Just finished Chem midterm. I felt like it went over okay, didn’t bleed too much. But after talking with peers after the exam, I found out that leeches on my feet had already sucked out all the points from my midterm.

Estimated mark: 60%.

Today, I finished the weekly Tuesday Math quiz. I’ve been failing these in a spectacular fashion consecutively, but this time it’s different. Why is it different? because I fucking studied, people. I studied.

I still couldn’t get the last question though. I’m not that great at linearization yet.

Estimated mark: 50-70% (hey it used to be 15% before!)

And I just finished my Applied Science 150 case exam. We were tested on mathematical modeling and types of failures. At first I was thinking I did fairly well on it, but after somebody pointed out that you can’t take the distance over velocity and call that the cosine of an angle, it all fell apart. Fuck. Then there was the second question. Everybody interpreted that as writing two features for each type of failure mode prevention, but I interpreted it as writing two features and linking them to the four failure mode prevention types. This was a catastrophic failure, although I did read the question several times, each time coming up with the same impression.

Estimated mark: 60%.

Goodbye scholarship.

Oh, and if I’m not in time for it, goodbye residence too since payment’s been nagging for a while now. Still, it’s not easy to come up with 5000 RM just because some Canadian twerp asks for it, you know?

I posted here a while ago about my friend who had about 7 guys going for her. I asked her a few questions.
me: so uh yeah, i heard you got like 7 guys running after you (break) is this for real?
her: more than that (break) but yea, now I am in a relationship
me: what happened? Plastic surgery?
her: inner beauty.
me: well fuck me sideways (break) is that what they said?
her: so yea…I get to pick this time
me: you seem pretty proud of it
her: I believe in inner beauty. (break) I am what I am (break) simple as that (break)
me: what does that mean?
her: you should know (break) anyway, I have a test and a quiz tomorrow, going to sleep now
me: yeah you sound proud (break) don’t let it get to your head! (nite)
her: you are just jealous (break) nite

I don’t know about you guys, but this conversation is epik.

EDIT: Watched Blue Drop 01. This thing seems to be almost as pointless as Soukou no Strain, except that instead of syncing with that Emily doll, there’s two girls who apparently don’t like each other but grow their relationship throughout the anime. And apparently this is yuri. It’s my first time watching this yuri thing, but AFAI can see it must have a lot to do with angsty spoilt brats for girls. Oh, and the music is above average. Not as in ‘good’, but above average.


I tend to think quite a bit in bed. I wonder if I’ll make it to tomorrow’s Chem lecture at 0800, but I have a few thoughts about friendship here.
.. it’s really not working out as a blog post. And it’s 2am. And I really miss this one girl. Damn I’m weak.

I love discussion!

So what exactly are people saying about my posts on Kenny Sia?

Ah Pek says:
“The best way to give a new blog a good kickstart is to criticize some celebrity blogger”

For someone who has lived a mere 6,570 days, you have really grasps this point well.

But please don’t go “guiding” others when you are still groping to find the way yourself.

I just added another hit to your stats counter. Say Thank You to Kennysia for it, because I doubt i will be back for anymore of your “guidance”.
Suanie says:
what is a blog? A blog is short for ‘web log’. Essentially it means that the blogger who owns the blog can make use of it anyhow you want.

I guess Kenny is an easy target, because of his popularity and perceived worth with thousands of readers etc. It is however unfair, and not anyone’s place to want to ‘guide’ Kenny to the right ideal/direction/utopia of blogging. Because there is no such definition, and honestly there is a lot more to blogging publicly, and not remaining anonymous, and being very known for, than a lot of people think.

You are welcome to your views, of course 🙂 after all, that is how you chose to utilise your own blog
I don’t like smilies.

kate says:
well, as a reader, i haven’t ‘gained’ much from ur criticism of Kenny Sia. Get a life before u hit on others.

etsee says:
so what’s your intention of criticizing some well known blogger?

you happen to crave for the attention he’s having, but just dont know where to start rite? you are just another kennysia wannabe.. but u r far from it dude.

he’s doing in style, and you are moaning hell lot about it. hahah.. what a joke

That’s quite a stomachful there. Here’s what they mean:
1. Your post was totally meaningless and gave me nothing insightful. I only read this because it’s about Kenny Sia.
2. You’re just trying to piggyback on his fame, aren’t you?
a. You’re a joke.
b. You’re attention deprived, and on top of that, you’re helpless.

And somebody called Suanie agreed point by point, though she’s probably implying the same thing (with all those smilies and winkies, I really can’t tell).

At the moment I’m feeling a slight tightness around my chest and throat. It’s probably something called indignation, but let’s try to look at this objectively and see if what they’re saying is true.

1. Your post was totally meaningless and gave me nothing insightful. I only read this because it’s about Kenny Sia.

For me it was a rather useful post. I say this because it generated controversy and forced me to think about the situation at hand. AFAIK, I’m not the only person to write to Kenny Sia about his degenerate blog. But judging from your responses, I seem to be the first to have posted my inner thoughts up for you all to rip and criticize. I can only assume that since you criticize, you had this all figured out in your head in the first place. If so, I am honoured by your comments, and I hope to hear from you again as my world views mature through blogging. (Here’s to you, Ah Pek and Suanie.)

