… and I’m still not studying

despite the fact that exams start on 13th of July. I love self discipline!

In other news, apparently Boxtorrents suffered a coup d’etat and became BakaBT. And for some reason, everything I posted there has been deleted. Well, it’s not like 9 posts matters much, I was always on Hongfire/Nekochan. One thing I hate about BakaBT is that everybody there seeds, so it’s hard to get my own ratio up.

Music: Have you heard FPM’s Belinda May remix? By reading this post, you are obligated to click on that link and turn up the volume. I just knew that it was from a movie while listening to the remix. While you’re at it, download the FLAC album of the remixes and originals from Demonoid. The Good, Bad, and the Ugly, and a Fistful of Dollars were some that I recognized. Metti Una Sera A Cena is also a very nice song, I’ll put it up here after this post. Then there’s Yoshinori Sunahara, Denki Groove, Cymbals (it’s really hard to find Cymbals music), and some other stuff I forgot. I discovered all these through last.fm – my music collection has been frozen solid for some time now as I relisten and relisten. I guess my real love isn’t listening to music, it’s listening to music I haven’t heard before. Luckily, in this day and age, such a fetish is easily sated.

Urusei Yatsura is fun to watch, like all Takahashi series. I gotta say I prefer Maison Ikkoku, though – perhaps it’s because it lies closer to home? and it relies less on gags.

Eden of the East just ended. In my opinion it’s a pretty wimped out ending that doesn’t show me any other Selecao, but what do you expect from 11 episodes? Proof: two movies are coming to further the storyline, obviously they knew 11 episodes weren’t enough from day 1.

Hatsukoi Limited didn’t actually suck, which was a welcome surprise. I even liked the ED, which had plenty of Saki-nee in it and even the girl-i-forgot-wasser-name in a nurse outfit. I read the manga, so my opinion matters and counts double.

Haruhi season 2: meh.


Attack the Gas Station was a really fun Korean movie. I love it, and I will definitely be rewatching it. There are precious few movies I rewatch – I can recite them off the top of my head: Perfect Blue, GITS, Ocean Waves, and now Attack the Gas Station. The only thing is, the only high quality version you can find nowadays is on eMule. Check VeryCD.

Spice and Wolf in HD is very nice. Too bad 13 episodes manages to hog the entirety of a dual layer DVD+R and more, it seems…

Evangelion 1.11: what an upgrade. not.

I need to download a complete collection of Mozart’s works (oh baby) and probably Haydn, Liszt, and if the LOGH soundtrack is anything to go by, Bruckner, Mahler, and a little Brahms (I hate Brahms). Note to anime studios: save money by playing classical and put the rest to your animation/art budget!

AIX 6.1 had a really weird slow boot issue where it asked the DNS server constantly for its own hostname/IP combo which I already defined in /etc/hosts – apparently it consults Bind/DNS by default before /etc/hosts. They were right when they said everything’s backwards in AIX.

When I browse Nekochan, I get an overwhelming urge to get a Tezro/Fuel/Origin 350 with a SAS/SATA card and a 2TB WD HDD. When I browse alternate.de, I get the same thing, but for a Core i7/Phenom II X4 and high end MVA/S-IPS Eizo LCDs (sidenote: does the Eizo Flexscan L367 use PVA, like the L767 does? In any case, it looks WAY better than my laptop’s LCD). Eizo sells a couple TN+ panels, but for the price they’re selling those at, I might as well get 2″ more (general formula) and buy a TN Samsung with a higher resolution for 100EURs less. How the hell did the corporations instill this consumerific urge within me?

Phrack, 2600, and the general wails of the scene “degrading” from within the scene. Buffer overflows. Hardening AIX, IRIX, Linux. You can’t harden Windows. nmapping everybody on the dorm’s LAN? heh… I wonder how I would cover my tracks… surely a spoofed MAC wouldn’t be enough.

SSH for Windows is useless… there’s little you can do in Windows with a command line, save taskkill and tasklist.

The only song I like from Queen is Bohemian Rhapsody.

Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone, and Westerns.

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