
019. Alabaster – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #08] Bright Star
020. REDALiCE – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #09] moon_child
021. 源屋 – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #10] 夏影 (HAPPYHARDCORE MIX)
022. REDALiCE – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #11] MUGEN
023. Thanatos – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #12] Altair And Vega (Balearic Starlight Remix)
024. Atsushi Ohara – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #13] ひとひらの桜 (Ao’s interpretation)
025. REDALiCE feat. 佳織みちる – [Angel Rings CD1/1 #14] 鳥の詩 (Extended mix)

Okay, it’s basically a Key remix album. Which, you know, isn’t too bad, I like the idea, but some songs are just not meant to be techno-ized. Nagisa *intro, Tori no Uta and Aozora just don’t feel good, don’t sound good. Thankfully he gets the point and starts making better shit from Seawater.
Seawater, a remix of Uminari from Sorarad, gets the beat going. It’s not the best, but it’s sure to get you ready for the next song 80% of the time. Plus, the texture in the beginning is thick.
Nocturne (Contrail remix) is what we’re talking about here. This baby gets you rocking in anticipation for the next one Together with Seawater, this gets me rocking 90% of the time. Around the middle of the track, you get some crazy awesome tune going on, which I love, even though I don’t think it’ll sit well with most clubgoers.
Reality Haze is the second best song on this album, no other. Guaranteed to fuck your neck up 100% of the time, this song, the middle section is composed of a very simple motif transposed upwards and downwards, and the melody on top is equally simple – it’s the really fast thing which I don’t know how to describe that gets you pumping and ready to go.
Freeze Highlander is a major cold water bucket on the energy from Reality Haze. It’s okay. But only on its own. moon_child has funky thing going on. But it’s definitely not a dance track.
Minamotoya’s 夏影 (HAPPYHARDCORE MIX) is where the album picks up again. Not the most original topping, but the chords are typical techno, and that’s what this album needs to start picking up after the travesty that was the last two songs.
MUGEN carries it on. MUGEN has this section where a diminished chord plays on with some 6th going on on top, I think, and that part is sheer genius. It’s more like a casual, not so fast dance track.
ひとひらの桜 (Ao’s interpretation) does not belong in this album. It belongs in a single, hence the extra space I put between this song and the rest, signifying that it’s too good for this album. Out of the blue we have this thing that’s the kind of song to make everybody stand in front of the bass, shaking their hair around. This song has so much energy. The diminished melody helps immensely, and when the distorted bass kicks in, it’s just sheer heaven you want to have this playing in a club and you want to stand right in front of the speaker hogging all the sound. Fuck yeah baby, this is the best song of the album. Turns out this song is actually a shitty Hatsune Miku song and I was actually listening to the moon from below from Scarlet Eyes.


217. DJ TEKKA vs 源屋 – [MINAMOTRANCE CORE 斬!!! CD1/1 #1/10] R U Ready -original mix-
218. 源屋 – [MINAMOTRANCE CORE 斬!!! CD1/1 #2/10] Maddness Fucker
219. 源屋 – [MINAMOTRANCE CORE 斬!!! CD1/1 #3/10] Never Wave
220. 源屋 – [MINAMOTRANCE CORE 斬!!! CD1/1 #4/10] Be Your Star -HARDCORE MIX-
221. DJ TEKKA vs 源屋 – [MINAMOTRANCE CORE 斬!!! CD1/1 #5/10] Skip 2 the…-DJ TEKKA vs 源屋remix-
222. 源屋 – [MINAMOTRANCE CORE 斬!!! CD1/1 #6/10] Be Your Star
223. 源屋 feat.野宮あゆみ – [MINAMOTRANCE CORE 斬!!! CD1/1 #7/10] Blue Sky -original extend-
224. kors k – [MINAMOTRANCE CORE 斬!!! CD1/1 #8/10] into the night(kors k mix)
225. nadeco – [MINAMOTRANCE CORE 斬!!! CD1/1 #9/10] Blue Sky(Nightside MAKINA mix)
226. 源屋 – [MINAMOTRANCE CORE 斬!!! CD1/1 #10/10] Bonus Track

As with all CORE albums, this starts off on a solid right foot. R U Ready is fucking awesome, whoever the hell came up with this needs to be rewarded with 40 virgins, I’ve never heard such an awesome beginning to an album before. Maddness Fucker continues the tradition. It’s good, but I haven’t heard it that much. That’s because the main reason I got this album was:
into the night (kors k remix) kors k is now occupying a place in my mind right up there with Minamotoya, who I think wrote into the night. into the night was a fucking backbreaking classic. This baby I can turn up the volume and never be ashamed, no Engrish, awesome thick texture, same old goodness, but with double the texture laid on. Obviously kors k knew what needed to be fixed, and what didn’t. This song is probably the best version of into the night there is. It’s a close run with the alternative breakbeat mix in CORE DUO. This is one song I’ll never get tired of listening to, no matter how many times Minamotoya rehashes this in his future albums. This is a doujin classic.

Anime/eroge locations in R effing L!!!

For the unintiated, that’s real fucking life we’re talking about. Stuff like scenes from Haruhi, stills from Fate/Stay Night, Higurashi, and even H2O are all in this Google Maps page.

For example, who can forget this:

If you don’t know what happened at this bridge, you are a fucking weaboo and you need to be anally penetrated. This is probably the second most captivating scene in Higurashi, behind Shion raping a ladder while Keiichi is standing on top of it (wow, I remember their names! More than I can say for some other characters).