2. You’re just trying to piggyback on his fame, are you?

Kenny did say something on his email about my mindset. If I think that he’s trying to please his readers, then no matter what he posts I’ll always think he’s trying to please his readers again. Even if it’s about that vibrating condom review. So I’ll waste no breath in trying to assure you that really, I’ve had a problem with his blog changing from the start, I’ve blogged multiple times about it, and only this time I’ve taken it public.

a and b: You’re a joke. On top of that, you’re helplessly deprived of attention.

Yes, I want attention. I want to be the first to say this out loud, that Kenny Sia’s blog is not what it used to be, and I posted this on petalingstreet.org with the intention of finding people who thought the same way as I did. Nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, my being a joke is quite a personal comment. Let me roll up my sleeves here.

I’ve noticed for quite some time that humans like to rag on other people and put them down when they don’t act as expected. Oh damn, that striker just didn’t position himself in time to kick the ball into the goal! How stupid! Kerry backed out of the election in… what… 2004? How stupid, irresponsible of him! What the fuck was that driver thinking when he drove right in front of me like that? he must be retarded. What the hell is Bush doing in Iraq? What’s with Osama anyway? and the American currency? He’s gotta be replaced, that hopeless white-haired baboon.

Finally, who the fuck is this anonymous guy who claims that Kenny Sia sucks and then later finds himself wrong and then apologizes? He must be stupid! He’s even stupid enough to post this on the internet so we can all laugh at him!

If there’s one thing I learned from sending all these emails to Kenny and wasting his time, it’s that no matter how absurd the situation, there probably was a reason behind it. Think about it: a daring, interesting, innovative new blog comes on the scene, gets linked by the Star. Suddenly his hit counter rises, and the quality of his content… decreases!? Actually it’s not daring anymore. It’s not even innovative anymore! It just tries to pander to the public, oh sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. Perfect conspiracy theory behind this, yes? Well perhaps: but I was reminded of the fact that Kenny’s blog started influencing his family and work life too. The sentence that struck me most in his reply was:
People can say shit about me all they want. But if people say shit about YOU in front of YOUR MOM, have you ever thought about how she would feel? Because that has happened to me so many times in the past and it does not feel good I can guarantee you that.

Notice, though, that even though I empathize with him, I still say his blog sucks. Why? Because to me, it really does suck. I always thought that he had a choice to make his blog what it was. But after reading this sentence, I felt it would be impossible. I’m sure that somewhere Kenny still wants to blog as raucously and without rein as he did before. Perhaps he’s still doing so, in some blog that he hasn’t told us about. Humans will be humans. You’re right, Suanie. I was unfair in criticizing him, because he really didn’t have a choice.

And as for you, etsee, it may please you to know that I am a joke, and that you are a bad joke. For while I have gone above mocking other people through learning this lesson, you are mocking me while I am learning. The beauty of this, of course, is that you are mocking me, while I learn and mature in front of your very eyes, on the very medium by which you mock me.

Thank you to all of you who responded. As you can see, I don’t usually get many comments – I’m gratified that you see enough in my posts to comment without attacking me personally. Yes, my posts may have had no meaning for you whatsoever… but they certainly do to me. Let’s argue again sometime.

Kenny Sia Criticism, Part 2

What is a blog? It is anything you make it out to be.

He replied, and he’s admitted that he’s changed. He’s not apologizing for it though – good, a respectable move on his part. He’s explained why he’s trying to accommodate his readers: he experiences a social backlash if he doesn’t, personally.

Sure, it’s easy for people to tell me write all I want. Don’t care about what other people say. You are not the first one to said that to me.
But you are not the ones picking up the pieces. I am. If I wrote something that offended people, I have to deal with the consequences. REAL LIFE consequences. Not you. How would you like to pick up the pieces for me for a change?

I don’t think he would mind that much if I posted one more snippet:
People can say shit about me all they want. But if people say shit about YOU in front of YOUR MOM, have you ever thought about how she would feel?

Let’s think about the ideal for a second, and compare this. For me, the ideal (whether it’s right or wrong) is that a blog should be a private, yet public space for sharing thoughts and ideas with other people. Since you are allowed to think whatever you want, you should be allowed to write whatever you want on your blog. Even if it offends people. I mean, it’s inevitable. I don’t try to avoid it. It’s probably part of being human. In fact, sometimes I try to provoke such a situation so that a discussion can occur (thank you everybody who commented on my last post.), for discussions help me, and hopefully the other participants, straighten out what’s right and wrong for them.

However, Kenny’s blog isn’t the kind of vulgar, casual, and very entertaining site that it once was. Today, Kennysia.com has become like a conversation at the supermarket. How are you? Oh, I’m fine, thank you. Oh, that boy’s cute. Oh yeah, I just got an iPhone yesterday. Wow, really? It’s pretty cool – hey man you gotta show that to me someday. Oh, you know, I went to Vietnam the other day. Wow what did you do there? I drank a shot of snake blood with its beating heart. Wow, gross!

I don’t know about you readers, but there’s one thing that I know for sure: I don’t need a website to do this. I can have this kind of trifling conversation with just about anybody in the whole wide world, assuming of course that I would care to tell them what I did this past weekend. This isn’t another side of me. It’s the same old, same old side of me that you can see anytime you meet me in real life. This isn’t another more vulgar, more morbidly interesting, exciting, side of me. This is… just me in real life. Hell knows I meet enough people in real life and have real life conversations with them – and therein lies my problem with Kennysia.com.

