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It’s fucking hot in my room again, and you know why. No, it’s not girls, it’s my IBM Intellistation doing a good job cooling itself with its 6 fans. 5 months after I bought it and I’m STILL having trouble finding something to stress those POWER4+ CPUs. Scratch that, I haven’t even run a 3D app on it yet, even with my top of the line GXT6500Ps. It’s amazing it pushes out this much heat even when it’s idle.

Speaking of my room, that’s what I came online to talk about. I’ll have to get out of the dorm residence before the end of the month. Yes, I have lots of shit going on, the least of which is my electronics exam which occurs in ~36 hours.

And I’m still waltzing around with Josef Strauss’s Dynamiden Walzer, typing this shit out on my blog. Good thing my parents don’t know about this blog.

And may I add, Disgaea is the first game to make me spend more than 80 hours (EDIT: WRONG, Final Fantasy 8 was the first, I totally forgot about it. It’s a real weird feeling when you don’t remember anything about the game you were playing but suddenly you find a save state right before you fight the Ultima Weapon and you find all your characters at Level 100). Each time I go to the Item World to level up an item, I get at least 6 more items. That must be why. But it’s a real pity Disgaea 2 PSP requires FW 5.55. Let’s hope the 6.00 MAC FW is real and comes out before Persona 3 PSP does, because if it doesn’t I’m seriously gonna kill somebody. I need more Persona!

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  1. Heat is good :p then you don´t need anything else to warm up your room with. Think of the winter, you can sit with a open window and let the computer warm the room?

    Nice idea!!

    It´s pretty old right? The older the computer gets the more heat it creates.

    1. I’m waiting for the winter so those pesky flies won’t show up anymore. The heat is a proportion of how much shit you’ve crammed into the computer… for instance, even though my Octane is older and the CPUs are built with a bigger feature size, there are two CPUs in my 9114-275, two power supplies, four times the amount of RAM, two hard drives and two power supplies.

      So in conclusion, your heating setup is never complete without one of these 😀

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, two GPUs in mine too 😀 Two PCI-X GXT6500Ps (rebranded, single DVI output FireGL 4). Are yours nVidia SLIed or ATi?

    Oh yeah, and the RISC workstation buying itch is over now. I gotta haves me my FF13 white PS3! Sad, yes.

  3. Mine are just two graphics cards :p I don´t have them in Sli or anything like that. Just wanted to be able to have 3 monitors and 1 TV connected at the same time. That is all and this works just wonderful.

    White FF13 PS3Slim looked nice, but not something that I would want. Simply because I hate white and it isn´t backwardscompatible.

  4. Yeah, it’s old, but it’s because I didn’t find many single column themes I liked. Ultimately, two column themes are popular for a reason – they work well with long blogrolls, and NeoEase makes really good looking themes! The only thing is I’m stuck wondering what to do with all those images that are 980px wide…

    I’ll try to see what I can do with the old one. I now know how to use Photoshop to design HTML websites, but I have yet to come up with an actual idea.

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