How about this one? If you’ve played F/SN you’d know immediately. I personally remember getting pwned by Rin with her weird black shot, and the next day walking up this very path, with my left hand hurting a little and feeling very funny indeed.

Can anybody say holy fucking shit? The only thing that would have made that part better in F/SN was if you could see up Rin’s skirts.

Remember dating Rin here?

Rin’s house, anybody?

Even Shirou’s house exists! Wow!

Hinamizawa, anybody?

Does KyoAni love to copy RL or what? Thanks to Sankaku Complex for the info! That site is seriously rad. And there’s a lot more where that came from – without pictures, so help the poor guy out!

CLANNAD After Story 10

CLANNAD After Story is the only anime this season that I’ve been watching, from intro, OP, body, ED, and even the preview, I watch every episode fully, every second. Fuck G00, this is the shit. And it just got better.

This episode, we see why this anime is entitled ‘CLANNAD’. Finally. It’s about damn time, since so far CLANNAD has been a harem biased to one girl only. We see Kyou, who by the way is looking even hotter than ever and seems to have lost some of that violent edge to her, Tomoyo, Kotomi, Sunohara… but they all take a back seat to family. This anime seems to be making a point by drawing a very thick, conspicuous line between friends and family. I can’t seem to figure out what, though.

Tomoya seems to be thinking more of Nagisa, dreaming about her more, and I guess that’s probably because he isn’t walking around school with her right beside him. This episode is probably about him trying to distance himself from his family (Nagisa’s) physically, and of course we all know what happens, they’re brought together later by his marriage to Nagisa and Nagisa’s death. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Yoshino did say something that really suited Tomoya and his artificial independence: you’re a kid trying to be an adult.

And what can I say? I’m a kid, and I love being a kid, and frankly I’m just not used to working full hours everyday, just like Tomoya. I had a part time job once, although it’s more like I was working full hours every day. Each day was seriously tiring, but I did get used to it over time. And I never had time left over to spend with my family, no, not even on Sundays, because that’s when the shop got the most customers. Tomoya’s also in a job that doesn’t let up on Sundays, I think.

This episode is thick. This episode is incredible. A turning point. I love CLANNAD all over again. Fuck G00. Fuck Toradora, fuck them all. This anime is the shit.


I watched the OVA I”s Pure through crunchyroll. Usually I just breeze through with the aid of my high-bandwidth internet connection, but this time I stopped and took a closer look because I liked the character designs. And thus I must say, this is the first time I’ve watched an anime just because the art looked good. I got quite tired of his pussy behaviour – not that I think I’m any better, really – must be all those ‘how to grab that girl’ sites I’ve been watching lately, which all advocate the initiative.


However, it redeemed itself rather quickly, because Seto confessed. And not in the last episode, for all you naysayers. Suddenly this took on a rather dramatic tone, and the end was – not what I expected, but it did the job. It did a pretty fine job, as I remember commenting that the first few episodes did not deserve an ending like that. It is weird – how cliché can you get, getting into a life or death situation and thus winning your girl over once and for all? I mean, I’ve seen this everywhere… no, wait a minute, no I haven’t. Crap. What the hell. Well, it did work on me. It actually made the ending good, so I guess I’ll just have to give kudos to a clichéd ending… why am I so hesitant about this?


I”s the manga turned out to be better. Due to its length, I felt like I was actually living with those characters and actively sharing in their experiences. Playing Monte la Rue’s Deluxe 4 while reading was not a mistake either. Just this alone makes the manga much better. The anime now feels like they really extracted the best scenes out of the manga, and passed the result through a couple more filters.


Well, it’s just another harem story… with deep feelings, and deeper than most characters to go with it. A staple of most harem stories is a protagonist that the reader can easily identify with. Ever wonder why? That’s right… that’s because you, a member of the populace who can’t survive without reading this type of manga, are a loser. Just as much of a loser as… I don’t know, I don’t read that many, really. Love Hina, Ichigo 100% and I’’s are the only three I’ve read so far. In any case, most people reading harem stories are losers, and this author definitely knows it.


But it’s special because of deep feelings. The harem exists to create drama… and arousing situations which readers can fap to. I don’t even need to quote any examples. I’’s is no different, except that the protagonist actually considers his feelings for them seriously. For instance, Junpei in Ichigo 100% was in several compromising situations, but all he felt at the time was physical confusion. Seto, after feeling up Izumi/Asou, actually wonders if he can have a relationship with her, since he’s not feeling confident about his other relationship with Iori. And he gets very confused as a result, emotionally and physically too. And he asks Koshinae to straighten it out for him. Then there was Itsuki – and Seto, in his guilt, decided to devote himself to her. I can relate to this very well – I’ve felt the same way. This is the first manga to actually portray that, and thus gets a leg up over Ichigo 100%.

I’d be remiss to consider myself similar to Seto, though. Immediately after finishing the manga, old feelings were dredged up and I got quite depressed. It’s flat out jealousy and regret that I stood aside before. Seto, however, got the girl of his dreams – the next few chapters after Seto confessed in the train were really effective because it really showed that he has been holding it back for a long time. That actually pulled up many feelings within me… what a moment. I stopped the music and went back a few pages just to relive it.
Then again, your mileage may vary if you don’t have the same experience as I do. I’’s is now my favourite manga, displacing Ichigo 100%.

Kanon/AIR Re-feel KSLA 0010