However, this ‘problem’ is rather unjustified. After all, he faces real social pressure on him. We all behave the same under social pressure: we become more polite, less offending, we try to fit in. At least Kenny didn’t do this because he wants to. We would also accommodate, or sign out and delete our accounts, if we were that well known and faced the same kind of social pressure that he does today. For Kenny, his blog has become another part of his real life encounters with people, no longer his outlet for madness and jokes that I once loved to read. I used to think: dude, Kennysia.com isn’t even a blog anymore. It’s kinda like… a newspaper, or some kind of weird excerpt from a diary, thoroughly censored and edited to suit public tastes. But a blog means different things for everybody. For me, a blog is where the other side of me comes through. Where I post my private thoughts and invite everybody to discuss, to see if I’m the only person on earth who thinks like that, and if so, why. What interesting events I’ve been through (for me, that includes life, certain games, and which anime I’ve watched). For Kenny’s blog can no longer strive towards the kind of ideal that I uphold, and perhaps to a certain extent the kind of ideal that he upheld when he first started out blogging.

Therefore I apologized instead. Because I didn’t think that it was so serious that his blog could affect his entire social life. He’s probably having a rough time of it now, but since it’s not his most important part of life, we can safely assume that he’ll live, at least online, long enough to post a few more filler posts in the meantime.

Oh yeah, BTW, Kenny, about finding my new favourite blogger: I don’t have a favourite blogger. In fact, I usually don’t read blogs.

That clarified quite a few things in my mind. For instance, it made me ask myself these questions during breakfast: what is an ideal? How far should you go to pursue this ideal? How do you know if your ideal is right or wrong?

1. An ideal is something that guides you towards the right path. It cannot guide you all the way.

2. As I said, it cannot guide you all the way. You must make choices depending on the situation.

3. You don’t know if your ideal is absolutely right or wrong, for there might be no such thing. The next best thing might be to ask what is right or wrong for you.

By sending these emails to Kenny, I was trying to guide him towards the ‘right’ ideal, the one which I had been striving for, and the one which he probably had been striving for too. He’s hit snags, though. Your ideals cannot guide you all the way. Must think of another example for this, but I’m sure there are many valid ones out there.

I began to wonder if this ideal was right, or wrong. I first thought of what the internet was built for. Then I wondered if perhaps the meaning of the internet is the meaning assigned it by each user. It’s pretty easy to figure out my thought process from there.

I’ve grown through blogging, especially through this post, where I can lay my thoughts down in black and white. I hope you readers gain something from this post, too.

Kenny Sia Criticism

God knows how many times I ranted about Kenny Sia and how he sucks now on my previous blog. The last time I went to Kenny Sia’s blog, I totally flipped out.

‘Just in case some people might still angry at me over the snake stuff…’

Picture of Vietnamese Boy

‘His expression is like this: -_-

I’m a bit tired. Actually, I’m a bit tired of reading Kenny’s blog. Sure, he goes interesting places, meets up with influential folks, and… uh…. spreads ads all over his page (thank lord for Adblock). But really, it just doesn’t feel the same when he first started out blogging.

Okay so everybody changes while blogging. Nothing wrong with that. But Kenny’s changing to suit the opinion of his readers. Nothing good comes out of that. Everything’s harmonious. Oh, what a cute little Vietnamese boy. -_-. Oh wow, so people didn’t like his snake post or some shit (as well as the other incident which was so long ago I can’t be bothered to look it up). Let’s leave it to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenny_Sia#Controversy

The point is, I feel he’s really changed, and very much for the worse. He gets tons of comments now, many of which really don’t have anything significant to say and are just wasting CPU cycles and hard drive space better suited for Gundam 00. And whenever one of these insignificant tards starts trying to be intelligent and saying ‘omfg you just insulted me and bullshit’ he bends over and lets them get away with it. If you’ve read Kenny Sia’s blog for any amount of time, you wouldn’t need any explanation. And now, he’s taken to posting really crappy posts like these just to gain the favour of his readers.

Or maybe I’m just a jealous blogger.

That could very well be true. I feel that based on his current content, he doesn’t deserve to be attracting all these readers. It basically amounts to ‘what I did today, and what I thought about it’. There’s no discussion of ideas here, because the commenters suppress it immediately (oh well, he just succumbs to them anyway). There is no conflict whatsoever between his readers and his content. Everything is happy, happy happy. Disclaimers reminding people of his opinion and how it’s important…. just can it already! Those who don’t get it shouldn’t be listened to in the first place!

Let’s assume that his posts nowadays really do suck after all. Do I have any right whatsoever to criticize?  Now that’s a hard question. Why hard? Because I really think he can do better than this. I’ve read his posts when he didn’t suck!
Obviously when you see somebody starting to suck you try to get them on the right path, right? Or is there something else to this? No, obviously in real life I have no right whatsoever to criticize and send him an email about this. But I did, anyway. It’s his blog, why should I interfere with it? Or is that kinda like saying: it’s not my drowning sister, why should I even look at it?

In fact, he replied today with:

  What’s your point in sending me these?


