Amagami SS

I'd be freaked too if a guy asked permission to kiss me

The latest episode of Amagami SS, which I have been following since its introduction because I empathize with the male protagonist, has shown just how far the men, or should I say males of Japan have regressed.

Coincidentally, I no longer empathize with the protagonist.

You see, there was a back of the knee kissing scene. And I might have watched it and said “wow maybe I should try that” if he hadn’t begged and pleaded for it, and compared himself to a fucking dog. As a result, I facepalmed through the entire scene and I don’t remember a thing. I’m even ill-disposed to watch that scene again because it might just turn me into as big of a wuss as he was.

Then to top matters off, Morishima-senpai has never heard of playing hard to get. I mean, it’s the 3rd episode in. You might think that knee kissing might come later, and of course, every girl wants to make it publicly known that she is your underling whom you must feed by hand. In the 3rd episode.

No, I mustn’t get my hopes up. As Divine at Random Curiosity said, this must be why 3D girls are declining in popularity in Japan. I gotta get myself there and get some of that poon before the “males” of Japan wake up and realize that relying on anime fantasies is bad.

4 thoughts on “Amagami SS”

  1. Haven´t watched. Reminds me to much of Hatsukoi and I haven´t finished that.

    And Hatsukoi reminds me of Ichigo 100% and that was meh.

    So maybe sometime in the future I´ll take time to watch Amagami SS. But not before that.

  2. Ichigo 100% is really awesome. You just don’t watch the anime, you read the manga instead. I’ve finished it 3 times already, and the 19 volumes follow me around on my PSP. Hatsukoi Limited is, yes, very small compared to Ichigo 100% (which is like an opus) but it does have its charms too. Ichigo is awesome.

    Amagami SS has NOTHING to do with both of them. Amagami is UGH awkward can’t watch while protagonist prostrates himself. Never watched Ichigo 100% the anime though.

  3. I don’t know about the male Japs trading off 3D for 2D girls but, watching this new anime series fired up my romance life, for REAL women, haha.

    ritchan, how’s it doin now? oh yeah, I kept on adding you @ Facebook and you always ignore my request. please do accept my request if that’s ok. 🙂

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