A Review of Creative Headphones

After owning a pair of headphones from Audio-Technica, I resolved to bring them to school. They were not as well received as my laptop, but they deserved more attention…. why? Simply because my headphones are better than theirs, and my laptop wasn’t as good as theirs (even though it ran Linux).

See, running Linux on my ugly laptop helps in its coolness.

But I lost my headphones on the bus. I called up the bus guy, he said he found something, but when I came over, he said it was a fucking handphone piece. So I took a pair of Creative headphones out of the damn lost and found box to make up.

Yeah. So here we are, with a pair of Creative headphones. How well do they stack up?

Let’s just say that those stupid people out there are stupid enough to buy Creative headphones, but they’re not stupid enough that they’d lose a pair of headphones superior to Creative headphones.

That’s what I perceived. The Creative headphones pictured above are most clearly utter pieces of shit. Why?

The Audio-Technica headphones had good high-frequency response. This means that when I crank up the volume on my ESS1969 soundcard, it clearly shows on my Audio-Technicas, which exhibit a hissing noise. My old ESS1969’s shortcomings are finally showing up on today’s technology. Bliss. Not until I splurged RM200 on an Audigy 2 Value that the hiss was not apparent in the least. Good noise control on the Audigy.

On the other hand, the Creative guys certainly pandered to the brainless majority. These speakers are wired for brain-thumping bass, and muffled trebles. I don’t even need to plug it in, and I can swear upon my life that you can come to my house, plug these headphones into the old ESS1969, crank the volume all the way up, and not hear any hiss. These headphones are bad. They emphasize the bass, and nothing else. You use this to listen to movies and fucked up pop, but not real music.

I’ll say this once again, yes, my Creative Audigy 2 Value rocks. No, the speakers don’t. These ones definitely pander to the brainless idiots out there who fap off to Gwen Stefani night and day. They are just that brainless. Why, even the speakers I bought way back in 1998 don’t even distort the sound like these headphones do. And they’re not even middle end speakers we’re talking about. These lowly speakers that beat the Creative headphones are Labtec stereo PC speakers, and unlike the headphones, they don’t need small equalizers inside to crank out the thumping bass when it’s really needed.

Labtec what, you say? See. My point exactly.

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