Yes, maybe I shouldn’t care at all. It’s better for us both. I wouldn’t have to waste minutes typing this up when I could sleep, or even thinking if Kenny’s blog is good or not, because really, it doesn’t matter. I send him emails telling him that he’s pandering too much to the public, and obviously he’s not going to change because he knows, there’s no point in telling him this. He’s decided he’s going to keep on blogging about this kind of stuff and heck, it’s his blog after all. It’s probably time to leave him with his readers and their one line comments.

Was I doing the right thing in criticizing him through email? Is there no such thing as a blog that sucks? I’m way to sleepy to figure this out at the moment: but I know that I really do not want any blog of mine to end up like that.

n.p. 15. New Japan Philharmonic – [Evangelion Symphony Disc 1 #01] Ode an die Freude

In which nothing significant happened Today

Today was a Friday.

What was that supposed to mean? That was supposed to mean partying, making out with girls, having some fun at the club, blowing your ears out with good old techno and trance mixes – now what I actually did was buy a Physics textbook and 25 DVD-Rs. I couldn’t even imagine that 200CAD could be spent so quickly and easily. My almighty 100 dollar notes became a 5 dollar note and some coins. It makes me think how much more scarier this is going to be if I’m an adult and I’m going to have to pay rent and income tax and shit.

Why the hell are you still reading this if the title already informed you that ‘nothing significant happened Today’?

I slept only 4 hours today. I’m really sleepy right now, but I really want to see how this blog is going to be like. The biggest reason I switched hosts was because I didn’t want to rely on outside image hosting services such as Imageshack.us, and perhaps I could do a mp3 of the day thing too.

EDIT: Check the topmost box on the right instead. Much better than letting this post (and song) slide as I find more things to talk about.

And so there you have it. This is a pretty rare album, but I think the songs in it are very original, even if the concept behind the game itself isn’t. By the way, CLANNAD is not the Irish band. This is the infamous 2004 dating-sim game released by Leaf (I think) that everybody in Japan thought wouldn’t sell well because it had no H content whatsoever. Once I heard that, I set about downloading it. Unfortunately, after installing it, I found out I just didn’t have the… sore lack of life needed to play as someone else’s life. Oh… no, wait. It was because it was Japanese, and I didn’t have any translation patches. So after having mom figure out what was going on, I left it on my hard drive and it probably perished during one of my ‘free disk space’ sprees (I didn’t have a DVD burner back then).

After applying the superglue to the rear mudguard of my bike (it keeps on falling out whenever I ride off a curb onto the road, for instance), the bike has been a joy to ride. No more worrying about that stupid, fragile, cheap ass clip that’s supposed to hold that black POS in place. Then I sat down, installed xampplite, WordPress, and started designing this very theme you see in front of you, based on some 2-column design I found on wordpress.org. You can find the details and link in the footer – just scroll down. It’s a real bitch messing around with designs, I’m telling you. Especially designs created by other people, because half of the time you don’t know what does what. I have no choice, though, since I don’t know anything about writing a theme in WordPress, because it seems like I have to make my own comment PHP scripts and shit… screw that! I hate leaving a theme unfinished… and if I learnt PHP I would surely have to go through a week or so before I would have anything remotely satisfactory to put up. In contrast, I think this theme based on Akagi Ritsuko (whom, after all, this blog is named after) captures her essence pretty well. I have to add in her ‘I’m not like mom’ attitude somehow, though. Not sure how you’d express that in a web design.

And when that was done, it was 8pm. I biked off to Vanier’s convenience store to see if they had anything remotely worthy of being my dinner, but nope – they only had snacks. I got a box of Triscuits for 3.89CAD, and biked off to the University Village to get my real fix. There I ate a mound of food courtesy of the woman selling the Taiwanese food (it’s actually good… and only 3.99 for a plate with three ingredients – and she gave me four!). I added some meat for 1CAD. I think this is way cheaper than Triscuits, and even compared to our Totem Park tent (which is pretty cheap all you can eat for 5CAD dinner).

Windowblinds 6.0 is out, BTW. And it’s already cracked. I wonder if it works when it’s cracked…

When I came back, I remembered that Ilan’s door was locked. There was only one thing I could think of him doing at night like this: and that’s in the Cube playing X360. I cycled there… and lo and behold he was there practicing Woman on Guitar Hero 2. I went in, watched him while reading a book on economics (I always thought I was missing out on something by not taking economics classes, but after reading that book, I determined that it was best I didn’t even think about that kind of stuff at all), and played Anthrax’s Madhouse (the only song I’ve heard before, the rest are crappy rock songs except for that inside a glass bottle something-whatever song). I sucked compared to Ilan, who was practicing all the time. We played Halo 3 later. It’s amazing how everybody can get their mitts on the new games so fast here in Canada. Come to think of it, gathering the funds for this Halo 3 original should have been no mean feat either. In any case, Halo 3 was very pretty. Everything looked like it was made out of plastic, and it was shiny. The water was very shiny, and very pretty. I love shiny pretty things. Master Chief and the Arbiter walked pretty darn quickly for people who were traversing jungle terrain. All the human soldiers were talking about omfg the Spartan’s here and shit and nobody seemed to care for the Arbiter (whom I was playing on co-op campaign). The guns were pretty nice, the Covenant get their own rocket launcher now, as well as projectile rifles, one of which seems to be especially strong. The Flood make a surprise entrance… they really seemed to be just a reminder that they existed in Halo 1 – the flying orb from Halo 1 makes a reappearance here too – judging from Ilan’s face he probably didn’t show up in Halo 2 at all.

In any case, Halo 3 was pretty. That’s all. It’s pretty obvious which control scheme is more superior, after all. No, not the Wii, dumbasses. It’s the mouse+keyboard. That gives you real precision which you can leverage to snipe the grunts from half a mile away and thus go 1 on 1 with the Elites (although in Halo 3 they were on my team, I don’t know what happened in Halo 2 but it must have been something catastrophic).

Eyes…. burning….. must… quit….


While I was busy studying for the midterms (APSC150 just finished on Tuesday) I was also busy polling my Gmail inbox all the time for signs of a reply from Randall saying that my blog was ready. The APSC test wasn’t very hard, but it wasn’t easy either. The multiple choice questions were easy, and they provided the four stages of Sustainability for me to write upon in the essays. By the time I finished writing the two essays (which were supposed to be only 1200 words total) my left hand was covered in this dirty black grunge. Maybe if I was Arabic being left handed wouldn’t matter that much.

So today we had our APSC lab as usual. It’s not really a lab, you just work together (apparently that’s what engineers do all the time, work together) and come up with lots of solutions and charts and stuff to made-up problems. You have to come up with the solution in an orderly way, though. Some way they actually like. For instance, today’s theme was Fault Tree Analysis. The only conclusion we could come up with was: and so Fault Tree Analysis… my brain simply throws up a divide by zero error when I try to parse bullshit (or create it). I was pretty bad at writing the introduction too. Fortunately my group had girls to back me up, and they saved the day. I simply contributed ideas and vocabulary to the article, because some just can’t spell.

And so two hours dragged on. I have to say, I was supposed to be studying for math exam which was later today (today is a Thursday, I wonder if the blog got that set up right?) but I found that I just couldn’t deal anymore with limits and stuff, having thoroughly worked out my brain yesterday on several problems, and so I just lay down on the bed and set my watch to ring 40 minutes from then. I woke up, and rode my trusty Miele TT250 to the APSC lecture hall.

I beheld my friend sitting there very close to the door, reading yaoi as usual. I wonder where she comes up with all that shit. I think it’s called Golden Carat or something like that, and has something to do with an opium smoking Florian. Now the Florian I know is a fat friendly Austrian guy, but this Florian was skinny, pretty, and apparently is a good boy and smokes opium to save his friend (at least that’s how the story goes). He’s obviously the one who’s getting it on the bed. The one giving it is the other guy, and he talks to him about how to be ‘obedient’ and shit. Apparently girls get fucking orgasms reading this. I sure as hell don’t, and I find it a slap to the face of masculinity.

Pretty soon my other friends come and we’re one big happy family. Professor Bruce Dunwoody starts talking. He was talking about failures and stuff, and how to avoid them. It’s pretty predictable, the kind of stuff he’s talking about. It’s so predictable that if you’re dedicated to the job, you’re bound to think of these measures automatically, and you don’t have to memorize them. Things like overdesigning the capacity of the system. Apparently overdesigning can be quantified. For instance, elevators are usually designed to a safety factor of 10, which means if an elevator says it can carry 10 people it actually breaks when you put in 100 people. Better not try it though.

Well, the atmosphere wasn’t quite up to snatch anyway, since everybody just had the APSC quiz on Tuesday, and boy did everybody start unwinding. I had never seen so many people pull out their laptops before. One guy was playing WoW the whole time on his laptop. The other two were racing each other in some kind of cel shaded game over the wireless network. My friend, sitting next to me, pulled out his Centrino Duo HP laptop and started playing Guild Wars the whole time. My other friend, usually studious, was reading manga… and hardcore yaoi at that. Another guy was sitting there looking straight ahead, attention focused on the lecturer, with headphones plugged into his ears and into a white iPod. Even the Chinese students didn’t pull out any pads to write notes on – they just sat there and nodded. And I was downloading Scrapped Princess at 200kb/s over the wireless while playing Samurai Shodown 4 on MAME. Oh, and someone else was doing his physics homework.

I won’t go over today’s math exam. Suffice to say I couldn’t work out what the hell was tan(pi/6), and I really did try my best, I’m sure I did a lot more than I usually would be able to, but this was still hard all the same. It was really hard. Well, it’s just hard enough that you can’t do it, but it keeps on itching and you just feel like you can do it.

Anyway it’s getting kinda late. I’ll just set this up later. I have to find out how to do the problems on the math exam, and do some physics homework. And skip the Chem lecture tomorrow again, I guess.

Repost: Disgusting Female Behaviour

I wanted to take a piss on Friday after drinking 1.5 cans of Kokanee Glacier Beer. Damn, beer tastes horrible. So I went to piss it all off. I walked into the toilet, and there were three party going females invading the toilet.. They entered the stalls in a row, and me on the 4th. Now I don’t know about you, but girls talking very loud about ‘OH MY GOD’ things while they’re sitting on a ceramic bowl spraying away has got to be the ultimate in disgusting behaviour. This is a thousand times worse than a fat woman giving a wet fart, because that’s kinda forgivable, if she’s not wearing your underwear. Anyway, it was… disgusting! They just have to talk about their weirdo ‘OH MY GOD’ topics while shitting on the throne. Say it one more time: “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!” no I don’t think they were touching themselves. They were just reacting to the words in the absolutely worthless stream of words that poured out from the woman next to my stall. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: that stall wasn’t locked. You couldn’t lock it, that’s why it’s labeled ‘THE PISSER’ for men to piss in, because men stand with their backs to the door to pee.
Then one of them started to say ‘I wonder if we should leave the seat up or down?’ And so I piped in: ‘Keep it up.’
‘Eww, somebody’s listening in on us in the bathroom!’
What do you expect, you filthy bitches. After ruminating over the situation for 5 minutes, I came up with the comeback ‘Pass notes next time.’ But then it was too late.

Repost: The Scene is Back!

School has started since EFX2 went down. Meanwhile, I’ve made quite a few friends. There’s this Iraqi girl who seems to be rather insecure and alone (why are such girls always Middle Eastern, hm it’s the same as Varsha); this Korean guy called Kim Seok who wants to play Schumann’s Piano Concerto No.1 in A Minor (I’ll do it first… if I had the good piano); Diego, a guy who’s really into Latin music (the old school kind, he says) and the guitar; Ilan, a 3rd year CompSci student who admits that I’m on the verge of knowing more than him about computers already… who plays chess well… and plays the guitar well too; Chad, a heavy set guy who seems to know a lot about partying; Rory, a Jewish neighbour who has a great guitar but is only a n00b at it, and he likes jogging; Jeremy, a French student on exchange from France and is rarely seen; and Small (he’s actually tall), a guy from Hong Kong (but hailing from China actually) on exchange.
Oh yes, I’m listening to Wiedergeburt from the Ever17 out of infinity Sound Collection. APE kicks ass. I don’t know where that feature went to, but if it’s WordPress, I can take almost any shortcoming.
12th September, I repaired the piano with Diego. There were two pianos in the Nootka House lounge in Totem Park. One was really fucking horrible. The other one we had got the front desk to send over, but it still had its problems. We dismantled it (Diego really has a knack for DIYing), identified the three key problems and started working on those (the Ab, C and Eb all needed work). After lots of scraping and grumbling and swearing (especially when putting the hammers back) we finally got it fixed, and I played an abridged version of Kocsis’s transcription of Vocalise on the piano (I didn’t remember the whole thing). It was 2100, and Diego said he wanted to do homework. Smart guy. I stayed there playing for hours and when I knew it, it was 0000, and it was time to go back up. That was when I met this Kim Seok. Korean, duh. Says his piano teacher was a fucking genius. Failed ABRSM 1st level diploma. Likes Arabesque I and plays II as well by Debussy. Says my left hand is too loud (his is too soft) and my pedal is too blurry. We spent a long time talking about piano playing and we played sections of the Arabesque for each other and he played a part from the first movement of Schumann’s Piano Concerto 1 in Am, and I loved it.
Then I went up. And that was when I remembered I had to do the damn APSC homework.
I’m listening to Je Nach from the Ever17 out of infinity Sound Collection now. Oh yes, I must tell you about the 35CAD speakers. 2.1, Altec Lansing. The only redeeming feature about these speakers is the subwoofer. Oh yes. It makes it feel very nice. The pulsing beat, Ever17, and… Tsugumi? Poor Tsugumi… I haven’t seen much of her since I don’t have time to play the game. Even if I do, I’m that small wimp ‘Boy’ who doesn’t remember his name and fares really badly with Tsugumi. Takeshi is way smoother, man.
Back to the topic. The APSC homework was one of those kinds of homeworks that had only 5 questions in them, but a bazillion subquestions within that took ages to finish. The first one alone was really hard and I had to type things up to keep my left hand from complaining and time running out of my hands. I had to compare the code of ethics from three different Engineering Societies. The only cool part of that assignment was that I involved the IEEE in it. Remember Firewire (IEEE1394)? Those were the guys behind it, and a lot of other things too. Anyway I finally got 1a done. That was when I flopped on the bed without showering or brushing teeth or doing any of that good boy stuff and went to sleep.
I woke up at 0730, amazingly enough, without an alarm clock. I jumped on the computer again and started doing my homework while listening to the newly downloaded GITS Stand Alone Complex OST4 (No Break Disc). When 1000 rolled around, it was done except for #3, but I still had no place to print it. I went to class, and it seemed everybody in the fucking school had a fucking laser printer. Fuck. They told me it was CAD50 to get a cheap one. Well… that certainly sounds reasonable, but not really, as you’ll see later.
The next day was Friday. I slept in. It was 0759 when I woke up, and class started at 0800. I decided to skip that boring lecture (I’d probably fall asleep in it anyway) and take my own sweet time going to the next class, since it was at 1000. After taking my long sweet time I found it was only a tutorial session so you didn’t have to go if you didn’t have anything to ask the Teacher Assistant, but I went there and put in my homework in the locker boxes. They had Master Locks on them, and I had read up on locks to purchase with my new bike. I heard you could crack certain Master Locks with a fucking Bic pen, or was that Kryptonite U-Locks? In any case, New York sounded like the place where you could learn how to crack locks open (not the subtle way, no, the Americans use hacksaws and bolt clippers you see). I helped a girl with her math homework (due in 30 minutes) and she got a 99%. She was still agonizing about that last 1%. I suppose that’s a good thing, then again it shouldn’t be. Or maybe it’s the other way around.
They have A&W at the Student Union Building (SUB). I almost always eat there, and buy Subway’s for supper (2300 hunger pangs and popcorn while watching Kazamakase Tsukikage Ran). The Double Mozza burger with Onion Rings and bear sized Root Beer always gets me. I ate with Kathryn (a mega nerd who happens to be into yaoi…) and Garrett (a Chinese guy, also a mega nerd) and I walked off first.
I had heard about this thing called Student Bike or something like that. It was a shop, and I set out to find it. I hopped on the 99 B-Line, and rode the bus next to this Chinese woman who was surprised when I told her I thought she was Korean. Her English was very good, and apparently she was going off to an interview with the Vancouver General Hospital. She sounds like she can get the position. I think I missed quite a few bike shops while I was talking to her. Well, in the end I couldn’t locate Student Bike Shop, and I found myself in Granville again, so I took the bus that went down past Cyclepath (which sold the expensive 399CAD Norco Katmandu, such a blast to ride) and to Bike Doctor to see if they could do anything about the 350CAD price of the Miele TT250 or perhaps the cheaper Umbrias, which were 250CAD.
I rode the Umbria 50, and then the guy directed me to an Umbria 100. It seems that bike shop people in Canada are really friendly in general. After hearing that the Miele Umbria 50 and 100 were made of steel, though, I got scared that they might rust. Me, buying a bicycle that I would show the younger generations in the future and say ‘this was my bike’ and they’d say ‘you rode that horrible POS around?’ no fucking way man. I want something that doesn’t rust. At the very least, the frame MUST NOT RUST.
The Bike Doctor directed me to a bike consigment shop across the road (Sportsjunkies…. and it seems that bike shops have no qualms about telling you where another bike shop is… nice people seriously) and I crossed the damn road and went there. The guy who dealt with bikes there was friendly in his own way, telling me that I actually wanted the chopper (this upright bike here that seemed like a poor man’s Harley Davidson). I rode the 250CAD one, but I didn’t like it, especially when downshifting (used bikes always have this issue…. their downshifting levers are especially hard to depress) and so I came back and switched to a Norco something or other. This one was 150 and was made of aluminium, teh win! But it was nothing special. I rode it along the back alley. Suddenly I heard a bad sound coming from my right pant leg. Oh man, first the white pants being totally dirtied… and now this beige one being trashed by fucking bicycles. When will I ever learn to put on jeans while riding a bicycle? But seriously… no chain guard? This bike fucking ate my pant leg! It tore it! I will never forgive it, even if installing a chain guardi s only 10CAD.
So I went back to the Bike Doctor. I was calculating how much it would be to get the chain guard and the Norco versus the Miele TT250. I asked the guy to let me ride it one last time ‘I swear’. He unlocked it again and I rode off with it. I love the Miele TT250. It’s pretty obvious that it’s too high for me (being a 20″ wheels frame) and my biggest problem with it is mounting it and finding a foothold when falling off it or dismounting it. It makes a fool of me when I’m not riding it. But when I’m riding it, it’s absolutely sublime. Not as great as the Norco Katmandu from Cyclepath, I remember, because that was was slightly lower, but it certainly felt… slightly special. Because it was the bike I liked. Red and black, with 21 speed Shimano derailleurs and a disc brake on the front. The pedals don’t hurt me when they spin out of control… unlike that one used bike that implanted its metal fangs into my marrow last week. Goddamn that bike. And I think it was a Norco Reactor too, or something like that. Anyway I didn’t feel safe pedaling that one. The Miele TT250 looks beautiful, though. Something I’d love to steal. I asked the guy if there was a student price.. he said if I wanted it right away, I could get it for 329CAD. Awesome. I went around to look at the locks. There were lots of them, but I think I only had money for a 40CAD lock. I was about to go for a chain or something, but they told me that chains could be easily cut through with bolt cutters, and pointed me to a Bike Guard U-Lock instead. I thought if that people could hack through chains, what’s to stop them from cutting right through a Bike Guard U-Lock? Their answer was that both of them were merely deterrents.
In any case, I chose the Bike Guard after all since it seemed like those guys knew what they were talking about, and they said they wanted to go over the bike one last time before they would hand it to me… I said I wanted it today, and they said I was lucky, their guy was free and could work on my bike.
I took out my wallet.
I kept on thinking. Was this the right decision? Would I regret this? How could I? Isn’t this my most wanted bike? Isn’t this the most beautiful mountain bike I’ve ever seen, rivaled by the Norco Katmandu? And yet it might just throw my parents into a frenzy. Whatever. I handed it over the counter. ‘I feel bad’, I said.
‘I feel bad, man, having to charge people,’ says the friendly guy at the counter. I punched in the card details and shit, and took my card back. I got 15% off the bike lock, and the bike came to me after 329CAD was paid… but the taxes negated all that and pushed it up to 393CAD total.
‘Oh well,’ I said, ‘Time will tell if this was the correct decision.’
Somehow everything felt sunnier and better and I was ready to smile again. I was told to come back in 30 minutes. I walked outside, around. I thought about how it was better to feel good about it since there’s nothing great that can come out of feeling bad and spending 393CAD at the same time. Besides, grieving would only transform the bike into something ugly in my mind, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I wanted it.
With that in mind, 10 minutes had passed. I found a metal shop. I went in. All sorts of records were in there. I marveled at how their music and vocalists seemed to suck but the visual art on their CDs was always so intriguing. Suddenly 20 minutes had passed. I walked back to the good old bike shop. It was done, and I could ride it home. I took it out of the shop, and they told me to take it back after a few months to replace chains and stuff, after all I got free service for a year.
I thought about trying out that bike rack in front of those buses, but I thought better of it and decided to bicycle all the way back to UBC instead. It was hard. The air here is dry, and my throat (which takes the brunt of the airflow when I breath) got dry very easily and I burnt through an entire 1.5Ls of water. I biked up a hill, went down, biked up another incline, and yet another, and by that time my thighs were really aching and when i got off the bike (which wasn’t easy anymore since my legs weren’t quite working at the bike was a bit high for me anyway, which meant I fell a lot) and the gears weren’t doing their job for me anymore and my legs felt really heavy. I pushed the bike up the slope, got on it to go down, and finally arrived at University Boulevard. It was a freaking awesome feeling I got when I realized I had biked all the way from Granville, no, Bike Doctor and arrived at UBC. I took a short tour around some areas of the campus and went back to Totem Park.
After that, I brought the bike up into the elevator and into my room, just like some other people have been doing (Ilan with his Norco Scrambler, for instance). It’s sitting here right now, with the chain for the front wheel and the U-Lock hanging off the mount on the bike. I’ll get a pannier for this. I don’t think it’ll look that great with a basket, heh.
I love my Miele TT250. I hope it doesn’t get stolen, that damn lock doesn’t look that great to me and I don’t get a refund if it gets broken. Anyway why is bike theft here so big anyway? Nobody cared about my 10″ Lerun Hopper when I parked it unlocked outside of German class (albeit with an old security guard there sitting watch, not standing). But I think I can understand why people would want to steal the TT250 instead. Too bad I already scratched it a couple places, falling on gravel, pavements, and even grass. The SR Suntour M2000 fork especially has a few scratches, and the Shimano V-Brake thing has a scratch on its plastic. The rubber grip on the left is slightly torn, but thankfully the awesome red and black paint scheme isn’t touched.
It’s hard to imagine that the first thing that caught my eye was its price tag, not its design.
Meanwhile, I’ve downloaded Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran, Galaxy Angel A and AA, GITS SAC OST1 and 4 to supplement my collection, and a few more Galaxy Angel CDs. Does anybody have the Galaxy Angel A OP+ED single Galaxy Babanga-Bang? (no not Bang Bang, Babanga Bang). Please let me know. I want to hear Angel Wasshoi in all its glory.
Now playing: 08. 美空ひばり – [オリジナル・ベスト 50 CD2 #08] 車屋さん
As you can see I’m listening to some old Enka by Misora Hibari, so old that even the recordings sound old and scratchy and the encoder didn’t bother encoding them in anything better than 128kbps CBR MP3. But let’s get back to the basics. I’m downloading and uploading at 10kb/s. Why is that?
Well apparently I hit the 5GB penalty box. Basically, what it means is that if you upload and download a total of 5GBs within a 24 hour period (according to the people over there, I did something like 6GBs instead), something flips a bit over at the IT department and your internet gets throttled. Pings get extremely horrible and bandwith gets limited to a paltry 10kb/s. Well, running utorrent and eMule at the same time basically got me past the penalty box. But I can’t stop now! Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran’s OST is just about to complete. I have a slight suspicion that the 5GB limit was reached by my uploading, not downloading. See, I tried to raise my ratio on Boxtorrents.com.
Of course, changing the MAC address works. Make sure you delete any cookies in your web browser before refreshing to the website over at this link. Once their DHCP server gets fooled and gives you a new IP, that’s when you’re free to go. Don’t abuse it. 5GBs a day is very generous, I think.
Now playing: 08. 美空ひばり – [オリジナル・ベスト 50 CD2 #08] 車屋さん
Hoho, I feel like a real oldie. I even went out and bought laundry powder just like any good old housewife in her 50s would, after putting on heavy makeup and practicing talking in a high squeaky voice. I spent the morning sleeping and converting my FLAC collection of Last Exile OSTs into AACs. I think it’s better than OGG, then again I wouldn’t know, with these cheapo Altec Lansing speakers. My Miele TT250 needs a rack, but I don’t think I have enough money to do that. I need to wait until September 21st for the Physics thing to come in, as well as the APSC CCM. That should lift up 160CAD from my bank account, goddamn Canadian economy. Oh, make that 176CAD thanks to tax. Goddamn Canadian government.
Wait. No… buying them separately does not decrease the tax. Where are my shopping receipts? 7% for the GST… an unspecified percentage for the PST. Ah what the hell, buying them separately does not decrease the tax.
Now playing: 14. 美空ひばり – [オリジナル・ベスト 50 CD2 #14] 髪
Misora Hibari sounds great, even when she’s mostly singing about hair.